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No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 23 December 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California
for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

For taped copies of the show, send a one hour blank cassette( and $2 postage) for each hour you want (or send me $4 for each, Ill supply the tape and the postage). Specify by date if possible.
PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)
Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My beloved theme song by a Hall of Fame home taper.

Kuntsler Treu/ Low On Sugar/ Eleganz CD
A slow loungey type affair with nice breaks and sitar sound. Like Ferrante and Teicher meets Ravi on downers.

Kevin Campau/ id/---K7
Promo from my son.

Dauerfisch/ Gemuse/ Bungalow CD
A little bit more modern easy listening, an instrumental from this late, lamented German duo.

Terri B/ Ephemeral Fire/ Stone Premonitions CD
Slow and smooth vocals with a bit of jazzy feeling by this talented English musicians.

Micky Saunders/ Individualime/ ---K7
Charming lo-fi pop demo with nods to The Beatles and that ilk.

Kinski Spiral/ Dont Know/ Cut And Paste CD
This Ohio trio really slows it down here with plaintive vocals and lonely guitar.

S.N.O.T./ Orchestrated Nose Noises/ Barking Spider CD
Heres a hankie...god bless you.

Erica Brooke/ Daddys Girl/ ---CD
Bright and shiny country story about adolescence and Fathers pride.

Randy Moore/ Rope Me With Fire/ Norca CD
Up to date and uptempo country song highlighted by good vocals and pro production.

Brenda Freed/ My Human Loves Me/ BFreed CD
Smarty pants but good natured jazz delivery with a Mose Allison influence.

Al Perry/ id, Shes Going Places/ Star Time 7
Hard chargin country pickin with the essential loser sentiment.

Kuntsler Treu/ Para Nuestros Creativos/ Eleganz CD
Space age bachelor pad music with inserted bits that make it sound like a spy movie.

Evolution Control Committee/ We Will Rock You/ ECC CD
Hilarious cover version that rocks from the asylum.

Kuntsler Treu/ Postcard .../ Eleganz CD
This time our ARTIST goes all drum and bassy with the enchanting vocals of Laura Carleton.With breaks of course.

Anna Homler/ Jungle Cake/ ND CD
Ethnic music from another planet, dead languages that havent been invented yet. Intriguing and innovative.

S.N.O.T./ Mama Was A Psycho Bitch.../ Barking Spider CD
Demented nasally vocals with unusual melody line.

4-5 PM
Devilcake/ Hands Off My Oreos/ Bizarre Depiction CD
Minor key thrashing about everyones favorite creme sandwich.

Cowtown/ Dead Man/---CD
A bit of garage rocking with Peter Tonks sing/speaking
his poetic gifts on top.

Sack/ Barbie I Will Make You Sweat/---CD
A very strange and funny man from Germany. His wheeze box and vocals long for that plastic idol.

Timo/ id, Ill Kill You/---K7
An outraged promo and then comes the slightly hidden anger and danger lurks. Hes a fantastic rhythm guitar player.

Peter Lacey/ Thru A Glass Brightly/ Pink Hedgehog CD
Slowcore crooning with hints of Beach Boys and XTC influences. Nice voice within his tenor range.

Jo And Joe Music/ Marketplace/---CD
Jam band jazz with Nordine meets McLuhan style words floating on top.

Bill Retoff/ id/---K7
Promo from corn country.

Ocean/ Love Junkie/ Ocean Rhythm CD
Mid tempo funky rock with those sultry kittenish vocals.

Pope John Paul The Third/ Whats Done Is Done/---CD
Lo fi rocking pop with punky undertones that I dig.

Tar Baby/ Apology Is Not A Policy/ Tar Media CD
Wahs wahs hammering, squealing saxes and loops galore. Experimental hip hop.

C.D./Mendigando Amor/---CD
Plunderphonics master in action, the confusion of sound.

Reynols/ Vectos Silaga/---K7
Argentine insanity and primitive shrieking.

Yximalloo/ Za Happy Madness/---CD
Nutty lo fi Japanese madness.

Infant Cycle/ Aplut/ The Ceiling CD
Messed up drum machine twiddling and experimenting.

New Carrollton/ If Hes An Ass.../ ---CD
A sound noise stew cooked until well done by Mr Surak.

Arnold Mathes/ Junk/---CD
Banks of synths, drum machines on a space rock mission.

Reviews and contact information...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 9 December 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California

For taped copies of the show, send a one hour blank cassette( and $2 postage) for each hour you want (or send me $4 for each, Ill supply the tape and the postage). Specify by date if possible.
PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)
Michel Waiwisz/ Crackle Box/ FMP LP
Really strange homemade primtive synth music from rare LP.

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My great theme song. Sing a long time.

Kuntsler Treu/ Is It Me/ Eleganz CD
Fantastic modern production and super hooky tune from Berlins Achim Treu. Could this be his international megahit?

Joe Menichetti/ into song/ ---CD
Country time promo with a hint of Mr Zappa.

Ocean/ I Want You/ Ocean Rhythm CD
Mid tempo funk with sexy vocals from this southern Californian.

Electric Bird Noise/ Number Four/ Artfag CD
Chunky, wailing instrumental rockiness. Damn good.

Bert Morgan/ id/---K7
Promo from this Bay Area home taper.

Inheld/ Fallen Hero/---CD
Anger filled vocals and dynamic arrangement highlight this strong rocker.

Tenboy/ I Must Be Dead/ Shotgun Charlie CD
This is more catchy than a virus, a great voice, great song from this English producer.

Machine Boy/ Phat Sam/ Shotgun Charlie CD
Dean Cooks instrumental project, high energy drum n bass space voyage.

Fletcher Harrington/ As If You Had A Choice/ Lopie CD
Mid tempo country rock with a big lung singer. Solid production and arrangement of a good tune.

Walls Of Genius/ Abdul The Bulbul Amir/---CD
Demented neanderthal rock reissued from the 80s. Dug up for our pleasure.

Dan Susnara-Little Fyodor/ Done That Do This/ Mumble Mumble K7
Two of home tapings legends team up in this mail collab. A perfect vehicle for Fyodors nasal incantings.

Beaux Davis/ id/---K7
Promo from the head guy of Chant.

S.N.O.T./I Got The Runs/ Barking Spider CD
Odd, almost disjointed delivery from these nose pickers.

Joe Schmoe/ Salavation Army/---CD
Operating under his moniker, Mr John Bartles spews and spits his sputterings against a marching backdrop.

Gary Pig Gold/ Under The Table/Illbilly CD
Fun song about drinkin and livin and losin a little. From an Illbilly
compilation produced by James Richard Oliver.

Kevin Campau/id/---K7
Go get em son.

Devilcake/ I Want A Big Mac/ Bizarre Depiction CD
From the band that only sings about food, a scrunchy rock
cry for meat.

Star*Pillow/ Floating Candles/ Bizarre Depiction CD
Low volume vocal pitted against a folk rock setting. Nice breaks.

Earwig Spectre/ Maggotville/---K7
Completely devolved bold pronouncement of social satire.

4-5 PM
NCS/ Withstand/---CD
Fine uptempo punker with appropriate youth anger.Sham 69 meets The Nuns.

Timo/ Dorian Grey/---K7
Introspective jangle downer from expat master of bitter. Excellent lyrics.

Holly Figueroa/ Dream In Red/ Indiegrrl CD
Im sure Holly must be quite tired of the Ani DiFranco nods but there it is. That doesnt make her any less talented however. Nice use of building momentum and holding back just enough. Tasty tune.

Micky Saunders and Dan Susnara/ Unexpecting,Photographs In Time/--K7
Another cool collab from these two home tapers. Good vocal interplay on
these two songs that I originally thought were one.

Bored Young Men/id, Pepe/ Bovine CD
A promo and a rarity about a very nice hunchback from the vaults of Mr Clinger from his lo-fi casio collab with B. Srahka.

Janet Feder/ Sueno (remix)/ ReR-Cuneiform CD
Mid tempo guitar experimentation with beautifully strange arrangement and effects. Great playing by Ms. Feder throughout the whole CD too.

Luminous/ Pull A Chain In Time/---CD
Industrial style instro with a bit of harshness by this UK variety maker.

Bill Retoff/ id/---K7
Promo from this fine Iowa taper.
maize@crtel. com

C.R. Goff III/ Freeway/ Taped Rugs K7
Midi instro a tad Zappa,a touch Residents, full on Mr Goff, Renaissance Man for the new millenium.

VZL/ ZRX/ Zidsic CD
Sound and noise demonstration featuring Mr Hoffman and Mr Surak in collab. Good for extended listening.

Reuber/ Ruhig Blut B/ Staubgold CD
An automatic sounding and compelling instrumental, it is a head bopper not a toe tapper. Interesting compilation from this German label.

Tore Elgaroy/ Dim Mask/ Rune CD
Glaciers chipped away by vast amounts of distortion and guitar tones. This track cherry picked from a beautiful comp on this Swedish label.

