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Museum Of Rare and Live Recordings Update October 2008

AC/DC/ Let There Be Rock/ Paris , year unknown ( EX) 2 X CDR

Allman Bros/ Instant Live/ Houston, 9 Oct 2004 ( EX) 2 X CDR

Allman Bros/ The Gaitlinburg Tapes/ front room jamming, talking, includes versions of “My Favorite Things” (F) CDR

Laurie Anderson/ The End Of The Moon/ Cologne Germany, 29 April 2006 (EX) 2 X CDR

Beck, Bogert and Appice/ Live (EX) unknown location and date ( prob 1970s) 2 X CDR

John Cage-Morton Feldman/ In Conversation/ in New York? Oct 1967 (VG) 3 X CDR

Colosseum II/ Strange New Flesh/ BBC London 1975 ( EX) CDR

Cream/ Reunion Tour/ unknown location 2005 ( F-G) 2 X CDR

Fish/ Mixed Company/ Somewhere in Europe 2002

Ellen Fullman-Sean Meehan/Instal Fest Scotland/ 13 Oct 2006 (EX) CDR

Mott The Hoople/ Two Miles From Heaven/ unreleased studio tracks 1969-1971 (EX) CDR

Mountain/ New Years Concert 1971/ location unknown 1971 ( EX) 2 X CDR

Lee Patterson/ Instal Fest Scotland/ 14 Oct 2006 (EX) CDR

Quicksilver Messenger Service/ Smokestack Lightning/ Fillmore Wets, SF 1968 ( EX) 2 X CDR

Todd Rundgren Utopia/ San Francisco KSAN, 2002 ( EX) CDR

Sachiko/ Instal Fest Scotland/ 15 Oct 2006 ( EX) CDR> this is the band not the solo “sine wave” artist.

Shakti/ Live At Montreux/ 1977 (EX) CDR

David Sylvian/ Blemish Live/ Royal Festival Hall, London, 25 Sept 2003 ( good but roomy sound) CDR


Tangerine Dream/ Cologne WDR/ 25 Nov 1972 ( G)

Keith Tippett- Julie Tippetts/ Live In Koln/ year unknown( EX) CDR

Keith Tippett Mujician/ The Bristol ,Concert/ UK, year unknown> features Georgian Ensemble ( EX) CDR

Traffic/ BBC Sessions/ London 1992 ( EX) CDR

UK/ Toronto/ 27 June 1978 (F) CDR

Tetsuya Umeda/ Instal Fest Glasgow Scotland/ 2005 ( EX) CDR

Johnny Winter/ Texas Internaional Pop Festival/ Dallas 1 Sept 1969 (VG) CDR

Yes/ Madison Square Garden NYC/ 1974 (P-F) 2 X CDR


Sept 2006-December 2006

Bailey-Parker-Malfatti/ 29 June 1979 Pisa Italy (EX) CDR

Derek Bailey and Company/ 23 May 1983 London> with Parker, Davies, Muir, Brotzmann and many others (EX ) CDR

Rudiger Carl/ 8 June 1978 Stuttgart Germany ( EX ) CDR

Cassiber/ Burg Maur 11 June 1983>cassette transfer 40 minutes (F-G) CDR

Cassiber/ Zurich Rote, Fabrik-Takalos 10 March 1985> cassette transfer ( F) CDR

Christmann-Schoenberg Duo/ 4 Oct 1976 Nachtmusik im Koln Germany> with Harald Boje, electronium (EX) CDR

Miles Davis/ 1 Nov 1972 Berlin> from MP3 with Liebman, Cosey, Lucas, Henderson, Foster, Mtume ( G-VG) CDR

Miles Davis/ 17 Oct 1973 Boston Jazz Workshop> from MP3 ( G ) CDR

Etron Fou LeLoublan/ Buchs Fabrickli 14 April 1983> cassette transfer (F-G) CDR

Pierre Favre Quartet/ 22 March 1970 Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany> with Watts, Schweizer, Rau (EX ) CDR

Grubenklang Orchester/ 1982-92> separate sets include many artists: Malfatti, Jorgensmann, Grawe, Van Manen, Schurch, Moore, Gratkowski, Buthcer, Mattos, Minton, Wachsmann, Reisjeger, and many others (EX ) CDR

PJ Harvey/ The Secret Solo Show> different sets from The Late Show, MTV 1992, Reading Fest 1992, London 1993 (F-G) CDR

Franz Koglmann Quartet with Steve Lacy/ 28 July 1974 Balver Hohle, Balve, Germany (EX) CDR

Kowald-Namtchylak/ 10 April 2001 Porgy and Bess, Wien, Austria (EX) CDR

Harry Miller Quintet/ 2 March 1983 Studio L Koln Germany> with Charig, Wierbos, Bergin, Bennink (EX ) CDR

Laboratorio Internationale Di Musica Creativa E Improvisata/ 6 Sept 1977 Cremona Italy> with Rava, Rutherford, Lacy, Parker, Carter, Urbani, Oxley and others ( EX ) 2 X CDR

Malfatti-Gumpert-Oxley/ 20 Jun 1981, Kino, Peitz, Germany> 2 tracks , about 46 minutes ( EX) CDR

Conlon Nancarrow/ Studies For Player Piano New Music America SF 1981> cassette transfer about 20 minutes (G) CDR

Tony Oxley/ 3 separate sets 1974-6> Sextet (18 Mar 1974 BBC Studio London), Quartet( 20 June 1976 Onkel Po, Hamburg) and Sextet ( 28 Oct 1976 BBC Studio London) (EX ) CDR

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky/ 1981-2> 3 separate sets includes Harry Miller ( Kino, Peitz Germany,17 April 1981), Quintet with Oxley (17 April 1981 Kino Peitz Germany) and Bergisch Brandenburgisches Quartet ( with Carl, Petrowsky, Reichel, Johansson) 29 Sept 1982 CDR

 Michel Pilz Quartet/ Nov 1980 Quartier Latin, Berlin, Germany> with Kowald, Niebergall, Oxley, Portal (EX) CDR

Michel Portal Sextet/ 28 July 1980 Juan les Pins, France> with Jeanneau, Texier, Humair, Lubat, Jenny-Clarke (EX ) CDR

Michel Portal Ensemble/ 1981 Festival d’Angouleme France> with Parker, Globokar, Buquet, Rzewski, Drouet (EX ) CDR

Prince/ 18 August 1999 Park van Trofe Holland> hot show (EX) 2 X CDR

Hans Reichel/Akademie der Kunste, Berlin Germany> 4 different pairings including All Dax Band, Jin Hi Kim and Septmeber Band ( Carl, Hirsch, Reichel, Lovens) (EX) CDR

Howard Riley/ 23 Jan 1970 Grosser Sendesaal des Funkhauses Studio 10, Hamburg > with Wheeler, Schoof, Rutherford, Pilz, Dudek, Parker, Bailey and many others (EX ) CDR

Kaija Saariaho-Alessandro Solbiati/ from separate recordings , Saariaho (30 May 2003, cello ensemble and electronics Saarbrucken Germany) and Solbiati (2002 for cimbalom solo 26 Jan 2003 Berlin Germany) (EX ) CDR

Alan Skidmore/ 13 Oct 1980 WDR Koln Germany> with Haurand, Oxley (EX) CDR

Various Artists/Berlin Jazz Days 1972> Parker-Lytton, Iskra 1903, Howard Riley Trio, Derek Bailey. Great! (EX) CDR

Various Artists/ Free Jazz Workshop Wuppertal 23 April 1979 Van der Heidt Museum? (EX ) CDR

Ween/ The Chili Pepper 17 July 2000 (VG ) 3 X CDRWeen/ Mercury Lounge NYC 24 Jan 1995 (VG ) 2 X CDR

January-August 2006

Beatles/ Essential White Album #2> alternate versions, barely different mixes (VG-EX) CDR

Beatles/ Relativity Cadenza #2/ outtakes, different versions, practice material, George Martin outtakes (F-VG) CDR

Beatles/ Reunions> a lot of mucking about by John, stoned sounding jams, tuning up (F-G) CDR

Karl Berger Total Music Ensemble/ December 1968 Hamburg, Germany> with Marion Brown, Becky Friend, Alan Silva, Kent Carter, Jacques Thollot (EX) CDR

Courvoisier-Courtois-Eskelin/ "Cheval Blanc" Schilitigheim, France 11 Oct 2005> extended trio improvs with piano, cello, tenor sax. Good quality audience recording (VG) CDR

Miles Davis/ Quaker Jazz Festival Philadelphia 24 Sept 1972> 4 long tracks (G-VG) CDR

Friedrich Gulda/ Wheel In The Right Machine, NDR Studio B, Hamburg-Lokstedt, Germany 7 and 12 Dec 1969> featuring Kenny Wheeler, John Surman, Barre Phillips, Pierre Cavali, Klaus Weiss (EX) CDR

Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi/ Nice, France 21 July 1971> french radio broadcast. 3 long tracks, nice stuff. (EX) CDR

John Handy-Ali Akbar Khan/ Jazz Meets India 1 January 1976> German radio broadcast. Handy: sax, Khan: sarod, unknown tabla player. One 46 minute track (EX) CDR

Jimi Hendrix/ Lifelines Radio Special> somewhat hokey presentation from the 70s include interviews, rare performances and nnarration (VG-EX) 2XCDR

Jimi Hendrix/ Welcome To The Electric Circus 2>live performance, unknown date and location, for collectors only (P-F) CDR

Jimi Hendrix/ Morning Symphony Ideas>practice sessions with group (EX) CDR

Sarwar Hussain/ Bhopali sarangi instrumentals, home recording is beautiful (EX) CDR

Instant Composers Pool/ ICP LPs 7/8, both out of print, various Dutch and international avant garde artists (EX) 2XCDR

Instant Composers Pool/ live in Berlin ( Podewil) 27 Nov 1992 (EX) CDR

Lacy-Breuker-Cuypers-Bennink/ Workshop Free Music 25-27 March 1978, Berlin Germany>primarily solo performances, one duo with Breuker-Cuypers (EX) CDR

Led Zeppelin/ Buffalo, NY 1973>rough,rather unbalanced recording and performance.(G) 2XCDR

Mengelberg-Tchicai-Bennink-Bailey/ Fragments> out of print LP, ICP 5 (EX) CDR

Mengelberg-Bennink/ Instant Composers Pool> ICP 10, out of print LP (EX) CDR

Mengelberg-Bennink/ 14 Feb 1978 , venue unknown (EX) 2XCDR

Meredith Monk- Arvo Part- Michael Torke/ Los Angeles Master Chorale and Orchestra 9 April 2006, radio broadcast of modern classical vocal and orchestra music (EX) 2XCDR

New Jazz Trio/ Jazzhaus, Hamburg, Germany 23 Oct 1970, German radio broadcast> Manfred Schoof: trumpet, Peter Trunk: bass, Cees See: drums,perc,tabla, harp (EX) also as filler Sun Ra-Don Cherry/ New Visions TV show New York Feb 1989, one track 8 minutes (EX) CDR

Bobo Stenson Quartet/ Punktfestival, Kristiansand, Norway> Norwegian Digital Radio broadcast,2 long, lovely tracks (EX) CDR


