Underground music links
Each of these sites is run by someone doing something creative and special within the field of independent music or expression. Click and find out.
Cassette Culture Discussion and information groups:
cassette culture yahoo group:
cassette culture forum:
Hal McGee's Electronic Cottage Bulletin Board:
Radio and webcasting:
Lord Litter: Long time Berlin DJ and musician. Essential contact. http://www.LordLitter.de
Radio Marabu: Europe's leading independent broadcasting collective. www.radiomarabu.de
Jerry Kranitz Aural Innovations: space rock and reviews. Great shows! http://Aural-Innovations.com
Andrew McIntosh RADIO HOSTILE:
Carl Howard Space Patrol (check for times):
WDCD Radio: collage and plunderphonic madness.
Little Fyodor's Under The Floorboards: unusual and always interesting weirdness. www.kgnu.org

Tucson community radio. Al Perry’s "Clambake" is on Wednesday morning 12am -2am.http://www.kxci.org

London's incredibly progressive and experimental Resonance Radio.http://www.resonancefm.com/

Review Sites:

Ian Stewart Autoreverse: reviews with an attitude.
Bryan Baker Gajoob: reviews and CD production info. www.gajoob.com
Edgar Vareiko GIAG: Latvian music site.
Singapore's Big O magazine and review site.
Dusted magazine: all types of independetn music especially experimental and adventurous.
EST: index of indie labels:
Ouzel Music: Italian music label from Japan:
Jim Santo's Demo Universe:
Paris Transatlantic: modern music reviews:
Labels and distribution:
Artemiy Artemiev Electroshock: Russian Electronic music pioneer.http://www.electroshock.ru
Ivo Tonchev AON: Bulgaria punk and others.
Zdenko Franjic Digital Records: Croatian Underground.
Zan Hoffman: The most prolific experimental artist in the world. www.zh27.net
Hal McGee Haltapes: Electronics, collage, noise and madness.
Chris Phinney's Harsh Reality: cutting edge electronic music:
Independent resource sites:
Development and support for indie artists.
Berlin's Carsten Siegmund rare and unusual music site:http://people.freenet.de/musieg/
Geoff Alexander's Academic film archives: the amazing world of 16mm independent films.
Internet Audio Archive: cool interviews and downloads:

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