Janet Feder/ Puppet, Shouting Valley/ ReR-Cuneiform CD
Prepared classical guitar outing, deftly executed by this innovative Denver musician. A fave of mine.

Reviews for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 11 November 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California

for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

For taped copies of the show, send a one hour blank cassette( and $2 postage) for each hour you want (or send me $4 for each, Ill supply the tape and the postage). Specify by date if possible. .PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)
Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
The other DJs know my show is on the air when they hear this. Everyone sings along and loves it.

Russ Stedman/ id/---K7
Great intro promo from this fine home taper.

Kevin Campau/id/---K7
He says you all suck.

Mister Nobu/ Machine Machine/---CD
Excellent use of sampling track for backing and a fab home taper tune.This is great stuff.

Rick Of The Skins/ You Said It/---CD
Chunky riffing and a Kim Gordon essence make for a very cool rock tune from these super fine Canadians.

Mister Nobu/ Rocks/---CD
Neat lo fi messiness with more hooks than your grandmas crochet needle. This is one of 2001s best bets.
Mister Nobu

Jeremy Gloff/ The Sound Of My Crashing/ Riotboy CD
Some very well produced rock/pop emo highlighted by a distinctive voice and dynamic arrangement.

Smirking Herbert/ Apple Doaplflake Bumblebee/ Mumble Mumble K7
Dan Susnaras collage and sampling project features strange sounds with humor always lurking underneath.

Scotty MacGregor/ Windy In Scotland/---K7
Old time swingin lo fi country with a Scottish bent.

MJB- KD Schmitz/ Fun Minus Thirteen/ Semper Lo Fi CD
Bouncy keyboards and unexpected found sounds typify this collaboration between two home taping giants.

Robot/ A Question Of Time/ Best Kept Secret K7
Maybe Im way off base here but this felt like Bjork singing with Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins). Nice acoustic touches and surprising jazzy keyboard. From another outstanding BKS compilation.

Peter Lacey/ Ellen Street/ Pink Hedgehog CD
Melancholy ballad highlighted by chamber-like cello and beautiful voice not far from a slower Andy Partridge or maybe Gordon Haskell (early King

Bill Retoff/ id/---K7
Promo from this fine home taper.

Shy Rights Movement/ Flying South/ KAW K7
Mark Ritchies group where he expands slightly on his mope core guilt ridden rainy day soul. Quite loverly.Ta.

Al Perry/ id/---K7
Promo from this great guitarist and singer.

Eponymous/ Beautiful Losers/ Pink Hedgehog CD
I love songs with musical accents and this song incorporates them as the basis for a fine rock pop ditty. From this fine EAR CANDY comp on this UK label.

Coastal/ Celesta/ Best Kept Secret K7
Sad and slow, brooding jangle ballad from compilation tape.

F.O.B./Prisoner/ Barry International CD
A little psychological bondage funk anyone? Get funky with them bad handcuffs and jazzy arrangements.

Fustercluck/ WomanMamaBabyChild/ Vaporine CD
Hilarious white boy send up of some lovers rap. A favorite.

Project North Meets South/ Tell Another Lie/---CD
This reminded me of Heart joining the Stones circa Gimme Shelter for a roll-around-in-the-dirt chugging rock number.

4-5 PM
Kizzy/ Undecided/ Best Kept Secret K7
Lo fi loveliness with nice melodic statement and low key delivery. Neat accompanying violin tops it off. This tape pleases me greatly.

Heather Perkins/ id/---K7
Thanks Heather for the cool promo.

Thunderegg/ The Second Coffer/ Orange Entropy CD
Bouncy home taping, propulsive acoustic guitars and twisted lyrics. He even whistles! Great project and creative envelope CD cover.

Will Simmons/ Moan/ Best Kept Secret K7
I love this kind of lo fi personal statement. Catchy melody and hook.
Another excellent tape from this fantastic label.

Shame Train/ Money Wins/ Mudfence CD
Endearing, uptempo midwestern country from a great voice and songwriter.

Cowtown/ Forgetting/ ---K7
Poetic expression sort of sung/spoken over a bed of acoustic guitar with a lonely harmonica chiming in. Always intriguing lyrics.

Bored Young Men/ id/---K7
Ken Clinger and Beeg Srahka do a promo. Thanks BYM.

MJB-KD Schmitz/ Never Going Back/ Semper Lo Fi CD
From their recent collaboration, this time with Mike doing the vocals. A strummy rock bit with some odd keyboard dubs.

Doc Wor Mirran/ Machine/ Musical Tragedies CD
Forceful rhythms pound it out and vocal stabs drive home this tune.
This excellent diverse band calls Germany home.

360 Sound/ Elephant Song/ FDR CD
Off center home taping rock goofiness sounds like Syd Barrett without acid. Comes from a 3 way split CD on Norings FDR label.

Sozra/ Midnight Canter/---CD
Nice wordless vocalizing over guitars electric and acoustic make for a dreamy adventure. Quiet atmospheres define this CD.

Levente Toth/ Entering The Dark Ages/---CD
Eastern flavored electronic soundscapes drenched in sweet reverb.
Good sense of development throughout this disc.

Dave Fuglewicz/ id/---K7
Swirling promo from this fine experimental keyboardist.

Switch Off Option/ Rhapsody In Glue/---CD
Imagine an improv band where everyone gives room for everyone else and actually listens to the growing ideas. Thats what you get here, in droves.
Scaping bass, picky free guitar and skronky sax and percussion skewed.

Bag:Theory/The Fake Voodoo Doll.../---CD
More breathing room improv from two southern California free music vets. Textures galore combined with top rate chops.

KMNW/ Eight Feet/ FDR K7
Sensual, experimental landforms that take me to another dimension.

Aaron Winsor/ Mbanga Days/ Bovine CD
Odd sound collage featuring strange samples from Star Wars and elsewhere.

Arnold Mathes/ Swamp Gas/---CD
Armed with his massive deployment of gear, Mr. Mathes heads out again for a different realm.

If you need a certain address I left out or forgot please write me at:

Reviews and contact info for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 28 October 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California

for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)
Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My theme song by the one and only Mr. Clinger. Much loved.

Smirking Herbert/ We Do Not Accept This/ Mumble Mumble K7
Wild sound collage from Mr. Dan Susnara of Chicago.

Harsh Reality/ Workmans Holiday/---CD
Straight up rocker, well produced. Reminds me of a less heavy Judas Priest circa the golden early era of MTV.

Chip Brown/ Can You Drink Beer In Heaven?/ Cricket Power CD
Easy listening country tune written by Mr. Dixon Devore of New Hampshire. Nice sounding jangly solid bodies on this.

Al Perry/ id/ ---K7
Promo for the show by this great guitarist and singer.

B. Ranzyk/ I Never Loved You Anyway/---CD
German punk band rocks hard and fast, good short tunes.

John Bartles/ My Wife Became A Werewolf/---CD
Halloween blues shufflin from our dear, twisted underground poet laureate.

The Modest Lads/ They Stand Straight Up/---CD
Breast augmentation send up from these fake Brits. Very catchy one joke song.

Trespassers W/ Salvation Army Citadel/ Pink Lemon 10 LP
Neat cover tune by this legendary Dutch group. The song, originally written by Jimmy Campbell is handled with aplomb and good humour, pump organs, bass drums and Mr. Cor Gouts distinctive vocal style.

Electric Bird Noise/ Your Sad...tired...beautiful eyes/ Best Kept Secret K7
Lovely, moody, rainy day guitars from the compilation WE ARE NOT ALONE Vol. 4 on this excellent Italian cassette label.

Lorna/ 96/ Best Kept Secret K7
More mope here, a dark dirgey, slow rocker, plodding along with a somewhat buried British speaker lurking. From WE ARE NOT ALONE Vol. 2.

Keen/ OK Amber/ La Truffa CD
Desparate, suicide rock that builds nicely. Downers anyone?

Shy Rights Movement/ All Through The Night/ KAW K7
Slowfolk sadly done by Mr. Mark Ritchie. Nice new tape from his band.

Flaming Fire/ Rabbit Run To The River/---CD
Goofy, devolved sampling and muttered vocals make for a very cool tune.
The entire CD is filled with unexpected pleasures like demented background vocals and weird lyrics. Way to go FF!

Vinyl Bill/ Faces/ Best Kept Secret K7
Snails pace dirge turns into a full blown Floyd- like psych rocker. Swell lead guitar.

Bill Retoff/ id, Goddess Thru An Empty Glass/ Maize CD
Excellent pop arrangement complete with switching vocals, backwards guitar and full sounding drums and accompaniment.

Motion Control/ Part 1/ ---CD
Swinging instrumental with weird effects from this British musician.

Kevin Campau/ id/---K7
My ultra cool son with a promo.

4-5 PM
That Peoples Sleep/ To Be/ Elephants To Swans CD
Progressive sounding but funky, this track has some nice switching vocals with a female singer giving it a nice life.

Heather Perkins/ id/---K7
Promo from this fine home taper and computer sound designer.

Matt Desmarais/ False/---CD
Euro hip hop with a urgent delivery and good hook.