Sun Ra-Don Cherry/ New Visions TV show ( as filler...see New Jazz Trio)

John Surman "The Trio"/ Helsinki, Finland Sept 1971> french FM broadcast features Surman: baritone, soprano saxes, Barre Phillips: bass, Stu Martin:drums. One 24 minute track (EX) CDR

John Surman-Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet/ Shaw Theatre , Camden Jazz Fest, London 1986> with Dave Holland, Elvin Jones, great show (EX) 2XCDR

Various Artists/ Baden-Baden Jazz Fest November 1976 ( Mainz Live Version) Mainz, Kurfurstliches-Schloss> featuring Mantler, Mangelsdorff, Rudd, Stewart, Windo, Leimgruber, Carla Bley, Dauner, Doran, Hopper, Stief, Romano, Vesala. Somewhat loose and messy big bands arrangements with stellar line up (EX) 2XCDR

Tony Williams Lifetime/ Wildlife aka The Stockholm Session> some amazing guitar histrionics on the first track from Allan Holdsworth, unbelievable. There are some vocals and some iffy material here and there but worth it for the first song. (EX) CDR

Museum of Rare and Live recordings

July-December 2005

Allman Bros/ Philadelphia 4 Aug 1993 (EX) 3XCDR

Baden-Baden Jazz Festival/ 1970> incredible lineup of Cherry, Lacy, Hampel, Schoof, Kuhn, Stevens, Krog, Bailey, Favre, Holland, Brotzmann, Tchicai, Stanko, Bennink in various combinations (VG-EX) 6XCDR

Willem Breuker Kolletiev/ Johnny D’s Sommerville MA 22 Sept 2004 (EX) 2XCDR

Camel/ "Unevensongs" 1977, unknown location (EX) CDR

Rudiger Carl/ 2 Nov 2001 Berlin> with Reichel, Zingaro (EX) CDR

Fantomas/ first album demos, only 10 minutes (EX) CDR

Fennesz/ Stazione Leopold Firenze Italy 11 May 2004 (VG) CDR

Jimmy Giuffre Three/ 27 Oct 1961 Graz Austria> with Paul Bley, Steve Swallow (EX) CDR

Globe Unity Orch/ 26 Jan 1979 Bad Godesberg Germany (EX) 2XCDR

Godspeed You! Black Emperor/Baltimore, St Johns Church 20 Dec 2002 (G) 2XCDR

Grateful Dead/ Fox Theatre St Louis 2 Feb 1970 (EX) CDR

Grateful Dead/ Paris 3 May 1972 (EX) 2XCDR

Grateful Dead/ The Omni, Atlanta 12 Dec 1973 (EX) CDR

Jim Hall/ Village Vanguard NYC 29 May 1995> with Frisell, Colley, Watson (VG) 2XCDR

Hapunkt Fix/ Magic Of Sampling >underground German experimentalist from 1980s (EX) 2XCDR

Roy Harper/ 11 Nov 1994, location unknown (EX) 2XCDR

Joe Harriott Group/ 17 Jan 1960 Manchester UK (VG) also Chris McGregor / 1968 BBC Studios London (VG) CDR

George Harrison/ "12 Arnold Grove", date and location unknown> outtakes, demos, live tracks (EX) CDR

Steve Hillage/ 1977 and 1979> fantastic shows esp 1977 (EX) 2XCDR

The Jam/ London 9 Dec 1979 (EX) CDR

Jazz Compsers Orch/ 29 Oct 1965 Hamburg Germany> with Carla Bley, Paul Bley, Mantler. Koller, Lacy, Zoller and others (EX) CDR

King Crimson/ "If" 14 Oct 1981 (G) 2XCCDR

Ali Akbar Khan/ San Diego 17 Oct 1980 (EX) CDR

Phil Lesh/ date unknown> with David Grisman, Jerry Garcia (VG) 2XCDR

Albert Mangelsdorff/ 22 Nov 1968 Hamburg Germany> Quintet with Joachim Kuhn (EX) CDR

Paul Motian Electric BeBop Band/8 June 1997 Sewwt Basil NYC> with Potter, Cheek, Rosenwinkle, Muthspiel, Harris (CD1:G, CD2:VG) 2XCDR

Evan Parker with AMM/ 23 April 1979 Koln>astounding collaboration. Keith Rowe is mind blowing on avant slide guitar, Eddie Prevost on drums. (EX) CDR

Pearl Jam/ Melbourne 5 March 1998 (VG) 2XCDR

Phish/ location, date unknown (VG) 2XCDR

Pink Floyd/ "Omayyad"> from bootleg LP includes studio rarites and live (G-VG) CDR

Pink Floyd/ "Ultimate Zabriskie Point" 1970> outtakes (EX) 2XCDR

Lou Reed/ "Blondes Have More Fun" Sydney 1974> from bootleg LP (G) CDR

Hans Reichel/ 25 July 1974 Koln> with Knispell, Niebergall, Waivisz (EX) 2XCDR

Terry Riley/ Interview and music> from National Public Radio (EX) 2XCDR

Sam Rivers and Rivbea Orch/ Berlin 13 June 1982 (EX) CDR

Rolling Stones/ "Retrospective" mid 60s-70s> amazing collection of outtakes, instrumentals and much more (EX) 4XCDR

Saxophone Special/ 28 March 1978 Jazz in der Kammer East Berlin> with Brotzmann, Breuker, Lacy, Parker, Tchicai, Koch, Sommer (EX) CDR

Sex Pistols/ Winterland San Francisco 1978 (VG) CDR

Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio/ 22 March 1970 Frankfurt> with Pilz, Lovens (EX) also Art Ensemble Of Chicago/ 22 March 1970 Frankfurt "Germany Unite" a follow up to "Gittin To Know Y’all" (EX) CDR

Manfred Schoof/ 18 Feb 1970 WDR Studio Koln> with Dudek, Pilz, Surman, Schlippenbach and others (EX) CDR

Manfred Schoof/ 11 March 1972 WDR Studios Koln> with Hampel, Tchicai, Pilz, Trunk, Stevens (EX) CDR

John Zorn-Milford Graves/ Victoriaville Canada 21 May 1999 (EX) 2XCDR

January-June 2005

Air and Amiri Baraka/ Koln 20 March 1982> militant black poetry backed by some wonderful avant jazz (EX) CDR

Air,Muhal Richard Abrams,Roscoe Mitchell/NYC 4 March 1977 (VG) also Cecil Taylor-Tony Williams/ Fear Of Flying outtakes 1979 (EX) CDR

Bladerunner/ London 3 July 2000> Zorn side project, 77 minutes (EX) CDR

Bill Dixon/ Newport Jazz Fest 2 July 1966> very rare live recording features Ken McIntyre, Sam Rivers, Alan Silva, Sunny Murray, a.o. (VG) CDR

Farmers Market/ Speed Balkan Boogie> amazing, ethnic-jazz mix live performance 10 tracks (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell/ Live on "Sessions at West 54th"> guests in clude Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Robin Holcomb (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell and The Intercontinentals/ NPR broadcast March 2004 (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell and The Willies/ Live, unknown venue, with Danny Barnes,banjo, Eyvind Kang, violin (EX) CDR

Jeanne Lee Trio/Taktlos Fest, Basel 16 April 1989> nice performance, audience recording (VG) CDR

Jeanne Lee-Billy Bang-Susie Ibarra/ 24 Feb 1995 NYC> beautiful (EX) CDR

Jeanne Lee Ensemble/ NYC 4 Jan 1988> with Gunter Hampel, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille, Mark Whitecage (VG) CDR

Painkiller/ Verona Italy 22 June 1997>45 minute brutal assault from Zorn project (EX) CDR

Pink Floyd/ The Man and The Journey Suite 17 Sept 1969 Amsterdam>features "Grantchester Meadows", Cymbaline", "Green Is The Color" an early version of "Atom Heart Mother" and one unknown track (EX) CDR


John Scofield/ North Sea Jazz Fest 7 Nov 1998 Netherlands> with Medeski, Martin and Wood (EX) CDR

Sun Ra Allstars/ Paris 1 Nov 1983> with Don Cherry, Lester Bowie, Archie Shepp, many others (VG) CDR

Xu-Feng/ San Francisco 16 Sept 1998> fairly harsh Zorn side project with Winant, Chris Brown and others, 47 minutes (EX) CDR

John Zorn/ BBC Radio documentary> wide ranging retrospective of his career with interview (EX) 2XCDR

(John Zorn’s) Naked City/ 27 April 1991 Washington DC (late show)> 14 tracks of dynamic, in your face flurry with Mike Patton (EX) CDR

October-December 2004

Derek Bailey/ 14 Sept 2002> solo set (EX)

Blodwyn Pig/ 3 Aug 1970>audience recording is bad (P) CDR

David Bowie/ 5 Sept 1974> OK performance, OK sound (G) 2XCDR

Willem Breuker Kolletiev> San Francisco 1991> exciting performance, mono recording has some interference from radio broadcast (G-VG) 2X CDR

Mark Charig Quartet/Islington UK> with

Elton Dean, Tony Oxley, Peter Kowald


Vincent Courtois Quintet Orange/ Coutances France 2000>cello, bas, tuba,drums and machines (EX) CDR

Electric Flag/ 19 May 1968> hardcore collectors only (P) CDR

Robert Fripp/ Pleasure In Pieces, NYC 5 Feb 1978> Frippertronics show somewhat hissy, also rare b side single as filler "Marriage Music" (G-VG) CDR

Iskra 1903/ Pisa Italy 20 June 1980> some jumpcuts, heavy room reverb (F-G) CDR

Iskra 1903/ London 16 Aug 1981> Waschmann, Guy, Oxley, also a solo track by Radu Malfatti. Hissy but listenable (F-G) CDR

Henry Kaiser Yo Miles/ 3 April 2000> energized set with Wadada Leo Smith and many others. Hot! (EX) 3XCDR

Sylvain Kassap/ 2003> with Kassap: clarinets, Hase Poulsen: guitar, Edward Perraud: drums (EX) CDR

Basil Kirchin/ Worlds Within Worlds> out of print classic LP of improvs over field recordings and sound effects, slightly muddy recording (G) CDR

Bill Laswell/ 7 June 1997> dub soundscapes (EX) CDR

Magma/ 14 March 1974> incredible performance, fine sound (EX) CDR

Marilyn Manson/ 24 Jan 2001 London>Fun performnace of 16 tracks, 62 minutes, radio broadcast (VG) CDR


La Marmite Infernale/ Berlin 1996> European modern jazz sextet (EX) CDR

Masqualero/ Aarhus 9/87> with N.P. Molvaer, Jon Balke, Arild Andersen, a.o. (EX) CDR

Harry Miller’s Isipingo/ 1975 radio broadcast>Great stuff with Mark Charig, Keith Tippett, a.o. (EX)

Meredith Monk/ Berkeley 7 Feb 1986> audience recording suffers from room sound (G) 2XCDR

Nine Inch Nails/ Pretty Hate Machine Demos> 9 tracks, 43 minutes (EX) CDR

Nine Inch Nails/ 29 Nov 1999 London (G) 2XCDR

Ovary Lodge/early- mid 70s UK>Wonderful improvs by Julie Tippetts, Harry Miller,Frank Perry and Keith Tippett from out of print Ogun LP (VG)

