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This Top Ten list was requested by the fine e zine called "The Crass Menagerie" published by Jeb Branin.Get it by e mailing him at:

My name is Don Campau and I have a radio show in the San Francisco Bay Area
called "No Pigeonholes". I play all styles of music and the program is a
variety show that might feature indie rock, punk, folk and metal to
experimental, noise and even childrens' music, sometimes all at the same
time. The following is only a partial list of my favorites from the past
year. Soon, on my web site

( http://lonelywhistle.tripod.com) I will be doing a more complete list and
year end review.Write me for the artists addresses and more information at:


and don't forget to send me your music for airplay...

Don Campau's best of 2000

As heard on the "No Pigeonholes" Radio show in California.


1. The Rabbit's Hat/ THE MAGICIAN/ Stone Preminitions CD

Exquisite psychedelic rock with fantastic production and musicianship.

2. Ant/ THE CURE FOR BROKEN HEARTS/ Fortune And Glory CD

Ear catching one man folk pop.

3. Garfields Birthday/ WORDS AND PICTURES/ Best Kept Secret K7

One of the finest of the current British pop rock bands.

4. Dino DiMuro/ TRAIN GOING NOWHERE/ Lonely Whistle CD

Americas greatest home taper back in action after 3 years.A personal rock

5. Timo/ TIMO 2000/---K7

A very angry and bitter man and his guitar.

6. Trespassers W/ VLUCHT OVER DEN HAAG/---CD

A beautifully wrought concept piece about this scenic Dutch city. Fabulously
restrained, organized and performed by one of the best Dutch bands ever.

7. Mimetic Mute/ POSITIVE-NEGATIVE/Moloko-Lytch CDs

Two CDs of collages, samples and beats composed in an almost classical
manner. The sound is huge.


A surprising and eclectic assemblage from Argentina of experimental sounds.

9. Rick Of The Skins/ HERE COMES THE WEEKEND/ ---CD

A loony bunch of home tapers doing their weird brand of rock.


An unassuming high tenor singing a collection of sincere tunes with minimal

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