CR Goff III/Pus Wheezer/ Yippiebean CD
Demented and definitely devolved ditty detailing a devilish demeanor.

Dave Fuglewicz/ id/---K7
Spacy promo for No Pigeonholes.

Suckerface/ The Need To Burn/---CD
Very Reznorish delivery on this self produced CD of proto industrial.

Scapeland Wish/ Chinese Spare Ribs/---CD
Jazz rock tendencies bundled with 80s style funk bass/drums tied up with some spot on musicianship create a nice momentum.

Automatic Music/ Deep Wound,Deep Brood/ Szum CD
Beefheart influenced slide guitar spiked with a sludgey, freeform feeling.

Sozra/ Aqua Embrace/---CD
Enter the electronic jungle and beware of the high voltage birds and sampled flora. Look theres a flying flute!

Lips Vago/ Mermaids After Midnight/ Bar La Muerte LP
Deep chambers of steam, trickling underground springs, ancient, forgotten hidden ruins.

Jliat/ Well Tempered Clavier (track 8) / Jliat CD
The very unlikelyevolution of JS Bach filtered and processed through Midi and ending up as drum patterns. And you thought youd heard everything.

Arnold Mathes/ Integratron/---CD
Veteran space music maker from Brooklyn switches on the arsenal of devices for another voyage to the outer rings.

Greg Segal/ Giger Landscape/ Phantom Airship K7
Talented guitarist plays with hum, noise and effects in an excerpt of a longer experimental proceeding.

Focwa/ Focwerk/---K7
British noise workers stir up the sound of machines underwater.

Crystal Awareness/ Notes From The Gargoyle (track 4)/---CD
Trippy keyboards and other unworldly sounds, some nice floating here.

If I forgot or left out any contact addresses, drop me a line if you need further information at:

Reviews and contact info for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 14 October 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California
for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Felix Hess/ Frogs 4/ ---LP
A great LP for background mixing. Croak.

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My singalong theme song, rendered by this long time home taper.

Shame Train/ Go 2/ Mudfence CD
Very fine acoustic rock number with a alt country feel. Good CD all the way from a band that sounds like it would be excellent live.

Laura Ballay/ id/---K7
A Chinese language promo.

Power Salad/ Your City Here/ Marianth CD
Variety rocker Chris Mezzolesta unleashes an 80s style parody with requisite horns and inserted found sound snippet. His CD features many humorous and well played songs.

Al Perry/ Yesterday Every Day/ Star Time 7
Nice new understated single from this long time indie music maker. Country flavor with a hint of pedal steel.

Lord Litter/ Ken Klingers Music/ Pop! CD
From the new Ken Clinger tribute album, German legend and DJ, Lord Litter, performs his unique brand of freaky Euro-country with husky restrained vocals.

James Richard Oliver/ id, Bisquitland/ Illbilly 7
Indie rockabilly with a fun sense of humor. He rocks.

John Bartles/ I Want To Suck Blood/ ---CD
Slow, ghoulish blues from this classic underground Halloween release. A riot.

Vinyl Bill/ Controlled Trucking/ Best Kept Secret K7
Jangly Telecaster rock with hints of REM and Dire Straits. Too bad very few people know how good these guys are. Dont miss the boat on this one or just about anything from this Italian label.

The Smirking Herbert/ Lets Do Lunch With/ Mumble Mumble K7
Catchy instrumental from this Chicago vet. It bops in a modern way and embraces melody. Too bad I cut the song off half way.

Flaming Fire/ Why Do Birds Sound Like Motorbikes/---CD
Mix up a bit of The Cramps with The Go-Gos for a quick reference to this home brewed band. A lot of character and fun inside.

That Peoples Sleep/ Infrared, Terraform/ Elephants To Swans CD
Full band sound with real drums, swelling keyboards and a progressive bent as evidenced by many well thought out instrumentals. The vocals might be an acquired taste for some, resembling at times, Manilow meets Ben Folds.

Bugo/ Questione Deternita/ Bar La Muerte 7
Demented, bouncy Euro rock with noise and goofy slide guitar.

Soul Angel/ The Mountian/---CD
Big, big rock leanings with David Lee Roth style vocals. A very tight band with a pro feel and production. I wonder if they have a light show.

Dave Fuglewicz/ id/---K7
A swirling electronic promo from this experimental music maker.

Will Simmons/ Volcano Honeymoon/ Best Kept Secret K7
Great lo fi home pop without pretense. A favorite around here.

MC Potbelly/ Beat Down/---CD
Funny white guy rap delivered with a spastic sense of time and twisted sense of humor. Another fave.

Burning Buddhists/ Melodic Tones/---K7
A strange trippy instrumental, lo fi style, with compressed band sound and effects. Weird.

Arol and the Zendik Band/ Walk Through Hell/ Zendik CD
Dig that huge bass drum sound over which Ms. Wulf-Zendik intones a sermon on the life she sees and lives. If you took Nico, removed her German accent and infused a liter of downers it might sound like this.

Mike Carlisle/ Jessica/ Cricket Power CD
Someone said the melody sounded like the Armour Hot Dog song and now I cant get that out of my mind. The tasty musicianship of Mr. Carlisle is evident and of course extra points for pedal steel.

Russ Stedman/ id/---K7
A fun reggae style id from this South Dakota taper.

Scavenger Quartet/ How Came We Ashore/ Snowdonia CD
Propulsive, hurdy gurdy like rhythm and sounds from this outstanding Michigan area band featuring the automatic instruments of Frank Pahl. Quite excellent indeed.

4-5 PM
Allun et Sise/ Eigub/ Bar La Muerte CD
A messy gobbledygook of slide guitar, odd vocals and drums. Delightful.

Joe Menichetti/ id song, Amerikasia/---CD
Talented home taper, Mr Menichetti delivers a great promo mixing country with hints of Zappa. He also plays a lovely acoustic guitar instrumental occasionally leaning toward a British Isles meets jazz sound.

Blacklight Braille/ Talking Doc Out Of Doc/ Vetco CD
Cincinnati undie vet Owen Knight incants his poetry over some minimal backing. They have discography of unique sounds as long as your arm.

Scotty Macgregor/ Heart That Loves/---K7
Swinging lo fi that reminds me of sittin around the dusty radio listening to the sounds of the old days. Wait a minute, I wasnt born yet.

Clinger-Bennett/ Spitting Rilke/ Bovine CD
A very short poetry/ keyboard collab with the unusual phrasing of Mr. Bennett.

Ken Clinger/ Windy/ Bovine CD
This hit from the 60s is deformed, stripped and glued back together again with a roomful of reverb.

Activity Set/ Monkey Machine 1/ Pop! CD
A Ken Clinger tune delivered by home taper John Liesicki that stays fairly true to the original while diverting enough to keep it interesting. This comes from the KC tribute CD on the Pop! label from Ohio.

Paul Fisher/ Garden Of Love/---CD
Sad core and haunting ballad from this UK artist. A nice high tenor sound and extremely restrained style.

Susan Alcorn/ Dancing/ Loveletter CD
Absolutely stunning and gorgeous far out pedal steel guitar adventure from this groundbeaking Texas musician. A must for those looking for something different.

Tatsuya Nakatani/ Bowed Metal Orchestra/ 3 CD
The fabulous ringing of metal bowed and rich with overtones. A very cool clear mini package too.

Klampe-McGee-Noring/ Candlebox Diorama/ FDR CD
An excerpt from this 3 way experimental electronic project. Buzz buzz.

Jugalbandi/ Moving Towards Kyoto/ Great Artiste 89 CD
Rather like avant garde ethnic music here with koto-ish guitar and
flat drums. Lots of good improv throughout this CD.

Bill and John Storch/ Blinders/ Lantern CD
I believe this is music for dance from these talented brothers and if not, should be. Rich keyboards, full percussion, worthy melodies and compositions highlight this excellent instrumental release.

If I left out any contact information you might need just contact me and Ill try to get it to you.

reviews and contact information for...

No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 23 September 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California

for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
From Pittsburgh, my theme song from a hall of fame home taper.
Ken has a lot of interesting material so get in touch with him.

James Richard Oliver/ id, Shes A Burnout/ Illbilly 7
A good time is in store with JRs music. Chunky, punky and ragged retro rock picking. Hes a got a rockabilly sense but more ill.Yknow?

Junk Train/ Kudzu/ Illbilly CD
Big time rock chords merge with alt-country mood highlighted by strong vocals from a white boy shouter.Pretty powerful song.

Jes/ Remember/---CD
Headstrong female vocals here somewhat akin to a rockier Bjork.
The band sounds full and the production put her vocals right up front where they belong. Probably a good live act too.

Suckerface/ iice/---CD
Trent Reznors shadow appears in this well produced NIN influenced project. He gets it right with the whispered vocals and the dark, menacing vocals. Nice mixing.

Scavenger Quartet/ The Romantic Side Of Trixie Arquette/ Snowdonia CD
A beautifully arranged, intelligent instrumental from this Euro sounding group (actually from Michigan). Features Frank Pahls trademark whistling and outstanding musicianship from the band. Great stuff, fab tunes.