Rage Against The Machine/ Demos for first album> 16 tracks, 74 minutes (EX) CDR

Rage Against The Machine/ Studio and Live Rarities> 12 tracks, 60 minutes (EX) CDR

Todd Rundgren/ Intimately> live solo performance, 14 tracks, collectors fidelity only (F-G) CDR

Todd Rundgren/Buffalo 8 June 2004> Liars album live (G) 2XCDR

Terje Rypdal/Deja Vu 1992> with John Surman ,  Barre Phillips, Pierre Favre, Symphony Orch. Stupendous! (EX) CDR

Slayer/ Live and Studio rarities>19 tracks, 73 minutes (EX) CDR

S.O.S./ 1975 England>Out of print Ogun LP with Skidmore, Surman, Osborne. Beautful horn ensemble playing (EX) CDR

John Surman/BBC transcription 10 Aug 1971> with Jack Bruce, Jon Hiseman. Fantastic. (EX) CDR

Cecil Taylor / 5 Dec 1998> quartet sessions with vibes (EX) 2XCDR

Steve Tibbetts/ 11 Sept 1999> good stuff (VG) CDR

Julie Tippetts And/ 2001 Paris> Soupsongs, the music of Robert Wyatt with Annie Whitehead, Didier Malherbe, Phil Manzanera, a.o. (EX) CDR

Keith Tippett/ Rare Music Club> improvs with Julie T, Paul Dunmall, also Luckinea String Quartet, radio broadcast (G but hissy)

Velvet Underground/ 4 Nov 1966> collectors quality (P-F) 2XCDR

Weather Report with John Surman/ 9 March 1971> fantastic set also includes Eje Thelin, Miroslav Vitous,Alan Skidmore (EX) 2XCDR

Warren Zevon/ 22 April 1980> strong performance (G-VG) 2XCDR

July-August-September 2004

Aaly Trio/ 28 April 2000> with Ken Vandermark (EX) CDR

Altered States/ 6 April 1995 Knitting Factory NYC>Unchihashi Kazuhisa, guitar joined by bass, drums (EX) CDR

The Bad Plus/ 21 Aug 2002 Dakota Bar ST Paul>piano, bass, drums trio (EX) CDR

Don Byron/ 3 Nov 2000>with Contrasting Brilliance Orchestra playing Morricone and Sly Stone (EX) 2XCDR

Don Cherry/ Rocella Ionica 30 Aug 1984> with Jim Pepper, Collin Walcott (EX) CDR

Don Cherry/ Warsaw Oct 1980>with Janusz Muniak (EX) CDR

Clusone Trio/ Bremen Germany 1996> with Dave Douglas (EX) 2XCDR

John Coltrane/ Unpublished tracks Seattle 30 Sept 1966> first track is good quality, the rest poor (P-VG) CDR

DJ Spooky "Optometry"/ 1 Sept 2003 Cagliari Italy> with Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Guillermo Brown (EX) CDR

Electricks/ 24 June 2002 (EX) CDR

Fred Frith/ Acoustic Quartet 9 Feb 2000> with Henry Kaiser, John Schott (G) 2XCDR

Fred Frith Trio/ Moers 1999? 2000?> with Louis Sclavis (EX) CDR

Fred Frith and Keep The Dog/ 14 June 1999 Glasgow (EX) CDR

Mats Gustaffson/ London 15 Nov 2001 (EX) CDR

Franz Hautzinger/ 31 Aug 2003 (EX) CDR

Hoahio/ 21 May 1999 Victoriaville Canada> Sachiko M, Haco, Michiyo Yagi (EX) CDR

Susie Ibarra/ Berlin 16 June 2001> amazing solo drum set (EX) CDR

Karin Krog/ Lublin, Poland 27 May 1979> with John Surman (EX) CDR

Jimmy Lyons/ WKCR NYC 5 March 1975 (EX) CDR

Myra Melford/ Seattle 28 Oct 2001> with Cuong Vu (EX) CDR

Misha Mengelberg Trio/ Prins Koln 23 April 1998> with Mats Gustaffson (EX) CDR

Nils Petter Molvaer/ Maijazz, Konsurthaus, Stavanger 8 May 2002> with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (EX) CDR

Lee Morgan/ Baltimore 16 July 1968> with John Hicks, Reggie Workman, Clifford Jordan, Ed Blackwell (EX) CDR

Sunny Murray/ Studio Rivbea Outtakes 1975> with , David Murray, Byard Lancaster, a.o. This is not the Wildflowers LP but additional material. (EX) CDR

Pachora/ Karlsruhe Germany 2 Nov 1999> a Chris Speed project (EX) CDR

Kimmo Pohjonen/ 25 Aug 2001 Saalfelden Austria>great solo accordion (EX) CDR

poire_z/ 15 May 2001 Amplify 2001 Tonic NYC> with Gunter Muller, Norbert Moslang, Andy Guhl, Erik M (EX) CDR


Ponga/ Willisau 27 Aug 1999> with Wayne Horvitz, a.o. (EX) CDR

Pharoah Sanders/ Frankfurt 1 Nov 1992> with Sonny Sharrock, a.o. Great show! (EX) CDR

Louis Sclavis/ 5 Nov 1998 Podewil Berlin> fabulous solo set (EX) CDR

David Shea/ 5 May 1998 Gent Belgium> solo sampler show (EX) CDR

Archie Shepp/ Tenor Battle Today, Frankfurt 24 March 1978>radio broadcast with Heinz Sauer, George Adams, Palle Danielson, a.o. (EX) CDR

Archie Shepp/ Den Haag, Netherlands July 1979> with Sam Rivers (EX) CDR

Tomasz Stanko Freelectronic/ Banhof Langendreet, Bochum 29 March 1987> with Sonny Sharrock (EX) CDR

Thin Lizzy/ Sessions 1975-8> some live, some outtakes and pre-released material (EX) CDR

Third Person/ Knitting Factory NYC 4 January 1992> with Steve Lacy, Tom Cora and Samm Bennett (EX) CDR


Jasper Van’t Hof/Sopot, Poland 18 July 2000> with Pili Pili and Phikelela Zulu Choir (EX) CDR

Edward Vesala Quartet/Helsinki Finland 1978> with Tomasz Stanko,a.o. (VG) CDR

Museum of Rare and Live recordings

New for April/ May/ June 2004:

Rolling Stones/ 4 June 1976 Paris> with Billy Preston and others playing the hits (VG) 2 X CDR

Snakefinger/ DNA Lounge San Francisco 19 March 1987>nimble guitar work and fun songs (G) 2XCDR

Bill Nelson/ Red Noise BBC 1979, Youthanasia NYC 24 July 1981 (VG) CDR

Be Bop Deluxe/ Radio Concertbits (VG) CDR

Anthony Braxton/ Moers 1974-6> is this also a legit release? (EX) XCDR

Von Freeman/ 75th Birthday at Chicago Jazz Fest 1997> also with vocalist and George Freeman, guitar (EX) CDR

Anthony Braxton/ La Spezia, Italy 8 July 1978> solo alto (G) CDR

Anthony Braxton/ Charlie Parker Project Koln Oct 1993> with Mengelberg, Ari Brown, Paul Smoker, Han Bennink (VG) CDR

Anthony Braxton/ Challenge Montreal 5 Nov 1990> with David Rosenboom, William Winant (VG) CDR

Anthony Braxton Quartet/ Jazzclub Jubez, Germany 26 March 1991> with Crispell, Dresser, Hemingway (G) 2XCDR

Circle (Braxton, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Barry Altschul)/ Hamburg 1971 (EX) 2XCDR

Band Of Susans/ Club Soda Montreal 1988> material between their first and second albums (F-G) now on CDR

Peter Brotzmann-Milford Graves/ Berlin 2 Nov 2002> fierce duets with powerful drumming (EX) CDR

Ketil Bjornstad-David Darling/ Taipei Taiwan Jan 1996 (EX) CDR

Jan Garbarek Group/ 23 Sept 2000> with Weber, Bruninghaus (EX) 2XCDR

Paul Motian Group/ 07/07/95 Gdynia Summer Jazz Days, Gdynia, Poland (EX) CDR

Louis Sclavis Group/Holland with Dave Douglas 07-12-98 (EX) CDR

Dizzy Gillespie/ Osvaldo Fresedo Orchestra 07/56 Rendez-Vous, Buenos Aires (G) CDR

Astor Piazolla/ 02/84 Theater Roxy, Mar del Plata, Argentina (EX) 2XCDR

Roscoe Mitchell/ Madison 10/16/94>Roscoe Mitchell - reeds; Malachi Favors - bass;

Vincent Davis - drums > sax sound is reedy(G) 2XCDR

Emerson , Lake and Palmer/ 10/02/1975- Smashing The Piano - Orange County CA> Bombastic performance (EX) 2XCDR

Haden, Garbarek, Gismonti/ 06/13/80 Hannover, Germany (EX) CDR

George Harrison/ 1968- 1997-A True Legend> fantastic rare material from Indian music to country and unreleased songs (VG-EX) CDR

Lalo Schifrin/ Meets Piazzolla 09/11/96 Grand Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina (EX) CDR

Warne Marsh/ Live in Berlin, October 10, 1980>- WARNE MARSH tenor sax; SAL


Steve Lacy- Lee Konitz/ Paris 3-1-84> beautiful duets (EX) CDR

Lee Konitz-Martial Solal/ 9-5-98 Chicago Jazz Fest (EX) CDR

Gerry Hemingway/ Victoriaville 05-15-98 – Gerry Hemingway – drums; Ellery Eskelin – tenor sax; Ray Anderson – trombone; Mark Dresser – bass. (Michael Moore – alto sax & Ernst Reijseger – cello join in on encore) (EX) CDR

Janis Joplin/ 04/01/69 Amsterdam Holland> great show (EX) CDR

Dave Holland Quartet/ Julian Priester Steve Coleman Kenny Wheeler Dave Holland "Smitty" Smith 1984 Rainbow Room Seattle WA (EX) 2XCDR

Sam Rivers Quartet/ Live in Vienna, Austria 10/14/1982 --- SAM RIVERS

soprano&tenor sax, flute, piano; ALAIN JEANAPE – guitar;SANTI DeBRIANO bass;STEVE McCRAVEN drums (EX) 2 XCDR

Moodswing Orchestra/ Tonic NYC 11 May 2001> (Ben Perowsky drums, Steven Bernstein trumpet, Marcus Rojas tuba, Oren Bloedow guitar, DJ Olive turntables (VG) CDR

Tilt Brass Band/ Barbes, Brooklyn 24 March 2004> Chris McIntyre - trombone, Julie Kalu - bass trombone/tuba, Mark Taylor - french horn, Nate Wooley - trumpet, Kevin Norton -drums/percussion, Herb Robertson - trumpet, Special Guest:Anthony Coleman - piano & trombone (VG) CDR

Tony Malaby's Apparitions/ 03/31/04 BarbPs, Brooklyn> Tony Malaby - saxophone,Drew Gress - bass, Gerald Cleaver - drums,Michael Sarin - drums VG) 2XCDR

Zorn-Previte-Patton-Ulmer/ Jazz 09/28/88 Saafelden Austria (EX) CDR

Steve Coleman and The 5 Elements/Jazz 03/05/03 Mermaid Art Center, Bray Jazz Festival Bray Ireland>Jonathan Finlayson, Gregoire Maret, Ramon Perez (percussions), Anthony Tidd, Dafnis Prieto (drums), Vera Passos (dance) (VG) 2XCDR

Mat Maneri and Tim Berne/ 02/27/04 Tonic NYC >Tim Berne alto sax Mat Maneri viola Michael Formanek bass David Tronzo slide guitar & Randy Peterson drums (VG) CDR

David Lindley and Ry Cooder/ Eel River, Piercy CA 25 Aug 1990 (EX) CDR

Om Trio/ Harmonic Convergence Fest 3 Oct 2003 Asheville NC (EX) CDR

Little Feat/ Hempstead NY April 1973> hot show! (EX) CDR

Steve Coleman and the 5 Elements/ 13 Sept 1991 Joyce Theater NY> lively (VG) CDR

Jack DeJohnette Trio/ Jazz 08/28/88 Saalfelden Jazz Fest Austria> with Dave Holland and Jack De! (EX) CDR

Bluegrass Allstars/ 6 April 1996 Wolf Trap (EX) CDR

Robert Walters 20th Congress/ 03/05/04 The Independent San Francisco CA> Robert Walters keys, synth bass, Cheme Gastelum sax/flute, Jason Smart drums,Will Bernard guitar (EX) CDR 2XCDR

Carla Bley Big Band/ 11/04/79 Berlin Germany (EX) CDR

For No One In Particular/ Lizard Lounge Cambridge MA 17 Dec 2003 (VG) 2XCDR

Ray Anderson-Mark Dresser Duo/ 17 March 2004 Barbes Brooklyn> bass , trombone duets VG) 2XCDR

Open Loose/ 02/20/04 Cornelia Street Café NYC> Mark Helias (bass),Tom Rainey (drums), Tony Malaby (sax), Ellery Eskelin (sax) (VG) 2XCDR

Lounge Lizards/ 07/11/94 Staatsoper Vienna Austria (EX) 2XCDR

Dave Douglas Freak In/ 03/26/04 Cornelia Street Café NYC> Dave Douglas

trumpet,Marcus Strickland, tenor saxophone,Jamie Saft wurlitzer,Brad Jones bass,Gene Lake drums (EX) 2XCDR

Roy Wood's Army/ 03/21/02 Village Undeground NYC> ROY WOOD - Guitar, Singer, Bag Pipe, Composer, Big Band Orchestra (EX) CDR

Sam Bardfield Quartet/ 03/10/04 BarbPs (NOTRL) Brooklyn> ("Songs About Saul and Other People") Sam Bardfeld - violin, narration, Ron Horton -trumpet, Tom Beckham - vibes, Sean Conly -bass, Satoshi Takeishi - drum (VG) 2XCDR

Blue Collar/ 10 March 2004 (VG) CDR

M.O.B. Trio/ 02/10/04 BarbPs (NOTRL) Brooklyn NY> Matt Wilson - Drums, Bob Bowen - Bass, Ohad Talmor - Tenor Sax (VG) 2XCDR

Steve Lehman Quartet/ 03/03/04 BarbPs (NOTRL) Brooklyn NY> Steve Lehman - saxophones, Jonathan Finlayson - trumpet, Matt Brewer - bass,Tyshawn Sorey - drums (VG) CDR

Dolce No/ 01/23/04 Zeitgeist Gallery Cambridge MA > Andrew DiMola - Bass/Arranging Haruca Duke - Violin Amelia Hollander - Viola Nick Videen - Alto sax Rick Stone - Alto sax Dave Coniglio - Drums/Xylophone (EX) CDR

Sam Rivers/ 03/26/99 Other Minds Music Fest Cowell Theater San Francisco CA> with Julian Priester & Tucker Martine (EX) CDR

Crazy Backwards Alphabet/ 11/05/87 The Palomino North Hollywood CA> Henry Kaiser, Andy West, John "Drumbo"French ( w/ Scott Colby sitting in on a couple of tracks) (VG) CDR

Randy Weston and African Rhythms/ 03/09/02 Other Minds Music Fest 8 San Francisco CA (EX) CDR

Ray Nathanson/ 18 Feb 2004 Barbes Brooklyn (G) CDR

Malaby-Sanchez-Rainey/02/26/04 BarbPs (NOTRL) Brooklyn NY> Tony Malaby tnr/sprn saxs Angelica Sanchez piano Tom Rainey drms (VG) 2XCDR

Laura Nyro/ Live in San Francisco 1989>with band, for collectors only (P-F) CDR

Mariza/ London and Wash DC 2002> nice Portuguese fado songs (EX) CDR

Nick Lowe's Rockpile/ Mink De Ville/ Winterland, San Francisco June 1978> from radio broadcast (EX) CDR

Elvis Costello/ Winterland, San Francisco June 1978> Costello's first tour of the USA ripping through songs from his first two albums (EX) CDR

Elvis Costello/ Demos>some early unreleased material and different arrangements of songs (G) CDR

Old And New Dreams/ Keystone Corner, San Francsico18 April 1979 (G) CDR

Art Ensemble Of Chicago/ Festival Antibes, Juan Les Pins 13 July 1983 (G) 2 XCDR

Fred Anderson/ Links, Chicago 15 Dec 2000> fiery playing from this tenor veteran, with Hamid Drake and Harrison Bankhead (VG) 2 XCDR

David Cullen/ 25 January 2004> classical/jazz melding that reminds me of Ralph Towner at times. Very nice work. (VG) CDR

Uri Caine/ Mahler Project 3 July 2000> big band presentations featuring Don Byron among others. (EX) 2 XCDR

Chris Hoffman Iosono Ensemble/ 04/07/04 BarbPs BrooklynNY>Christopher Hoffman cello, Michael Attias saxophones, Ryan Scott guitar, Michael Savino bass, John Hadfield drums (VG) CDR

Andy Laster/ 04/28/04 BarbPs (NOTRL) Brooklyn > Andy Laster - sax & clarinet,Sam Bardfeld - violin, John Hebert - bass Curtis Hasselbring - trombone (VG) CDR

Jimi Hendrix and Taj Mahal/ 01/01/70 Jimi's apartment NYC >loose jamming, some singing (F) CDR

Gerald Cleaver/ 04/14/04 BarbPs (NOTRL) Brooklyn > Gerald Cleaver - Drums, Compositions Charles Gayle - Saxophone Craig Taborn -Electric Piano Thomas Bramerie - Bass (VG) CDR

Jeff Beck/ 06/27/95 Concord Pavilion Concord CA>with Tony Hymas-bass, Terry Bozzio-drums. Stinging solos and tunes (EX) CDR

Dominic Frasca/ 01/25/04 Guitar Marathon: Prt II 92nd Street Y NYC> avant garde and minimal compositions, really nice ( VG) CDR

Belle and Sebastian/ The Black Sessions> 0/05/98 Recorded live at Studio Charles Trenet Paris France. Some songs get cut off but fidelity is excellent (EX) CDR

Susanne Abbuehl/ 26 April 2002> wonderful jazz noir from this fine singer (EX) CDR

Annette Peacock and Cikada String Quartet/27 Oct 2001> Jazz No Jazz Festival Zurich (EX) CDR

John Abercrombie Gateway/ Hamburg July 1995 (EX) CDR

Michael Brecker-Pat Metheny Quartet/3 July 2000 Karlsruhe Germany> organ/drums rhythm section (EX) 2 XCDR

Paul Motian/ Yoshis Oakland April 2001 (EX) CDR

Allan Holdsworth Trio/Frankfurt 6 June 1997 (EX) CDR

John Zorn's Hu Die/ 23 April 1987 Knitting Factory, NYC>Bill Frisell and Fred Frith,guitars, Ruby Chang, narration (VG) CDR

David Bowie/ Glass Idol in Berlin 6 June 1987 (F) CDR

Kris Davis Group/ 7 May 2004, 55 Bar NYC>second set (VG) CDR

Henry Kaiser's Grooves Of Mystery/24 May 2002 Club Muse, Albany CA (VG) CDR

Henry Kaiser Trio/ 25 January 2004>Guitar Marathon Part 2:92nd St NYC (VG) 2 XCDR

Drew Gress Quartet/London, 27/11/02> with Tim Berne (EX) CDR

Marc Johnson Bass Desires/ 7 June 1988 Copenhagen> with Frisell and Scofield (EX) 2XCDR

Rabih Abou-Kahlil "Cactus" band/Bath, England 3/02 (EX) CDR

New Mellow Edwards/ 25 February 2004, Barbes Brooklyn NY> Chris Speed, Andy Laster and others (VG) CDR

Vsoon/ 12 May 2004, Barbes Brooklyn NY> Satoshi Takeishi (laptop), Shoko Nagai (Rhodes,toy piano, concertina), Al Griffin (video manipulation) (VG) CDR

Olivia Tremor Control/ 23 April 1999 Great American Music Hall San Francisco (EX) also includes Neutral Milk Hotel as filler on second disc 4 March 1998 (EX) 2 X CDR

Silver Jews/ Trillion Story Walkup Demo 1990 (EX) CDR

New For March 2004:

Acid Mothers Temple/ London and Japan 1998> great psychedelic sets from these "out there" masters. (EX) CDR

AMM/ NYC Context Studio 3 May 1994> no holds barred improv...but minimal ,in most spots. (EX) CDR


AMM/ Chicago, International House 15 April 2001> beautiful, slowly paced set from Rowe, Tilbury and Prevost. Sublime. (EX) CDR

Amon Duul II/ Munich, The Bow Up 1969> historically important hippie kraut rock but not a good recording unfortunately (P-F) 2 X CDR

Ash Ra Temple/ Berlin 19 May 1971> Space rock gurus in long improvs. (G) CDR

Bardo Pond/ Terrastock 5, Axis , Boston 13 Oct 2002> (EX) CDR

Bley-Puschnig Duo/ Saalfelden Austria 25 Aug 2001 (also 2 tracks from Kenny Milhaus Jazz Fantasy)> fantastic solo and duos (EX) CDR

Don Cherry/ Trio sessions at his summer house 20 July 1968> (F-G) CDR

Don Cherry/ Scandinavian Radio sessions 1971>3 separate unreleased sessions with small orchestra, Terry Riley and Cherrys Quartet.Fabulous! (EX) CDR

Don Cherry/ Midnight Jam 1972 Copenhagen> with Graves, Barbieri, Blackwell (F) CDR

Don Cherry/ Dusseldorf and Annecy 1981/ with Jim Pepper, Hamid Drajke and others (EX) CDR

Don Cherry/ Le Depart soundtrack 1970s?> compositions by Komeda and Cherry for European film (EX) CDR

Don Cherry/ Hamburg 1990 with Morrocan musicians (EX) CDR

Miles Davis/ Unknown Sessions 1973-6 NYC>Funky electric jazz with Carlos Garnett, Reggie Lucas, Michael Henderson, Al Foster and others.(VG) 2 x CDR