Susan Alcorn/ Amazing Grace/ Loveletter CD
A superb reading of the timeless warhorse from this groundbreaking pedal steelist. Ms. Alcorn is creating a music unlike any other mixing traditional elements with unusual and evocative, avant garde arrangements on this formerly pigeonholed instrument. Amazing indeed.

Kaye/ Princess Of Twee/ Best Kept Secret K7
Catchy pop fun with a slight feel of naive charm and a dash of psych fluff.Yummy.

Suicide Cat/ Sympathy No.4/ Pink Hedgehog CD
I love this disc of folk rock duets from Simon Felton (Garfields Birthday) and James Laming. Harmonies abound, hooks galore and nothing pushes too hard. It just grows on me more and more. One of the years best.

Kizzy/ In The Middle/ Best Kept Secret K7
Minimal folk psych with emphasis on vocal melody. Highly enjoyable tape from Kayes sister.
Alessandro Crestani
E-mail Address(es):

Kinski Spiral/ Cant Wait Til Summer/ Pop! CD
Speaking of pop hooks, this CD has many. I like how the vocals get traded off between Erin Carracher and Ray Carmen. Nice accents from the drums and a jangly overall sound dominate the entire CD. Another 2001 standout.

Will Simmons/ Major To Minor/ Best Kept Secret K7
Lo fi strummer doesnt forget it is about the song. Mr Simmons puts his heart into it and it shows. Non pretentious winner here.

Steve Andrews/ Youre A Liar Nicky Wire/---CD
Welsh musician know for his social folkiness delivers a techno mix of this protest song although I dont really know what hes ranting about. It appears to be a protest against higher alcohol prices. Do they drink over there or something?

Aled Hughes/ Small Problem/---K7
How about two in a row from Wales?! Mr Hughes is the strummer here. He uses a rather staccato vocal approach on this track sort of like he wrote the guitar part first and then laid a vocal over it. What the hell is he talking about?

If the Talking Heads and Devo had a baby and it sang in Italian this might be it. Rhythms get hammered and it is all very dramatic. Good stuff.

Deep/ Aint No Feeble Bastards/ Bar La Muerte LP
Fuzzy bass driven lo fi rock with thought out accents real me in like a hungry trout in a turbulent river. This comes from a neat compilation LP on this Italian label. Juicy but no fishy odor.

Ovo/ Ti Amo Assasine/ Bar La Muerte CD
Abstract doodling from this drums/violin/noise duet. Spooky vocals.

4-5 PM
Dark Knight Enterprises/ My Street/---CD
Call and response chorus from these rappers creates a nice full tune.I dig.

Little Fyodor/ Revolution #9/---CD
A wild collage mix from that crazy musician and DJ, Little Fyodor from Colorado marking the 20th anniversary of John Lennons death.

Fustercluck/ Magnetic North/ Vaporine CD
Now if The Chipmunks also had a baby with Devo it might be deformed like this tune.This is a hilarious riot of a CD. Twisted and demented goo.

Dharma Bums/ Suburban Asassins/---CD
Coming on like Californias answer to Arto Lindsay, Greg Gray and Joe Menichetti bossa their way all over your lawn while driving your kiddies to school.

Greg Segal/ Honor/ Phantom Airship CD
Southern California guitar slinger jangles up with an electric twelve string and a loud band-type production. Nice picking throughout the disc too.

Bag:Theory/ Sleazier Than A Used Drug Dealer/---CD
Electric rock improv with some jazz lurking inside too. Loose playing but established and very competent instrumentalists.

Autocad/ City Days/---CD
Well mixed, interesting rhythmic track, all instrumental and nice.

Bill and John Storch/ The Storm/---CD
Full bodied instrumental sounds from a music for dance piece. Hrad driving, insistent and engaging. Fantastic fidelity and performance.

Susan Alcorn/ Mercedes Sosa/ Loveletter CD
Far out and innovative instrumental from this veteran pedal steel guitarist and composer. If you want something different, challenging and unique, get this. NOW.

Infant Cycle/ Gravol/ The Ceiling CD
Rattlings from the underground chamber with lots of room for some even scarier silence. Tremendously assembled as always from Mr Jim DeJong of Canada (great label too, The Ceiling).

East October/ Morning Song/ Szum CD
Atmospheres of reverb, textures of silver water against smooth stones. More fine instrumental moodiness.

LOrchestre Imaginaire/ track 2/ ---CD
Trip the sound fantastic from this Belgium musician who maybe took half a hit too much. Sometimes the volume jumps too much but the playing is early Pink Floyd all the way. He even has real drums to flesh it all out.Tune in , turn on, drop way out.

Noring-McGee/ Fortuitous Happenstance #2/ FDR CD
Densely overlapping field recordings from the pockets of two veteran experimentalists who have each created extremely large bodies of work. Visit their Library of Congress for something strange.

If I left out any addresses that you might need contact me at:
or write:
Don Campau/PO Box 9162/ Santa Rosa CA 95405

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No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 12 August 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My theme song from The Great One.

Bert Morgan/ intro song/---K7
A fun intro song from this Bay Area taper.
Bert Morgan
E-mail Address(es):

Fustercluck/ WomanBabyChildLadyGirlMamaWoman/ Orange Entropy CD
They are comin on like a devolved Barry White. Hilarious and havin a good time.

Matt Desmarais/ False/---CD
Lo fi, tongue trippin rap from Switzerland.

Evan Peta/ Revolator/ Scorched CD
Double barrel, wild eyed guitar rock, the kind you wish you could play.
Go, Evan Go! One of the great lead guitarists of today.

The Messyheads/ Dont Care/---CD
A little like 80s era Lou Reed minus the street and more pop directed.
The former Messyheads work seemed to be a band effort , on this disc it is more of a solo project by NY songwriter, John Connor.

Holly Figueroa/ Here/ Indiegrrl CD
Great , bouncy track from Washington States answer to Ani DiFranco. The comparisons are evident in her vocal style which presents a deep, powerful and personal flair.

GoddeessKRING/ Voulez Vous/---CD
A sexy short poetry track from Shannon Kringen.

Aled Hughes/ Arhur Llewelyn Glyndoor/---K7
Instrumental struminess with a Welsh flavor.

Al Perry/ id/---K7
A cool little promo from this stylish guitarist.
Al Perry

Lord Litter/ Silver/ Orange Entropy CD
Folk pop shadings from this Berlin legend.

Toyskin/ Catalog Store Melody/---CD
Nice nasal psych pop, upbeat and little experimental.

Usui Aioi/ track 4, A Kai So Ra/---CD
Quirky guitar pickling with a wasabi sized portion of dub.

Funkmeister G/ Explaining The Name/---CD
Fucked up, lo fi, nutty skronkiness and proud of it. Dem crazzee Aussies!

Dan Susnara and Michael J Bowman/ Miss January/ Mumble Mumble K7
Home taping vets share the limelight for another lo fi hit. MJB handles the vocals in his usual all star way.

Shades/ Cherry Wine/---CD
Cool, easy goin bar/pop band with sweet harmonies and a restrained approach. Pro sounding.
Paul Falavolito

Keen/ Let Your Hair Down/ La Truffa CD
Drama fills the air with a foreboding sense. Sounds like alley way slasher rock to me.

Hiroshima Mon Amour/ Siberia/---CD
European emo-tech with those romantic Italian vocals. Smooth but dark.

4-5 PM
ONQ/ Terminally/ OuZel CD
A moody, shoe gazin instrumental work out from this Italian singer/guitarist.

Grandpas Ghost/ SpinMy Head, Jazz Ballad/ Upland CD
First a short spoken track and then a slow, fuzz driven, drunken sounding mope-a- dope with visions of Neil Young.

Arol Wulf-Zendik/ She Is Me/ Zendik CD
Brooding, commune group with a singer whos a cross between Marianne Faithful and maybe,um, Charles Bukowski. Sounds like some large livin to me.
Zendik Farm

Bill Retoff/ id/---K7
Thanks for the home taper promo Bill.

A Series Of Wheels/ A Tiny Brain That Can Tell Time/---CD
Neato new wave workout, like a choo choo train heading towards candyland.

Garlic/ Slave To The Summer,Son/ Propylactic CD
A little more Neil Young on the plate from this excellent British alt country rock outfit. Less country and more rock on this track. One of my faves of 2001.

Klimperei/ Competition.../ Organic CD
From their Big and Bang CD which features many short tracks of comic book soundtrack, naieve wonder.

C.D./Florece Escondido/---CD
Spanish sound collager diddles and messes everything up, just like he always does. Always an interesting ride from Senor Degerabedian.

X Space/ At The Exit Of The Cave/---CD
Beatbox instro with weird effects over the top. Lovely.

C.D./Patita Ronosa/---CD
Help me, Im stuck in a world of No Piegonholes!

Anthony DiStefano/ Aral/---CD
Mr DiStefano favors a mid tempo to slow approach with soundtrack ambiences.

Aaron Winsor/ Part 7/ Bovine CD
Bizarre manipulations from the 80s from the mind of this late composer. Curated by Ken Clinger on his Bovine label.

Hal McGee/ Device Of Unknown Origin/ FDR CD
I couldnt believe it was Hal when I heard the soft keyboards. How strange, wheres the power violence and noise (plenty elsewhere on this split CD with EHI)?

Luddgang/ Collateral/ Crasshole 7
Lid bangin anarchy rock with political overtones embedded in their noisey rantings.

The Switch Off Option/ Wah-Ha-Ha/---CD
Free form Brit improv with lots of space to breathe and develop. Nice work, mates.

Aartika/ Elena/---CD
Glacial and deep atmospheres. Beautiful.

If I forgot any addresses or didnt have them handy just write me and Ill try to get them for you.

Reviews and contact information for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 24 June 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California
The second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM.
Real Audio archive at:
European broadcast provided by Radio Marabu.

for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

For taped copies of the show, send a one hour blank cassette for each hour you want. Specify by date if possible. Please add $2 for postage (covers two tapes).PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My theme song which has now turned into a singalong.

Jon Sheffield/ Topics Collide/ Tomlab CD
A very pleasant and humble sort of electronica using subtle elements and colliding sounds. It has really grown on me. Toytronica?

Al Perry/ id/---K7
A special station id from this great guitarist and songwriter.

Trevor Hall/ True/ Obscure Delight CD
Brand new release from veteran British home taper shows him at the top of his game. Strong melodies and well executed backing tracks showcase his high tenor voice. Brit pop is back.

Doc Wor Mirran/ Song Of Steel Death/ 60 Second Plopped Tragedy CD
International home tapers reveal their rock style on this track. They have a lot of talent up their sleeves, and a lot of variety.

Caity Campau/ id/---K7
My daughter with a special id.

Tidal Flood/ Tidal Mew/---CD
Greek quartet rocks hard in the manner of Ozric Tentacles. Hot guitar!

Fish Karma/ Die Like A Dog/ Deep Shag CD
In the 80s Fish put out one of the greatest cassettes ever that featured his nasal voice mixed with cynical musings and scathing outbursts. This new CD, produced by Al Perry, captures some old classics and mixes them in with some new gems. Im not sure it packs the same wallop as his early material but the essence is still there. Its fun stuff.

Linda Smith/ Public Life Story/---CD
Linda has a unique harmonic and melodic vision and as a home taper has chalked up some memorable and sometimes off kilter material. Her voice is not the silky angel type but angular and quirky. Some songs harken to personal events and others have an odd feel to them like the song adapted from Abe Lincoln. She is a major home taper. Some very nice instrumentals too.

The Action Items/ Love Is Great/---3 CD
A wonderful 2 song 3 CD with excellent vocals and production.

Cuda/ Orange Army/ 12th Records CD
Car guy talk erupts into intense hardcore rock. Big sound here.

Little Fyodor/ I Believe In God/ ---CD
Taken from his re-issue CD, our man LF wails like a banshee and strums like a thousand bees. Sure, its funny but look a little closer, theres some truth in there.

Sack and Doc Wor Mirran/ Ein Zimmer/ Marginal Talent EP
A neat collectors item: it looks like a CD , then you pull it out and its a EP record with two short songs. I wish I understood the german in-jokeness of it but I always love the playful feeling of Sacks music and voice. Joined here by wunderband, Doc Wor Mirran.

The Real World/ Thinking Out Loud/---CD
Shouting out the sreet hop on a two songer. Yeah boy.

Bill Retoff/ id/---K7
Bills calling us to attention.

Weedeater/ Free/ Berserker CD
Guitarcore with a punky go, go, go chorus that I like.

The Groovers/ Illusion/---CD
Aussies beat a groove to death in a good way. Nice horn and trombone soloing on top on the wave. Live recording is a bit distant, more like a document.

Par Avion/ Acidand Crescent/ Best Kept Secret K7
Aussie rock sounds Euro infected but turned upside down. Nice vocals and everything is fine on side one (good tunes, presentable length) but on side two the proceedings get long winded and they could have written some extra lyrics or sculptued the tunes in a richer way. Potential though.

Heather Perkins/ id/---K7
Our favorite Portland resident with a station id.

Project North Meets South/ I Cant Sing/---CD
Their sound trebly on this CD and musically Im not sure they can decide on which style to adapt but theyve got heart in a country rock sort of mainstream way.

4-5 PM
Earwig Spectre/ The Internationale/---K7
Low fi live recordings from the Earwig Man giving a new meaning to the word wacked. Keyboards and vocals in a very offbeat manner with crazy, off the wall lyrics. Now can you see why I like it?

Jad Fair and Jason Willett/ Astrid Rose/ Empty CD
U-ground legend Fair teams up with a guy I dont know for some eccentric rhythm rock meanderings veering into Beefheart meets Tiny Tim territory. A raucous ruckus ensues.

Onq/ The Supreme Weight/ Ouzel CD
Mopey Italian rock with vocals buried in a haze of acoustic guitars and ancient marble. He gets under my skin with some unpredictable melodies.

Kat Parsons/ Wonder/---CD
A stunning vocal work, very powerfully sung with just piano accompaniment. Poppish singer songwriter material honors the ghost of
Laura Nyro (among others).

Timo/ Later Tonight/ Lonely Whistle CD
Our expatriate strummer/singer gets a little melancholy and adds a splash of keyboards for an even more moody song. Fine work by Timo.

Tony Low/ Captain Sails/ Lowtunes CD
Mr Low exhibits a knack for hooky harmonies and smooth recording. A bit like The Association meets Dino DiMuro.

Garlic/ Drink Induced Conversation/---7
British band gives twinges of alt rock/ country with some nice accents and playing along the way. Vocals remind me of a Thurston Moore solo project.

Scotty MacGregor/ Crazy Little Saxophone/---CD
A very fun lo fi childrens album. Short simple songs that recall the old days of music hall, ragtime and folk. Shake your fanny to that cheapo auto rhythm.

Paul Fisher/ Rose Marie/---CD
Brit balladeer pokes along and it crawls under your skin. Nice singalong chorus. Another example of how the Brits are influenced by country music.
Hes a got a high sweet tenor voice and infectious slow chorus.

Aled Hughes/ Internet Set/---CD
Straight forward folk set from this Welsh singer. A couple songs in his native language too. Hey, buy those Welsh some vowels!

Karl Williams/ Lazy Susan/ Greene St CD
Easy goin blues boppin about a lazy sister.

Audra Kubat/ The Chosen Ones/ Remedy CD
Beautiful folk style arrangements of original tunes by this Detroit area singer. Somewhere the ghost of Sandy Denny looks down and smiles.

The Switch Off Option/ Lookonian/ Clod CD
Culled from hours of jamming , these Brit improvisers have a nice sense of dynamics and really fine musicianship. Hearing the whole CD at once can be a bit daunting because of the many, long tracks but it is definitely a keeper. If you like freeform jazz this is for you.

Matthew J Harris/ Petals Open/---CD
Clouds of suspended chords, dreamy and echoey keyboards play with the notion of time. Very well done ambient excursions.

Geodesia/ Foto...(excerpt)/---CD
Electronic album with some noisey elements and cut ups. Cool stuff.
Roberto Lazaro

Droneament/ Prehistorique Musique/ The Ceiling LP
Saw tones and electronic meanderings underpin this outstanding split LP release on Canadas unique, The Ceiling, label. Put the needle anywhere, a trippy ride.

Automatic Music/ Carnival Of Light (bonus disc track#3)/---CD
Guitars and effects crash into each other, other sounds develop and more effects are added to good, um, effect.

Reviews for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow
Playlist for 22 April 2001
Hosted and reviewed by Don Campau
Mishap Productions special with Ryan and Adam Beebe

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My theme from one of Americas Hall of Fame tapers. Recently he has re-issued almost all of his old tapes onto CDRs giving us a chance to rethink and rehear what makes great his chamber- like solo work, his many collaborations and his sets of odds and ends. The one and only.

Kevyn Dymond/ intro id/---K7
My good pal from Arcata CA doing a radio intro for me.Its still fun to hear although some of the namechecks arent around anymore.
PO Box 35, Arcata CA 95521

Hulu Project featuring Stepanida/Osuokhai/ CCnC CD
A finely polished world beat extravaganza with the exotic Tuvan/Russian voice (reminiscent of Sainhko Namtchylak) of Stepanida backed by some tasty Euro drum n bass ticklings .A quite astounding and well done cross pollination.

The Danubians/ Heavy Heaven/ Cuneiform CD
An international band fronted by the incredible Amy Denio capturing the flavor of Central Europe with a distinctly modern feeling. Nice double female vocals appear, accordions wheeze and the band invites you for a sidewalk coffee in this in this captivating live recording.

James Call/ Working Girl, I Love The Northwest/ Mishap K7
Goofy, funky and twisted this Devo inspired guy coughs up some entertaining and quirky music. Great lyrics and tunes so catchy you are singing them before they are over.