Dave Douglas/ Freak In at Cheltenham Leeds May 2003> electric freak style jazz (VG) CDR

Anton Fier/ 28 Nov 2003 Tonic NYC> with Skopelitis, ORourke and others (VG-EX) CDR

Ghost/ Terrastock 5, Axis, Boston 11 Oct 2002> japanese folk , rock and progressive (EX) CDR


Giuffre-Bley-Swallow/ London 1991> lovely cool jazz without a drummer. Very fine and tasteful playing. (EX) CDR


Ground Zero/ Victoriaville 22 May 1995> dynamic experimentalism with rock, noise, sampling and the kitchen sink (EX) CDR

Guided By Voices/ How Can You Believe All You Hear?> over 30 songs from the darlings of the undieworld, date unknown (VG) CDR

Guided By Voices/ All Hail The Weed King> demos, live and outtakes (VG-EX) CDR

Keiji Haino/ Tokyo 10 Jan 1991> with Hans Reichel and Motoharu Yoshizawa> all out improv with 2 guitars and bas (and Reichels homemade instruments (EX) 2 X CDR

Holy Angels/ Angel Trip 1994> 2 long tracks of Japanese psychedelia (EX) CDR

Yuka Honda/ Tonic NYC 6 March 2002> wild rock jazz and experimental from this Japanese bassist and keyboardist. Features Zorn, Dave Douglas and others. (EX) CDR

Inyo Gogyo/ Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water/ Temple Studio and Studio One 1996>droning psychedelic meditations featuring Kawabata. (EX) CDR

Keith Jarrett-Jan Garbarek Quartet/ 19 April 1974> This foursome is on fire in this radio broadcast. Splendid! (EX) 2 X CDR

Makoto Kawabata/ Holy Trip Festival, Tekurinji Temple, Japan 13 Dec 1999> exotic, swirling, electroacosutic transformations. (EX) CDR

Tisziji Munoz Sextet/ Village Underground NYC 1 June 2003> hot guitarist with Pharoah Sanders, Ravi Coltrane, Paul Shaffer and others (VG-EX) 2 XCDR

Novo Tono/ Wels, Schlachtof Germany 6 Nov 1999> experimental rock with vocals from Japanese phenom , Phew. Also features Otomo Yoshihide (EX) CDR

Tom Rapp/ Terrastock 5 Boston 12 Oct 2002> live renditons of career spanning material from Pearls Of Swine leader (EX) CDR


Michel Redolfi/ Riviera Roulette-Metropolitan Nizza 2000> German radio broadcast of astounding musique concrete.(EX) CDR

Jamie Saft and others/ Live Music To Underground Films 2 Sept 2003> very fine performance includes Ibarra, Ribot, Zorn, Mori and others. Another fine MD recording (VG-EX) CDR

Seikazoku/ Nagoya Japan 2 Feb 1997> strange electronics and skronky post jazz offerings (VG) CDR

Shalabi Effect/ Montreal McGill University 13 June 2001> ethno rock fusion with experimental psychedelic overtones. Nice. (EX) CDR

Howie Smith and Double Bass Drum/ Symphony Space Hall NYC 22 Jan 2004> very alive set with all star lineup featuring Dresser, Hemingway, Sverisson, Jim Black with excellent Mini disk recording (VG-EX) CDR

Sonic Youth/ Terrastock 5 Boston 13 Oct 2002> material from the most recent albums (EX) CDR

Splendor Mystic Solis/ Minneapolis 1999> ecstatic space rock (VG), also Mainliner/ Minneaplois 1999> hardcore and heavy speed rock (VG) CDR

Television with Patti Smith (on 6 out of 14 tracks)/ NYC CBGBs 17 April 1975> historically significant archival material for collectors only because of bad quality. Listen how young and strong she is! (P) CDR

Tomasz Stanko/with The Motion Accordion Trio, date, location unknown, radio broadcast> volume kind of goes up and down although the fidelity is excellent, nice playing too (EX) 2 XCDR

Esbjorn Svensson Trio/ London Jazz Festival 14 Nov 2003 , Royal Albert Hall> 8 tracks from this amazing piano trio (EX) CDR


Various Artists/ Tribute To Colin Walcott> memorial concert featuring Don Cherry, Jim Pepper, Pat Metheny, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, Glen Moore, Paul McCandless, Nana Vasconcelos and others. (EX) CDR

Various Artists/ Experimental soundtracks to short films> with Pierre Henry, Bernard Parmegiani, Gershon Kingsley Pierre Boulez, Joan LaBarbara and others. (EX) CDR

Colin Walcott/ Radio broadcast tribute 1982> features Nana Vasconcelos and Walcott talking and performing (VG) CDR

Mal Waldron/ The Cool World> ultra rare soundtrack featuring Dizzy Gillespie, Yusef Lateef, an R&B group and others. A major discovery from 1963 (EX) CDR

Cuong Vu Trio/ 2001> location unknown but radio announcer seems to be Russian. Very fine and somewhat experimental playing (EX) CDR

Neil Young/ Archives Be Damned (highlights)> very enjoyable mix of electric and acoustic material (EX) CDR

New for Nov 2003- February 2004:

Allman Bros/ A & R Studios New York 26 Aug 1971> blues and jam classics with Duane and Dicky (EX) CDR

Capt Beefheart, Zappa/ Outtakes from Bat Chain Puller on side one and Mothers Of Invention live on Swedish TV 1967 on side two (G) cassette C90

Big Star/ radio and live> side one from WLIR broadcast 1974, side two from Missouri University 1993 (VG ) cassette C90

Can/ Lost Tapes> very bizarre mix of music and weird mixing ( VG) CDR

Johnny Cash, James Brown/ No, not together silly...Cash/ Rick Rubins Living Room Los Angeles 17 May 1994 (EX) . Brown/ Apollo Theater New York 24 Oct 1962 (EX) CDR

Boards Of Canada/ Warp 1999> live electronica set (G) CDR

Brook- Gasparyan/ Live 6 Aug 1998> beautiful set (VG) CDR

Eugene Chadbourne/ Dutch Coffee Shop, Baptist Church> unknown year ( ) cassette C90

Ani DiFranco/High Sierra Music Festival Bear Valley CA 1 July 1994> solo set from this entertaining and fiery performer (EX) CDR

Dire Straits/ Old Waldorf San Francisco 1 April 1979> fine set featuring material from their first album (EX) CDR


Bob Dylan/ 1965> rare and interesting live performance and also outtakes from Blonde on Blonde (P-F) 2X CDR

Fairport Convention/ Philadelphia Folk Festival 29 Aug 1970> super hot set seems to include a young Richard Thompson on guitar and vocals! They perform several tunes from FULL HOUSE and other traditional material. (EX) CDR

Fripp and Eno/ London 27 April 1975> shimmering Frippertronics set, muddy room sound at the Palladium though (G) CDR

Genesis/ Palace Theater Manchester England with Gabriel and includes Lamb Lies Down material, mid 70s ( G) 2 X CDR

Trey Gunn/ Boston 6 June 1997>Chapman stick and touch guitar player (G) CDR

Mick Karn/ Jazz Café London Live 23 Feb 1994 >with David Torn, Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri (G) CDR

Kentucky Colonels/ Recorded at Clarence Whites House Los Angeles 12 Jan 1971> casual but strong performance from this legendary bluegrass band (EX) 2X CDR


Sam Pacetti/Suwannee Spring Fest Florida 22 March 2002> excellent finger style guitarist and singer (EX) CDR

Projeckt 2, Projeckt 4/ live 1998 Crimson side project (G) 2 X CDR

Sun Ra/ Out There A Minute, Shadow World> two classics that sound very good on this tape, featuring John Gilmore and Marshall Allen (VG) cassette C90

Tony Rice Unit/ McCabes Guitar Shop Santa Monica CA 17 July 1982> hot picking from these acoustic masters (EX, with a few slight buzzes) CDR

Television/ Lost Mix> lively set featuring favorites from Verlaine and Co. (VG) CDR

Derek Trucks Band/ Spartanburg South Carolina 5 Oct 2001> phenomenal Allman Bros guitarist shines with jazz, rock and blues numbers (EX) 2 X CDR

Ween/ Rochester NY 2 Aug 2003> Outlandish rock performance to an enthusiastic crowd (EX) 2 X CDR

Lucinda Williams/ Shoreline Theater Mountain View CA 30, 31/ Oct 1999> Two nights at the famous Bridge School Benefit features a couple of tunes with Emmy Lou Harris and Neil Young. Good shows. (EX) 2 X CDR


Frank Zappa/ Interviewed on the Larry King Show 6/6/89> fascinating one hour talk (VG) cassette C60, from the 60s

Zoogz Rift/ Live at the Anti Club, Hollywood 22 July 1989 ( ) cassette C90

New for September-October 2003

Eivind Aarset-Electronique Noire/ Koln Germany 7 March 2000> fabulous far out and spacey improvs, great stuff (EX) also Ferenc Snetberger/ Rudolstadt Germany 5 July 1997> unbelievable acoustic guitarist in concert, wow! (EX) CDR

Arild Andersen Group/ Stockholm Sweden 29 Sept 1992> with Tore Brunberg-sax, Nils Petter Molvaer-trumpet, Jon Christensen-drums, lovely set (EX) CDR

Mari Boine/ Nijmegen Netherlands 3 Nov 1995> tremendous set from this Lapland vocalist, radio broadcast (EX) CDR

Peter Brotzmann Group/Ulm Germany 11 Oct 1969> fierce session features

Kenyata, Schweizer,Dyani, Kowald (F-G) CDR

Buggewesseltoft/ 23 Aug 2002> fascinating piano-electronics-percussion, great stuff (EX) CDR

Gerd Dudek and Friends/European radio broadcast runs the gamut from straight to avant garde jazz and includes Schoof, Schlippenbach and others (EX) 2XCDR

DJ Logic/ Trios 7 Feb 2002 New York> turntablist with Christian McBride, Kareem Riggins, Billy Martin, Mike Gordon, John Medeski, Rob Wasserman, Kang, Charlie Hunter


Eight Head/ Cedar Culture Center Minneapolis 14 July 1995> features Steve Tibbetts, acoustic world improv with some hot electric lead (VG) CDR

Embryo/ Rovereto Italy 25 June 1977> euro jazz rock pioneers (G) CDR

Kudsi Ergumer- Taj Mahal Project/ Istanbul Turkey June 1999>radio broadcast, fantastic ethnic sounds (EX) CDR

European Jazz Ensemble/ FM broadcast 1984> with Oxley, Dudek, Skidmore, Coe, Thelin, digital problem with first track? (EX) CDR

Haco with Coa/ Japan 21 Nov 1999> unique japanese vocalist in aweird pop mood (F-G) also Nishi Nihon (with Makoto Kawabata) frenzied rock trio 20 Jan 2000 (EX) CDR

Rabih Abou Khalil/ Bremen Germany 22 January 2001>lively and wonderful set (EX) CDR

Harvey Mandel/ Matrix San Francisco 24 Dec 1968> long jams with Jerry Garcia, Elvin Bishop> tasty, after hours session (G) CDR

Charlie Mariano/ 4 July 2001 Freiburg Germany>ethnis jazz performance with Shotham, Lantos, King, Khalil, Godard (VG) 2XCDR

Nils Petter Molvaer Group/ Berlin 30 Nov 2001>electronica fusion jazz (EX) CDR

Sainkho Namtchylak/Minneapolis 22 Nov 1999> Tuvan overtone singer with electronics (VG) CDR


Natraj/ Cambridge Mass 10 April 2002> indian music meets jazz, nice work (VG) 2XCDR

Ribot-Coleman-Nathanson/ Bremen Germany 6 June 1996> guitar-piano-sax trio, freeish (EX) CDR

Ribot-Baron-Wilson/ Iridium, New York City 24 Oct 2001> bluesy and loose organ trio (VG) 2X CDR

Marc Ribot and Cubanos Postizos/ Osaka Japan 19 January 2001 (VG) 2XCDR

Ribot-Anderson-Taylor/ Symphony Space Washington DC 17 May 2002> audience recording (G) CDR

Terry Riley-George Brooks/ Freight and Salvage Berkeley 10 June 1999> piano-sax duet also includes guest Krishna Bhat on sitar (VG) 2XCDR

Esbjorn Svensson Trio/ Stravbing, Germany 20 July 2002>beautiful piano trio (EX) CDR

Dhafer Youssef-Electric Sufi/ Delmenhorst, Germany 14 June 2002> superb blending of world and electronics (EX) CDR

Zorn-Friedlander-Coleman/ Knitting Factory NYC 1 April 1998>slow drones, avant squealing and more from this sax-cello-piano trio (VG) CDR

John Zorn-New York Art Quartet/ Willisau 2 March 2002> with Milford Graves, Reggie Workman,Roswell Rudd (VG) CDR

John Zorn-Electric Masada/ Victoriaville Canada 17 May 2003> robust, energetic show (EX) 2XCDR

John Zorn-Naked City/ Amsterdam 17 June 2003> great show and fidelity (EX) 2XCDR

New for July-August 2003


Anderson-Ribot-Taylor/Symphony Space Hall, NYC 17 May 2002> dry sounding audience recording, early and late shows (G) 2 XCDR

Ab Baars Trio/ St George of the Martyrs Church Toronto 28 June 2002> rather distant sounding audience recording of this Dutch free trio (VG) 2 X CDR

Bauer-Kowald-Sommer/ Atlanta 13 July 1998> fabulous performance and recording of this trombone led trio (EX) CDR

Bjork/ Rotterdam Holland 10 Oct 1995 ice queen sings the hits and some rarities, band sounds a bit murky, audience recording ( G) CDR

David Bowie/ on KROQ Los Angeles 6 Dec 1997> fantastic super hot show (EX) CDR

Brotzmann-Drake-Parker/ 10 May 2003> powerhouse trio improv, audience recording ( VG) 2 X CDR

Peter Brotzmann Trio/ East Berlin 1 Nov 1974> with piano (Van Hove?)


Jack Bruce/ London and Holland 1971> playing songs from "Harmony Row" and others. Suffers from being too many generations down the line, great material though and different takes (F) CDR

Jack Bruce/ live and outtakes from 1971, great stuff (G) CDR

Tim Buckley/ Knebworth and Detroit> unusually aggressive performances

but bad fidelity (P-F) CDR

Johnny Cash with The Heartbreakers/ classic songs with Tom Pettys backup band, slightly compromised fidelity though (G) CDR

Don Cherry/ Italian TV performance with Organic Music 1976.Very cool acoustic band (EX) CDR


Don Cherry/ Universal Silence at Berliner Jazztage Berlin 4 Nov 1972> features Dollar Brand, Carlos Ward, a.o. (EX) CDR

Don Cherry Quartet/ Tokyo 14 May 1986> terrific recording of this dynamite ensemble (EX) CDR

The Clash/Chicago 14 Sept 1979> ragged performance with London Calling material (F-G) CDR

The Clash/ 4 June 1981> pretty hot set, somewhat mushy fidelity (G) CDR

Coldplay/Reykjavik 22 Aug 2001> live and sounding good> (EX) 2 X CDR

Miles Davis/ Jack Johnson Outtakes 1970-3 > with McLaughlin, ao (EX) CDR

Tobias Delius Quartet/ Empty Bottle Chicago 7 March 2001> dry sounding DAT audience of these free jazzers ( VG) 2 X CDR

Tobias Delius Quartet/ Stadtgarten Koln Germany 26 Jan 1999> audience recording is not bad (VG) CDR

Marc Ducret Trio/ Duc des Lombards, Paris 7 Jan 2000> nimble, exciting work from this fantastic guitarist (EX) CDR

Eskelin-Ribot-Wolleson/ Saalfelden Austria 31 August 1997> outstanding blowing, especially by Eskelin makes this a fine show (EX) CDR

Gil Evans Orchestra/7 Feb 1986 Pavenna, Italy> big band bluesy charts features John McLaughlin, slightly muddy (G) 2 XCDR

Sigurdur Flosason Sextet/ Hotel Saga, Reykjavik 27 Sept 1996> nicely done straight ahead jazz by these Icelandic unknowns (to me) (EX) CDR

Robben Ford/ Yoshis Oakland 20 May 1998>jazz and bluesy string bending with nice vocal work as well (EX) 2 X CDR

4 Walls/ Alter Schlosstaf, Wels Austria> high energy, fun filled mutli dimensional music from these free music superstars, with vocals by Phil Minton> (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell Trio/ Boulder 13 Oct 2000>as usual, fantastic playing (EX) 2 X CDR


Rory Gallagher/ San Francisco 1978> hot rocking set from this late Irish blues rocker (G) CDR

Egberto Gismonti/ Crawley England 1991>stupendous solo piano and acoustic guitar performances (EX) CDR

Globe Unity Orchestra/ Painted Bride Philadelphia PA 11 Dec 1983>(VG) 2 X CDR

Herbie Hancock/ Baden Baden Germany 18 March 1972> Miles inspired space jazz, really nice (EX) 2 X CDR

Hilmar Jensson Quartet/ Reykjavik 9 Dec 1992> good set from this Icelandic group, audience DAT recording (VG) CDR

Jokulsveitin/ hot bluesy set from this english singing band, the guitar player is on fire (EX) CDR

Magic Band/ Shepherds Bush England 7 April 2003> decent audience recording of Beefheart backup members (VG) CDR

Pat Metheny Group/ 14 July 1982> audience recording isnt bad but has a lot of "room" sound (G) CDR

The Minutemen/ Flynns Ocean 71 Miami Beach FL 2 August 1984> groundbreaking SoCal trio with their stop and go eclecticism (VG) CDR

The Minutemen/ Tucson and Los Angeles 1983-5> high energy short songs with many changes of direction (VG) CDR


Morphine/ Cleveland 8 March 1994> great concert from this Boston trio (Mark Sandman R.I.P.) (EX) CDR


Mum/31 Aug 2002 lovely, non aggressive ramblings from Iceland> (EX) CDR

Jaco Pastorius/ Tokyo> lots of bass soloing and strong sax blowing too (G) CDR

Prince/ 31 Dec 1987>lots of funk, falsetto and jamming, big beats supposedly with Miles Davis, a fun show (EX) 2 X CDR

Terry Reid/ Boston 24 July 1969> obscure folkadelic psych rock (F-G) CDR

Terje Rypdal/ Laibach 24 Sept 1982> features trumpet and the floaty sound and Terje rocks hard in places (G) CDR

Terje Rypdal/ Koln Germany 1982?> sad, angular jazz and abstract compositions (G) CDR

Terje Rypdal/ NRK Studios Oslo 6 August 1978> classic early ripping and moody wailing from this Norwegian master (VG) CDR


Irene Scheweizer-Hamid Drake/Jazzgallerie Nickelsdorf Austria 21 July 2000> dynamic duo overburdened by drums (VG) CDR

Louis Sclavis Quintet/ Kreissparkasse, Syke, Germany 13 Sept 2000> fantastic, energized set.Wow! (EX) CDR

Archie Shepp/ Hotel Raga Reykjavik 9 Oct 1994 good show (VG) CDR

Sigur Ros/ Live > touted minimalists deliver somber and interesting material (EX) CDR

Skulli Sverirsson Quartet/ Reykjavik 26 Sept 1996>Icelandic bassist with Briggan Krauss (alto sax), Jamie Saft (piano), fascinating show (VG) CDR

Sonic Youth/ 24 Sept 1992 Warfield Theater, San Francisco> playing songs from "Dirty" and others, guitars are a bit buried (G) CDR

Sun Ra/ Gods Private Eye, Detroit Jazz Center 31 Dec 1980 and 1 Jan 1981>beautiful, invigorating individualism (EX) 2 X CDR

Sun Ra/ Dieswart, Berlin 1982, Mannheim 1982, New York 1933 more timeless documents from out space (F-VG) CDR

Sun Ra Arkestra with Marshall Allen/ 3 July 1999> continuing the message of freedom through music (VG) CDR

David Sylvian/ Tokyo 26 Oct 1993>lovely set features Robert Fripp (EX) 2 XCDR

John Tchicai-Don Cherry Quintet/ Nyon, France 30 May 1980> with Pierre Favre (G) CDR also has Peter Brotzmann Quartet/ 1 Nov 1973, Berlin (VG) CDR

T. Rex/ live preformances on the BBC, late 60s- early 70s? (EX) CDR


Bjorn Thoroddsen Trio/Rurek Jazz Fetsival Reykjavik 24 Sept 1992> live set with upfront guitar and fairly smooth sound (EX) CDR

Tortoise/Rosekilde Festival Denmark 1998> drone rock, minimal funk and synth bubble (EX) CDR

Vandermark-Mengelberg-Drake/ Storefront Theatre Chicago 20 March 2001> international free jazz clash (VG) CDR

Johnny Winter/ Central Park NYC 1980> hes on fire! (VG) 2 X CDR

Yang Chi/ Yoshis Oakland 10 Dec 2002> Robben Ford, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Haslip> rocking guitar jazz (EX) CDR

Lamonte Young/ Obsedion Obsolot 1963>fascinating early pieces that bind free jazz with drone featuring John Cale, Tony Conrad, Terry Jennings, Marion Zazeela (G) CDR

Lamonte Young/ Drift Studies 1963-73> with Cale, Zazeela, Conrad, Jennings > unabandoned soprano sax with droney undertones and noise (G) CDR

Neil Young/24 June 1995> with Pearl Jam, Golden Gate Field, San Francisco> rock superstars tear through Neils catalog (F-G) 2X CDR

Frank Zappa /Pepperland San Rafael CA 23 August 1970> features Flo and Eddie, George Duke,Ian Underwood, Aynsley Dunbar, audience recording is listenable (F) CDR

John Zorn/ Knitting Factory NYC 8 Nov 1997>jazz and skronk freakout with the usual suspects (EX) CDR

New For Mar-June 2003:

Muhal Richard Abrams/ Berlin 1 Nov 1991, Lauren 1978> Big band charts with Threadgill, Lewis, a.o. (VG-EX) CDR

Air (Threadgill, Hopkins, McCall)/ Carnegie Hall 26 Sept 1976, Town Hall NYC 28 June 1981, Detroit Institute of Art 21 Jan 1983 (VG) 2 X CDR