Pope John Paul The Third/ Whats Done Is Done/ Mishap CD
More devolved home taping madness from these two Santa Cruz brothers mixing off the wall geekiness with heartfelt country tunes.
You gotta love these guys.

Mike Garlington/ Omah Devoe/ Mishap CD
If Tom Waits ran into a jug band while drunk something like this might show up. Lo fi and eccentric-pass me the bottle.

Jonas Ted Bond/ Lullaby/ Mishap CD
Another side project for Bros. Beebe featuring their pal Bond. Not as quirky as their own stuff or as demented. Its OK in its way.

John Bartles/ Drinkin In The Bible Belt/---K7
Over the years, Bartles modus operandi has changed very little: He hires some very competent local musicians to play some rough and tumble blues behind his bitter, humorous and sometimes profane songs about drinking and being an outcast all sung in a raspy, grizzled snarl. We are so much better for it.
PO Box 106, Livonia Center NY

Endorphin/ White Boy Day/ Mishap K7
Riffy rock, trashed up, spit out and in your face.

Bill Retoff/id/---K7
Bills a fine, poppy home taper who kindly sent me this promo.

Moses Guest/ Under The Stairs/ Pulse CD
Southern jam band in a studio recording of an original song sounds good and polished with their chunky chords and Fender leads. Also have loads of live material too.

Michael Perlitch/ Lose That Loser/---CD
Home recorded pop rock bordering on Ben Folds 5 crossed with a 70s sensibility. Kind of grows on me.

Pope John Paul The Third/ Fall From Grace ,No Way Down ,Cassette Tapes ,Cliche , My Life Close Twice/ Mishap K7 & CD
Some nice examples in this set of the variety this group achieves.
Gruff lo fi, country and echoes of the cassette scene.

Dreambeach/ Shapeshifter/---CD
High production values from this Santa Cruz duo that sound their best when slow sailing upon their Euro sounding techno-lite. This song is a little heftier and funkier and most of their other material and the whole CD benefits from the smooth and dreamy voice of Pipa Pinon.

Shades/ Cherry Wine/---CD
3 song demo from this British outfit sounding a bit influenced by USA pop/funk/soul. Good production and solid vocalizing.

Andy Finn/ Everyone Pays A Different Price/---CD
Down to earth acoustic singer songwriter stand out from the folk crowd with his point of view observations, his excellent multi tracked musicianship and distinctive voice.

Census Of Hallucination/ Lie Again/ Stone Preminitions CD
A bit of sarcastic psych, mate? Swirling production and subliminal messages carried by some strong ensemble playing from this project of Tim Jones and Terri B of the Stone Premonitions label. Never less than quality.

Column One/ Hasel 44/ Moloko CD
Weird remake of a Mimetic tune (French avant/techno/classical band) with layers of rhythm, inserted noises and sounds.

Adam Beebe/ Evolution/ Mishap K7
A noise and cut up collage project from one of the Bros Beebe.

Amy Denio/ Sneaking/ Unit Circle CD
Solo accordion movement from Ms. Denios incredible Tattoo soundtrack. Exquisite.

Dauerfisch/ Gleitzeit/---CD
This Berlin duo plucks the samples from something like Herb Alpert/ Burt Bacharach to make a cool song that would fit in a 60s spy movie.

Pope John Paul The Third/ Booze/ Mishap CD
Ryan and Adams answer to the worlds problems.

James Call/ Its A Waste/ Mishap K7
Mr Call packs a lot of lyrics into this hooky as hell workout with a great sampled chorus. One of my favorite cassettes of the year (The Neurotic World Of James Call).

Mr. Bollinger/ Global Voodoo Cult/ Yippiebean CD
Gloomy world view filtered through some angular rhythms and processed voices. Mr Bollinger gets all experimental on this CD to good effect.

Saturnia/ Chrysalis/---CD
Portuguese progressive outfit shows real competence on many world instruments and a flair for toe tapping and introspection.

Pope John Paul The Third/ I Like Girls/ Mishap CD
An ode to Korean girls by our beloved duo. Work it, boys.

The Lens Cleaner Trio/ Perfeccionamiento Gaseoso/ The Ceiling LP
A wild ride from this experimental Argentinian group. First the group lays down a wicked jam, then their man , CD, mixes it ,messes it up and throws it at us. What more do you want anyway?

Tlielaxu Music Machine/ Demons Of Attack/---CD
A noisy ticket dominated by distorted keyboards and fuzz.

Very large thanks to Adam and Ryan Beebe for the in studio visit.
Check them out at:

Reviews and contact info for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow
Playlist for 27 May 2001
Dreambeach Special with Pipa Pinon and Daniel Lewis
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California
The second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM.
Real Audio archive at:
European broadcast provided by Radio Marabu.

for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

For taped copies of the show, send a one hour blank cassette for each hour you want. Specify by date if possible. Please add $2 for postage (covers two tapes).PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)
Matmos/ Lipostudio...and so on/ Matador CD
New release from this SF duo featuring the sounds of medical procedures mixed with their brand of avant drum n bass.

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My theme song by one of the great home tapers.

Chamber/ Spirit Veering Back/ RIZS CD
Hardcore rocking with hernia causing vocals. Blistering.

Russ Stedman/ id/---K7
A fun promo from another great home taper.

Zeppi/ Extinct III/ Nadirean Extensions CD
A diverse and rocking release with many short tracks. Garage studio experimenting that is interesting.

Dreambeach/ Fallen Star/ ---CD
My favorite track from this Santa Cruz duo. Sounding a bit like a trip hoppin Kate Bush. Sublime track.

Zeppi/ Trout/ Nadirean Extensions CD
Another great, lively cut from this CD, a current fave.

The Perfect Tragedy/ Crutch/---CD
A crunchy rock track from home taper John Teelak.

Harlan/ tracks 10,11/ Lonely Whistle CD
Human beat box and drummer supreme. His best-of CDR.

Dreambeach/ Lifes A Mystery/---CD
A nice longer track to trip to. The beautiful vocals of Pipa Pinon and outstanding production by Daniel Lewis. Very consistent and rewarding CD.

Ants/ Head Castration/---CD
We were all bopping our heads to this hip hop instrumental from England.

Bob Burnett/ Igor/---CD
Third stream loopiness from this Santa Cruz guitarist and composer. Comes from his excellent Loops and Lines CD.

Dreambeach/ Standing Outside/---CD
Another nice one from their CD, Making Friends With Gravity.

Cyoahka Grace/ Church Of The Holy Trees/ Land Of The Blind CD
Singer-songwriter with a world beat edge, kind of gutsy vocals.
(address needed)

Bill Retoff/id/---K7
Promo by this fine home taper.

Wendy Rule/ Like Roses, Like Snow/---CD
Folk style song with a very sensitive vocal. Quite lovely.
(address needed)

Dreambeach/ Angels Cry/ Blue Rhythm CD
You are sitting on a Mediterranean beach just enjoying life and the sun. Someone walks by with a cool drink and in the background a radio is playing this song.

4-5 PM

Hulu Project/ Kuorakka.../CCnC CD
Another exotic track from this modern sounding world fusion disc. Russian vocalist supreme Stepanida wails on top of tracks by these European electronica artists.

Nothing Else/ Beautiful and Lost/ Best Kept Secret K7
Tea/ Satellite/ Best Kept Secret K7
These two tracks come from compilations on the Best Kept Secret label from Italy. These are pretty much rockin cuts and the tapes as a whole feature oodles of good international underground music.

Cheese/ Where Are They Now?/ Pink Hedgehog CD
A brilliant track, somewhat reminiscent of XTC from this quite fine and dandy CD by this UK quartet. Hookier than your fishing line and crammed with bait. Got ya.

Laura Ballay/id/---K7
A Chinese language promo for the show.

Shay/ Hello The Shore/---CD
A bit harder rocking than most of their other dreamy psych tracks, this UK group features the vocals of Finn Millar, a deeper voiced chanteuse.
(ask me for their postal address, no e mail)

Big Block 454/ Canned Food In Combat/ CD
From their unusual 4 track CD, this cut has the strange lyrics they are known for and a cool weird beginning. Love this UK band.

Dreambeach/ Flowers/---CD
Check the strong bass playing throughout this excellent CD by Daniel Lewis and of course the lovely vocals of Pipa Pinon.

Machine Boy/ Unpredictable/ Shotgun Charlie CD
This is Dean Cooks (tenboy) instrumental, electronica side and although I dont think it has quite the power of his pop music it is still decent stuff, gurgling and bouncing and synthing along.

Matthew J Harris/ Dissolve/---CD
Beautiful, rolling waves of barely perceptible sound, a rumbling, a droning, a wash of melody. Perfect for the morning and produced in a most excellent manner.

Dreambeach/ Psyche Of Surrender/---CD
The opening track from this duos latest CD sets the spell with a slow, soft and haunting presence.