Fred Anderson Trio/ Live at Washington State> with Parker, Drake (G) 2 X CDR

Ray Anderson Trio/ Willisau 1986> with Helias, Hemingway (EX) CDR

Art Ensemble Of Chicago with Cecil Taylor/ Paris 30 Oct 1984 (VG) also includes some Braxton 1978 as filler (VG)

Jeff Beck/ Fillmore East, May 1968 and Fillmore West 7 Dec 1968> Tasty fills and solos with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Nicky Hopkins, a.o. (F) CDR

Jeff Beck/ Stone Cold Crazy> with Rod Stewart 1967-8, a.o. (F-G) CDR

Tim Berne Trio/ 4 Nov 1999, impassioned performance (EX) CDR

Lester Bowie/ Bimhuis, Netherlands 6 June 1978>with J. Bowie, Blythe, Favors, Amina Meyers, Bobo Shaw (G) 2 X CDR

Anthony Braxton Trio/ Crispell, Lindberg ? 12 Dec 1982 (EX) CDR

Anthony Braxton/ Whitney Museum, NYC 1985> Nice set with Crispell, Lindberg (EX) CDR

Anthony Braxton/ Charlie Parker Project live at the Bimhuis, Netherlands Oct 1993> with Mengelberg, Ari Brown, Fonda, akLaff, Smoker (G) CDR

Gary Burton Group/ live in SF (Great American Music Hall?) 1976> with Metheny (EX) CDR

Rob Brown/ NYC 28 May 1999 with Morris, Borca, Maneri, Campbell (G), NYC 25 May 2000 with Maneri, Drake (G) 2 X CDR

Roy Campbell Quartet/ NYC 19 Oct 2001> with Carter, Parker, Bakir (VG) CDR

Bakida Carrol/ Woodstock 19 Sept 1981> with Hemphill, Crispell,Walcott, Blackwell, Metheny, Redman, DeJohnette, Vitous, Abercrombie, a.o. (VG) CDR

Don Cherry/ Crawley, England 1990> with Apfelbaum, Freeman, Drake (VG) CDR

Ornette Coleman/ Rome 8 Feb 1968> with Izenzon, Haden, Blackwell (EX) CDR

Ornette Coleman/ Belgrade 1971> with Redman, Haden, Blackwell (EX) CDR

Marilyn Crispell/ solo Sept 1998 (EX) CDR

Marilyn Crispell Trio/ 26 April 1999 (EX) CDR

Miles Davis/ Paris 11 Oct 1960, Stockholm 13 Oct 1960> Fantastic recording with Stitt, Kelly, Chambers, Cobb (EX)

Dave Douglas/ 29 July 2002> Typically great stuff with Brad Shepik, guitar , Jim Black, drums (EX) CDR

Dave Douglas Sextet/ 10 Oct 1996> European radio broadcast (EX) CDR

Kahlil ElZabar-Ethnic Heritage Ensemble/ Moers May 1980, Oakland 5 Aug 1994 (EX) 2 X CDR

Ellery Eskelin/ Willisau 1997> Hot performance with Ribot, Wolleson (VG) CDR

Jan Garbarek/ 16 July 1985> Excellent live set with Shankar, Gurtu (EX) CDR

Frode Gjerstad/ Minneapolis 18 Jan 2002> audience recording (F-G) 2 X CDR

Julius Hemphill/ Soundscape NYC 21 March 1980> with Ehrlich, Crispell, a.o. (VG) CDR

Allan Holdsworth/ Rarities> Tony Williams Bottom Line NYC 1976 (F), with Jack Bruce "The Sherwood Forest Demos" London 1979 (F-G) CDR

Charlie Hunter Group/ live set includes guesting by John Medeski (G) 2 X CDR

Joseph Jarman/ Chicago 29 Aug 1985> with Hopkins, Barker, Geri Allen, Edward Wilkerson (G) also one long track with Muhal Richard Abrams/ Lauren 1978 with Threadgill, Lewis, Leroy Jones, McCall (G) CDR

Myra Melford/ 29 Aug 1997> solo set (EX) CDR

Pat Metheny Trio/ Boston 1975-76> with Pastorius, Moses (F) CDR

Pat Metheny Group - NDR Studios, Hamburg, Germany 1978> solo and group pieces (EX) CDR

Paul Motian Trio/ Amsterdam 5 Dec 1999>with Joe Lovano, Bill Frisell (EX) 2 X CDR

Annette Peacock/ live 2002> slow, sad jazz singing, beautiful (EX) CDR

Henry Threadgill/ Song Out Of My Trees Band Saalfelden 1994> with Melford, Amina Meyers a.o. (VG) CDR

Myra Melfords Crush/ June 2000> Trio set includes one piece with accordion (EX) CDR

Thelonious Monk Quartet/ Bremen, Germany 3 March 1965> radio braodcast (VG) CDR

Ralph Towner-John Abercrombie/ 6 March 1997> stupendous duets (EX) CDR

Rufus Wainwright/ Selected Rarities> folk, sadcore, show tunes, interview and more, fidelity varies somewhat (G-VG) CDR

Eberhard Weber Group/ 17 Jan 1977 Stuttgart, Germany (EX) CDR

John Zorn / Masada 21 Nov 1993, Cobra 6 March 1994 live at the Barrymore Theater (G) 3 X CDR

Rated P=poor, F=fair,G=good, VG=very good,EX-excellent

New for February 2003:

John Abercrombie Quartet/ Pizza Express ,London>with Feldman, Johnson, Baron (EX) 2XCDR

Tim Bernes Hard Cell/ Spitz Club, London 2002>with Taborn,Rainey(EX)CDR

Gail Brand/ Gateway Studios 2002.solo trombone BBC recordings (F, has major glitches) CDR

Ben Davis/Gateway Stduios, London, 2002>solo cello (VG, occasional glitches)

Marty Ehrlichs Travelers Tales/ Pizza Express, London 2002 (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell Double Bill/ Barbican, London 18 May 2002>first set is "American Ensemble" with Greg Leisz ,Ron Miles, Kenny Wolleson, and others. Second set is "Intercontinental Quartet" with Vinicius Cantuaria and other world musicians (EX) 2XCDR

Angelique Kidjo and Trilok Gurtu/Union Chapel, London 16,17 Nov 2001(EX) CDR

Mark Lockhearts Scratch Band/ Bath Festival 2002 UK>scorching 11 piece jazz band cooks (EX) CDR

Oren Marshall/ Gateway Studios, London 2002>solo tuba (VG, some glitches) CDR

Robert Mitchell/ Gateway Studios, London, 2002>solo piano (VG, some drop outs and glitches however) CDR

Orphy Robinson/Gateway Studios, London>vibes,marimba (VG, some glitches) CDR

Tomasz Stanko Quartet/ Purcell Room, London 22 Nov 2002 (EX, some software glitches?) 2X CDR

Quest/ Live In Tokyo 1991>with Liebman, Beirach, McClure, Hart (VG) CDR

Rated P=poor, F=fair,G=good, VG=very good,EX-excellent, ( ) means unrated

New for January 2003:

Blind Faith/ Morgan Rehearsals 2 March 1969 ( ) 2XCDR

Don Byron Quartet/ Bottom Line NYC 13 Dec 1999 (G ) also includes Wayne Horvitz 4+1 Ensemble/ OK Hotel Seattle 1 Feb 1997 (G ) 2XCDR

Cream/ Stepping Out 1967>in Stockholm and London>10 tracks (G ) CDR

Andrew Cyrille-Mark Dresser-Marty Errlich/ Knitting Factory NYC June 2000 (EX ) CDR


Lester Bowie/ Verona Jazz Fest 31 March 1979>with Roscoe Mitchell, Malachi Favors (VG ) CDR

Don Cherry/ Five Spot NYC 7 June 1975 (P-F ) CDR

Don Cherry/ Radio City Music Hall NYC 1973 ( ) Copenhagen 14 Nov 1972 ( ) and Gary Bartz Quartet July 1973 ( ) CDR

John Coltrane/ 27 Nov 1961 Kongresshalle, Frankfurt Germany>two CDs of the same concert, one is "normalized" and the other unprocessed (P-F) 2XCDR

Sandy Denny/ BBC and Paris sessions 1971-73/ mainly solo material, wonderful (VG-EX) CDR


Eric Dolphy/ Gaslight Inn NYC 7 Oct 1962>with Hancock,Richard Davis,ao. (F ) CDR

Bob Dylan/ Freewheelin Outtakes> good quality early Bob (F-G) CDR


John Fahey/UC Riverside 6 Nov 1976 (VG ) 2XCDR

FMP Total Music Meeting/ from BBC Jazz on 3, Nov 1999> features Brotzmann, Oxley, Dunmall, Reichel, Cecil Taylor, ao (EX ) CDR

Barry Guy New Orchestra/ Vasteras Sweden 1 Nov 2001 ( ) CDR

Andrew Hill/ Gateway Studios London 2000>solo piano (EX ) CDR

Jefferson Airplane/ New Years Eve 31, Winterland Arena San Francisco Dec 1967> songs and jamming (F-G ) 2XCDR

Jefferson Airplane/ Saga Of Sidney Spacepig 1966>live and outtakes from boxed set (VG ) CDR


Ali Akbar Khan-Zakir Hussain/Palace Of Fine Arts SF,5 Nov 1994 (VG ) CDR

Nguyen Le Sand Trio/ Pizza Express London 2000 (EX ) CDR

Myra Melford/ Kito Bremen Germany 20 March 1998>solo piano (EX ) CDR

Misha Mengelberg-Dave Douglas Quartet/ Vasteras Sweden 19 Feb 2002 (G ) 2XCDR

Charles Mingus/ Village Vanguard NYC 15 April 1975>with Adams,Walrath,Pullen,Richmond (G ) 2XCDR

Joni Mitchell-James Taylor/ BBC live 29 Oct 1970> solo and duet songs, tremendous quality (EX) CDR also filler Joni songs from 1995.