Matt Borghi/ December Impressions/---CD
Quiet instrumental, moody adventures for a rainy day.

Thanks to Pipa and Daniel for the studio visit. For more information on Dreambeach go to:

Playlist for 13 May 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California

artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Felix Hess/ Frogs 4/ ---LP
A very cool clicking and croaking LP I bought in Berlin some years ago.Great for backgrounds and ambience. (No address though)

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My theme song from one of Americas great resources, the prolific Mr. Clinger.
Everyone around the station has learned to love this song!

Al Perry/ id/---K7
Relocated to SF from Tucson, Al churns out some fine blues/rock guitar and country type songs on his own releases. Here he does a promo for my show.

Cheese/ Everybody's Gone/ Pink Hedgehog CD
Quite outstanding rock music, in an XTC vein from 94-97 on this excellent British label. This foursome has the hooks and chops to really satisfy.

Garfield's Birthday/ Everything/ Pink Hedgehog CD
Another fine English rock/pop outfit, this comes from a very nice compilation called Ear Candy.

Sneaky Pete/ Skeeters 'N Beer/---CD
After hes done teaching at a Texas college, Sneaky Pete Rizzo grabs his guitar, perhaps a couple of brews and pens some hilarious tunes about dogs, everyday events and of course, beer.

Big Block 454/ I Name This Child Acker Bilk/ CD
This is a very interesting and unusual 4 song CD that freely dips into jazzy feels, geeky computer rock and understated humor.

Harald "Sack' Ziegler/ id/---K7
Our favorite German goofball gives us a verbal greeting. Check out his new Sack und Blumm material.Nice stuff.

Neurmison/ To Which It Beats/---CD
Some good Marilyn Manson meets Iron Butterfly grooviness here and although a few songs go on too long there is a snarliness and crust I like.

Eggomatic/ Spring Of The Sad Guitar Player/Semper Lofi CD
A home taper duet for real drums, collage samples, keyboards, assorted guitars and a freewheeling atmosphere of experimentation.Hats off to MJB and Scott Carr.

Stephen Phelps/ Flame Of Love/---CD
Acoustic folk that drives hard and sincere. Good slide guitar and string sounds.

Rob Christensen/ Sleep With Me/Sweet Science CD
Mr. C comes at you with a lot of different sounds on his various releases. On this one, he mines the very fruitful Replacements/Husker Du territory in much the same way home taper Russ Stedman does. Good rockin.

Moonbabies/ Microphone Academy/ Best Kept Secret CD
Swedens indie sensation with a memorable instrumental. This is from a brand new compilation on Italys Best Kept Secret label.

2 Days Straight/ Papa Outlaw Rider/---CD
Some ball bustin bar room rock and blues going on here.

Ras Al Ghul/ Qual/UWU CD
Groovin and percussive instrumental from Mick Magics new compilation on United World Underground. Many fine tracks for space rock freaks.

Orange Cake Mix/ Way Out There/ Twilight Furniture CD
Home taper Jim Rao with some spacey home psych sounds. Lots of instrumentals but this one is a vocal, and nice.

Ruth Sherbourne/ She Won't Get Out/ KAW K7
Ms. Sherbourne pleads and moans and strums her guitar.All in lo fi splendor.

Bill Retoff/ id/---K7
A promo from this fine poppish home taper.Thanks Bill.

Arnold Mathes-Ken Clinger/ Rising Suns/---CD
Chugging and gurgling space sounds with the nitrous vocals by the legendary Mr Clinger. A very good mail music collaboration.

4-5 PM

Bret Hart/ Walrus/ Instrumen Tales CD
Gnarly guitar and vocal depths that sound like the batteries are in sideways. From the super prolific Mr. Hart, a long time taping vet.

Tenboy/ Face It All/ Shotgun Charlie CD
More crisply done pop rock from this talented Englishman. I dig this guys voice and songs. Formerly TEN, now Tenboy.

Ajiao/ Unstable Banjos/ KAW K7
Lo fi pop folk and although this guys name is Pascal it sounds like it should be Peter or something american like that. From your lo fi headquarters, KAW tapes.

Funkmeister G/ Banana/---CD
This is some seriously messed up and extremely lo fi Aussie weirdness featuring out of tune and badly played instruments and similarly sung songs. His take on Im Waiting For The Man is pretty funny. This one will completely irritate your friends, even the ones who say they like independent music.

This is our rather humorous take on goofball country dedicated to Roger Miller.

Bubble/ Steer The Wheel/ Oomph CD
Another great song from this terrific rock/pop CD. Lots of influences we could talk about but its just damn good catchy material. Excellent production too.

BB2X4/ How Can I Swim/ TTT CD
KD Schmitz asked some home tapers to send vocal samples and then he wrote some songs using them. Inventive, short and sweet pieces.

ScapeLand Wish/ Absence Of God/---CD
Production values and musicianship abound on this self produced CD of AOR type rock with some new agey instrumentals. They have got their harmonies down.

Klimperei/ Il Faut.../Organic CD
Petite and charming pieces from this prolific French duo. Carnival for the mind.

Other People's Children/ Electricity, Your Friend/Best Kept Secret K7
Instrumentals dominate this home cassette. It doesnt blow me away but grows on me. The usual keyboards/ drium machiney line up pretty tastefully done.

Saturnia/ A Trick Of The Light/---CD
A swirling world beat and ethnic ride from these very talented Portuguese musicians. Mixing in the modern sounds with some rock and jazzish too.Fine.

Dave Fuglewicz/ id/---K7
A nice promo from Jupiter from this electronic musician.

Automatic Music/ Do The Math/ Szum CD
A whole lot of experimenting on this two CD set. Some of it very good and some a little rambling. More sticks than doesnt.

Jliat/ track 3/---CD
Well, Mr Jliat finally makes another CD that one can at least hear. He pulls some weird backwards stuff out of the archives and also a fluttery Terry Riley type piece.

Amy Denio/ Saiko IV,Skirts,Birds/ Unit Circle CD
I cant say it enough...I love this damn CD! Its a soundtrack to a dance performance, Tattoo but stands alone easily as a breakthrough set for the highly regarded Ms. Denio. Strange japanese speakers, drones, accordions and more.

Matt Borghi/ December Impressions/---CD
Floaty and sensual instrumentals good for late night or early morning moods.

Francisco Lopez/ Untitled #92/ Mego LP
Incredible LP of scratchy loopiness. It sounded like we were off the air.

Francisco Lopez-Michael Northam/ Belle Confusion 0247/Absolute CD
Amazing sound immersion duets although you tell me whos doing what.

On this page, Don gives small reviews and capsule information for music played on recent NO PIGEONHOLES programs. In some cases the contact information was unknown or couldn't be easily found. Write me directly if you have questions about those lost addresses.

Reviews and contact info for...

No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 22 July 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California
The second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM.
Real Audio archive at:
European broadcast provided by Radio Marabu.

for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

For taped copies of the show, send a one hour blank cassette for each hour you want. Specify by date if possible. Please add $2 for postage (covers two tapes).PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My theme from Pittsburghs underground legend.

Dream Or Nightmare/ The Phoenix Will Rise/---CD
Hook metal with overdriven guitars. I like.

Bert Morgan/ id/---K7
Promo from this Bay Area musician.

Garlic/ Wheel Set/ Propylactic CD
Great song, an almost perfect single( and superb full length CD) , from a distinctive UK line up with a vocalist that sounds in between Thurston Moore and Neil Young with a tasty keyboard and even a pedal steel. What more could you want ? One of 01s best so far.

Michael Angel/ The Enchanted Realm/ Deep Blue CD
Some grandisose tech-emo from Atlanta. Good use of overdubbed vocals.

The Conspiracy/ Psycho/---CD
This UK studio rock and pop outfit finds some new life and direction in this uptempo guitar and found sound workout.Very cool.

Heather Perkins/ id/---K7
Heather, where are you? Promo from this Hall Of Fame taper.

Eggomatic/ Commodore 64/ Semper Lo Fi CD
Here, our hero, MJB emotes and kindles some home taping memories. Oh ,cry for me you early samplers. With his pal, Scott.

Al Perry/ Little By Little, id/ Addled CD,--- K7
This frigging tune wouldnt leave my head for the whole week after I aired it. Talk about tasty and good humored. Almost better than Haagen Daaz Chocolate Almond. Bonus points for pedal steel.

Fish Karma/ Poodlecide/ Deep Shag CD
Hurray for this anti pet rant. Dont you wish your cats/dogs would just pack up and leave sometimes? Im pissed because my cats ripped up the sides of my record albums with their scratching post claws. Im so happy Fish is back. I missed his wit.

Cowtown/ Ghost Story/---K7
One of my favorite tunes from Peter Tonks newest tape. Here he gets all introspective in his poetic way with a solo acoustic guitar back up. Moody and nice.

Sideswipe/ Crucify Me/---CD
Maybe its just me, but that big Heart sound and the charged guitars do me big time. They take it in their own way, upbeat all the way. Another excellent hook and single candidate.

David Dondero/ Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.../---CD
Edgy folk, wordy as all get out and with a vision. Ill bet this guy has hitch hiked.Playing dixie on the harmonica too.

BB2X4/ Washed Up/ TTT CD
Goofy and creative, thats My Schmitz in a nutshell. In fact, hes in a nutshell with his home taper pals carving out the weird vocals.
Neat way to build a tune, tres experimentale.

Monochromatic/ World Of Wonder/ FDR K7
Lo fi strumming and tinkly keys intertwine with what sounds like a noseflute. Tres tres.

Sweet Venus/ Angel Of The Lamp/---CD
The very nice vocals of Angela Smith are a bit buried during this dramatic outpouring but the track is energized by the sum of its parts.Dance to the minor key moodiness.

Spun/ Playground/---CD
The large rock format with the verse chorus trip done to a tee by this Bay Area band. They have a live sound and a hookiness I go for.

Kevin Campau/ id/---K7
Thanks, son. No, you will not be kicking my ass anytime soon.

Trespassers W/ Laan Der Meerdervoort/ Snowdonia CD
Swing time is in effect from one of the worlds great modern bands. So many styles, so many ways to be interesting. Think Dan Hicks in Dutch this time. Tonk u well.

The Lune/ We Are Rich/---CD
Balls to the wall brass and roll drums. Everyone is amped throughout most of this CD and on this track, the accordion feeds them all a dime bag.

4-5 PM
Ken Clinger/ Starlight Auras/ Bovine CD
Bold classical overtones dominate this excellent track from Kens 50th solo release. This doesnt count all of his collaborations, compilations, best-ofs, re-issues and whatnots. So, what have you done lately?

Bored Young Men/ id/---K7
Ken and soul brethren Beeg Srahka promo.

Ellen Miz Elle and Ken Clinger/ Birds 2/ Bovine CD
Story time collaboration in a matter of fact way with Ms. Elle.

Michael J Hex/ Made Of Stone/ Best Kept Secret K7
Shifting two chord Kiwi rock with ample confusion and delight.
From a compilation on the Best Kept Secret tape label.

Bret Hart/ Marcel Duchamp/ Instrumen Tales CD
Distant sounding live band sound from the venerable Mt Hart, home taping vet. Bret puts his guitar up front where it should be.

The 4 Johns/ track 9/---CD
Stoner jamming with gargled vocals. Save me some.

Phil Rhoden/ Surfink/ Reverse Fish CD
Not as much surf as I thought or wanted but this British instrumental provider takes us along for another keyboard and rhythm tour. Always doing something different.

Chowpilot/ One Chance/ KAW K7
That classic easy goin Searchers era Brit invasion sound. Very smooth even though its a home recording. Tasty stuff all the way. I dont get their name however.

Timo/ It All Makes Sense/ Best Kept Secret K7
The rollercoaster of life seems to be going up finally for this unique and sometimes angry songwriter. He is probably also the very best accompanying guitarist in the home taping tent.
Great words,as always.
Eye/ Perspective/ United World Underground CD
Ear catching beat busting Aussie clump of a track turning it all into a big delicious mess in the end. Mick Magics UWU compilation.

Anthony Distefano/ A Cure/---CD
Soothing keyboards would be good for a rainy morning.

Mr Bollinger/ Dream Of The New God/ Yippiebean CD
Experimental track from this diverse Australian. Quite a wonderful, zany and political full length too.

If I missed any addresses you need, contact me and well work something out.
I may be able to provide postal info.

Reviews for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 8 July 2001
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California
The second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM.
Real Audio archive at:
European broadcast provided by Radio Marabu.

for artist contact information contact Don Campau at:

For taped copies of the show, send a one hour blank cassette for each hour you want. Specify by date if possible. Please add $2 for postage (covers two tapes).PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Daniel Steven Crafts/ Soap Opera Suite/ Lutra LP
A cool album of split second soap opera edits.

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
What do you say about one of home tapings icons? The prolific Mr C continues to churn out the atmospheric tunes.

Al Perry/ id/ ---K7
A fun promo by this blues/country rock guitar slinger.

Spun/ Geek/ ---CD
Nice, tight energetic rock from this California trio.

Motion Control/ Part one, track 2/---CD
Charged up, messed up, rhythmic workout with breaks.

Jes/ Dont Say/---CD
Real hooky female rock pop vocalizing and strong dynamic production values highlight this one.

Tim Chaplin/ Hayleys Hurt My Feelings/ Best Kept Secret K7
Trashy, distorted guitars overwhelm the distanced shoe gazer vocals. A stew pot of keyboards, drum machine and home taper headings. This one is on that great Italian cassette label, Best Kept Secret.

The Mansions/ Brave New World/ ---CD
Flashy, stage ready presentation cooks up some Alice Cooper and mixes with some Bauhaus. All thats missing is the lights.

Lord Litter/id/---K7
Our favorite German DJ with a promo. Danke mein lieber.

Sideswipe/ Bribery/---CD
Bright sized pop rocks with that tambourine that I love.
Very hook conscious, excellent single material.

Kris Novak/ Tractorbeam Accident/ Best Kept Secret K7
Power psych pop with vocals so buried they will need an expedition party. Very trippy chaos.

Sweet Venus/ The Messenger/---CD
This British trio also creams over the vocals a bit too much too but they have a hell of a cool sound. Trip hoppin all the way home.

Kudra/ Push/---CD
Pounding, dramatic performance with loner singer emoting through the build up. Once again, fine indie production.

The Groovers/ Holdin On/ Echobeat CD
Feedback gobs onto some acoustic underneath guitar and moody keys. This is excellent , no drums, Italo-psych.

Bill Retoff/ id/---K7
Achtung, this is home taper Bill Retoff.

Michael Perlitch/ Edge Of Sky/---CD
Think Ben Folds Five with a touch of Billy Joel and a dash of
chorus arena rock. Some nice drums and a sincere approach make this fun. Damn good turnaround and bridge.

Sourvein/ Salvation/ Game Two CD
Full volume southern stomp Blue Cheer revivalists maybe had too much beer.

Linda Smith/ Re-enactment/---CD
Lindas writing partner on this one is none other than our 16th President, Honest Abe. She works it up into an odd patriotic melange that includes her signature bittersweet vocals.

Sack and Doc Wor Mirran/ Taschenspeigel/ Marginal Talent 3 CD
A sweet bit of Sackdom with backers Doc Wor Mirran. Haradld rants a bit more than usual in this short mini EP that resembles a CD. Cool.

4-5 PM
Fish Karma/ Thighs Of Tammy Faye/ Deep Shag CD
Gruffy satirist gets hot for Tammy Fake Baker. Forgive him Lord, he has sinned.
Deep Shag

Cowtown/ Wanted Man/---K7
Mr Tonks almost gives up a ballad here, opting for a slow, moody acoustic number with ( I think) Mr Dino DiMuro sitting in. Tonks toots his harmonica too in his word poetry paste up viewfinder of life.

Kevin Campau/ id/---K7
The kid now wants to kick my ass?

Earwig Spectre/ Kiss Kiss/---K7
This demented song stylist covers a Yoko tune here, evidently a studio outtake that is pretty grotesque and creepy fun.

Tidal Flood/ 7 Tide/---CD
Ripping hot Greek instrumental trio plows through some fats psych rock. Great playing.

Ray Carmen/ id/---K7
The king of home taper pop graces us with a promo.

Fernando/ Kurdts Spirit.../---K7
I get the feeling I am right there in Fernandos Argentine apartment with him as he dicks around with his fuzz and bass licks. It is so free and unpretentious and absolutely no posing. This is real, not always coherent and never polished. Thank god for the next generation.

Anthony DiStefano/ Vambido/---CD
Instrumental stylings out of Brooklyn, soundtrack overtones to most of Mr DiStefanos tone poems.

Jon Sheffield/ Antarctica/ Tomlab CD
Outstanding jangly, loopy subliminal instrumental tweakdom.

Hinds Bros./Scene One, 420 Haight Street/ Omnisonic CD
Hard driving techno sounds point in a new direction for those Sun Ra loving brothers from the Bay Area. I sort of miss Peters drums but they set a mean pattern and John overlays some bubblinb, brooding and busty keyboards. Take a toke on Haight. Got any spare change, man?

Non Earl/ The Shadow Edit/---CD
Spooky and grand keyboards figure prominently on this instrumental from this UK musician.

Pauline Oliveros/ Alien Bog/ Pogus CD
Beautfiful, early rarity from an american pioneer of electronic music.

Prurient/ All In Good Time/ Anti Everything 7
Freakout harsh goodies.

EHI/ Rub Out/ FDR CD
Brain Noring takes downers and they are affectin...g h...i........m.

Phill Niblock/ PK & SLS/ Pogus CD
Spectacular harmonic space out for multiple flutes. If you like all out drones, here it is.

If I missed any e mail addresses , write me for further details. I may be able to provide postal addresses as well.

Send your music for airplay and review to:
NO PIGEONHOLES/ PO Box 9162/ Santa Rosa CA 95405