Old And New Dreams (Cherry,Redman,Haden,Blackwell)/ Milano 22 May 1980 ( ) CDR

Violetta Parra/ En Ginebra>released on Warner Music Chile, folklore and modern songs by this Chilean legend (P-F ) 2XCDR

Chris Potter Quartet/ Cheltenham Jazz Fest 4 May 2001 ( ) CDR also one track with John Scofield 1998 (EX )

Bobby Previte Quartet/Tonic NYC 21 Jan 2000> with Sharp, Berne, Helias ( ) CDR

Sonny Rollins Trio/Copenhagen Nov 1965>with Orsted-Pedersen,Alan Dawson (EX ) CDR

Matthew Shipp String Trio/ Knitting Factory NYC 8 June 2000>with William Parker, Mat Maneri (EX ) CDR


Elliott Sharp/ Saalfelden Jazz Fest 26 Aug 2001 (VG )> also includes separate set from Tygve Seim/ 25 Aug 2001 Saalfelden (G ) CDR

Sly and The Family Stone/ 5 Oct 1968 (EX ) 2XCDR

Cecil Taylor Quartet/ Villaberg Stuttgart 16 Oct 1966 and 14 Oct 1962 ( ) also includes Quartet with Albert Ayler 16 Nov 1962 ( ) CDR

Cecil Taylor/ Ronnie Scotts, London 2 Nov 1969 (G ) also Albert Ayler/ St Paul DeVence 27 July 1970>incredible soulful, staggering tunes (VG ) also Peter Brotzmann/ Moers Fest 18 May 1975>intense set with Bennink, Van Hove (VG ) CDR

Traffic/ The Wet Dreams Of Mr. Fantasy>rare recordings originally from

bootleg LP. 21 tracks ( ) CDR

The Who/ Tommy Demos> one of the finest and most interesting demos ever! (EX) CDR

New for November/ December 2002:

Art Ensemble Of Chicago/ Yoshi's, Oakland CA 5 Jan 1994 (EX) 2XCDR

Peter Brotzmann/ Wist Graz Austria 30 March 2000 (EX) CDR

George Brooks Summit/ Yoshi's, Oakland 12 Aug 2002 featuring Zakir Hussain, Fareed Haque (EX) 2XCDR

Gunter Hampel/ early recording with John McLaughlin> caution ...recording is thick and muddy (F) 2XCDR

Mari Boine/ Poznan, Poland 17 May 2000> unbelievable live show from this vocalist from Lapland. Features Jan Garbarek on one track. Fantastic! (EX) CDR

Jan Garbarek/ Saalfelden Austria 4 Sept 1983> with Torn, Weber, DiPasqua (EX) CDR


Steve Kimock Band/ House Of Blues, Lake Buena Vista Florida 12 Feb 2002 (EX) CDR

Steve Kimock Band/ Bowery Ballroom NYC 20 Oct 2001> tasty leads, grooving rhythms and chords, a good time live experience (EX) 3XCDR

V.S.O.P. Quintet/ St Louis 7 June 1983> Marsalis Bros, Ron Carter,Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams (VG), lots of "room" sound however. CDR

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey/ Grog Shop, Cleveland Hts, OH 27 July 2002> this jazzy jamband gets pretty hot (EX) 2XCDR

Habib Koite/ Palais Garden, Detmold Germany 30 June 2001> exotic african music, very good stuff featuring Bamada (EX) CDR

Marc Ribot/ Johnny D's Somerville MA/ wonderful solo guitar show (EX) 2XCDR

Triage/ Kalamazoo MI 28 June 2002> jamband set (EX) CDR

Trygve Seim/ Frankfurt Germany 28 October 2001> fine moody, slow set from this Norwegian sax/ composer (EX) CDR

The Hub/ Sptiz Club London May 2002> modern jazzy trio, excellent (EX) CDR

Rated P=poor, F=fair,G=good, VG=very good,EX-excellent

New for Aug-Sept-October 2002

Allman Bros/Atlanta Pop Festival 3 July 1970> good show (VG) 2XCDR
Syd Barrett-Pink Floyd/ Have You Got It Yet?>multiple versions of "Interstellar Overdrive" some early band tracks and rare studio finds (F-G) 2XCDR
Adrian Belew/ Live at The Vic Theatre>a very hot show (EX) CDR
Ketil Bjornstad/ Frankfurt Jazzfest Germany 11 September 1998>with Rypdal,Christensen, Darling playing tunes from "The Sea" (VG) CDR
Buckethead/ Portland, Oregon 8 August 1998> audience recording (F-G) CDR
Roy Buchanan/ Markthalle Hamburg Germany 24 Feb 1985> hot blues and rock trio (EX) CDR
Tim Buckley/ Blue Obsession> rocking live performance with fine Lee Underwood soloing on guitar but date/venue unknown, mid 70s (VG) CDR
Elvis Costello/ Melbourne Australia 16 July 2002> good show but only fair sound (F-G) 2XCDR
Elvis Costello/ Melbourne 7 July 2002> old and new hits with The Impostors (F-G) 2XCDR
Elvis Costello/ King Of Americana> acoustic and electric outtakes, incredible stuff (EX) 2XCDR
Creedence Clearwater Revival/ Fantasy Studios Berkeley CA 1970> loose jamming, some songs (G)CDR
Dave Douglas-Misha Mengelberg Quartet/ Saalfelden Austria 26 Aug 2001>This is a really good one with Han Bennink(EX)CDR
Bob Dylan/ Blood On The Tapes> classic alternate versions from this great period (EX) CDR
Dystopia Radio Broadcast #2/ with Krakatoa, Jim Menisi-Toshi Makihari, Bardo Pond>live material from indie radio program (EX) CDR
Dystopia Radio Broadcast#4/ with Lenola, Azusa Plane, Eletro> live indie radio performances from Philadelphia (EX) CDR
Kahil El'Zabar/ Saalfelden, Austria>with Lester Bowie, Malachi Favors (EX) CDR
Fantomas/ Slim's San Francisco 16 June 1998>fair to OK audience recording (G) CDR
Peter Gariel with Robert Fripp/Slowburn At The Roxy, Los Angeles 9 April 1977> sound is only adequate (F) CDR
Garaj Mahal/ 23 August 2002 features special guests Will Bernard, David Sylvain,Wayne Kravitz (from various dates).This group is led by guitarist Fareed Haque, an excellent player who is rather a cross between Gaor Szabo and John McLaughlin.Good playing(EX) CDR
Garaj Mahal/ 6 Oct 2001, Oakland CDR
Ghostcar/ Dallas,Texas12 June 2002>jamband in a 70's Miles style featuring trumpet, not that inspired however 2XCDR
Gravenites-Cippolina/ 1980 (VG)>including a Quicksilver medley 2XCDR
Fareed Haque/ Last Day Salloon San Francisco 29 June 2002> fantastic guitarist goes off (EX) 3XCDR
Hellborg-Lane/ Wexler Center Columbus Ohio 5 October 2001> nice jazzy show fine guitar (G)2XCDR
John Hiatt/ KFOG broadcasts 1997-2000 (EX) CDR
Robyn Hitchcock/ Storefront Hitchcock Vinyl Version>acoustic and electric limited edition LPs (EX) 2XCDR
Steve Kimock/ 10 August 2002>twin guitar jamband is excellent (EX) 3XCDR
Steve Kimock-KVHW/ SF 30 July 99- funky jamband grooves and solos (EX)
Albert King/ Los Angeles CA 20 August 1972. fun blues show (VG) CDR
Roland Kirk Supershow>Staines U.K> 17 March 1969> supposedly with Clapton, Bruce and Buddy Guy. includes hot version of "I Say A Little Prayer" (G) CDR
Harvey Mandel/ San Rafael CA 18 August 1994> hot rocking trio (with guests) mainly instrumental (VG) 2XCDR
Mark Nauseef/ Fabrik Hamburg Germany 19 Nov `992>with Torn,Stockhausen, Tadik (G) CDR
New Legends Of Jazz/ 2 March 2002 at BB Kings NYC 3XCDR
Piirpauke/ 20 April 99> Scandanavian jazz ensemble (VG) includes Fairport Convention filler 2XCDR
Psychedelic Guitar Circus>Petaluma California 26 February 1993>with Henry Kaiser, Steve Kimock, Harvey Mandel (EX) 3XCDR
Quicksilver Messenger Service/ Fillmore East NYC 8 June 1968>excellent show (VG) 2XCDR
Lou Reed/ Hollywood CA 7 June 2000>including material from Ecstasy (EX) CDR
Residents/ Paradiso Amsterdam Holland 1986> a very fine performance recording (EX) CDR
Pharoah Sanders/ 27 June 99>includes Blood Ulmer filler from 97 (VG) 2XCDR
Pharoah Sanders/ Warsaw Poland 27 June 99>fiery show with Jean-Paul Bourelly,a.o. (EX) 2XCDR
Pharoah Sanders/ unknown date and venue 2XCDR
Santana/ McLaughlin/ Chicago 1973>with Cobham and Santana band members(G) 2XCDR
Sonic Youth/ Orlando FL 11 Augsut 2000> audience recording is adequate but not stellar (G) 2XCDR
Stereo Lab-To Rocco Rot-Add N to X/ 3 bands, 3 Peel sessions in London 1996-7 (EX) CDR
Sun Ra/ Paris 1983> includes "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (G) CDR
Esbjorn Svensson/ Somewhere Else Before>piano trio from Sweden> this may be a copy of a small label release CD, fabulous session (EX) CDR
Tangerine Dream/ Ruby In The Sky>very spacey and slow, a bit tedious 2XCDR
Tangerine Dream/ Reims 1974 and Washington 1977 (G) CDR
Various Artists/ Freedom Of The City Highlights London May 2002> a who's who in the British free jazz/ improv scene with Evan Parker,Lol Coxhill, John Russell, John Butcher, Tom Chant, Caroline Kraabel, Paul Rutherford, Simon Fell, Steve Beresford and others (EX) 3XCDR
Tom Waits/ Raven Theatre Healdsburg CA 11 Aug 1996> not quality fidelity but cool show (F) CDR
Neil Young-Buffalo Springfield/ Down To The Wire> rare early Young songs and a few group efforts. Sound is raw but generally OK (G) CDR
Warren Zevon/ Electric Werewolf (1980s?) (EX) CDR
John Zorn and Naked City/ Knitting Factory NYC 23 June 1989 CDR

Rated P=poor, F=fair,G=good, VG=very good,EX-excellent

New For July 2002

Stone Tiger (Frisell,Percy Jones,Dougie Browne)/Live NYC 27 Jan 1984 (EX) CDR

Charles Lloyd/ Live 1999 with Abercrombie, Johnson, Hart (EX) CDR

Jan Garbarek/ Live at Stadttheater Bremerhaven 1971>with Rypdal,Christensen,Andersen (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell Trio/ Village Vanguard NYC 10 Aug 1995 (EX) 2XCDR

Susan Abbuehl/ Live> gorgeous singing and improv (EX) CDR

Dave Holland/ Live in Basel Switzerland> from Prime Directive tour (EX) 2XCDR

Tim Berne/ Big Satan in London 24 Feb 2000 (EX) CDR

Egberto Gismonti and Nana Vasconcelos/ Live 17 June 1984 (EX) CDR

John Zorn (Bar Kohba)/ In Warsaw 25 June 1999 (EX) CDR

Naked City/ Amsterdam Oct 1989 (EX) CDR

John Abercrombie Trio/ Hamburg 1989> with Johnson, Erskine (EX) CDR

John Zorn Masada (with Frisell)/ Live 1996 (VG) CDR

John Surman Quartet/ Live at Pizza Express London (EX) CDR

Don Byron Sextet/ Live at The Barbican, London 5 March 2002 (EX) CDR

Mass Producers/ Live in London (EX) CDR..only 10-15 minutes however

Supersilent/ Purcell Room London 16 Nov 2000 (EX) CDR

Jason Yarde Sextet/ London (EX) CDR

Pat Thomas/ Live in London> solo piano (EX) CDR

Hession-Wilkinson-Fell/ London 2000? (EX) CDR

Temporary Brass Trio/ in London (EX) CDR

Yann Charaoui Trio/ in London (EX) CDR

Uri Caine Trio/ Live at The Vortex London 3 Dec 2001 (EX) 2XCDR

Kenny Wheeler Octet/ Live 1984> with Pyne,Skidmore,Sulzmann,a.o. (EX) CDR

Mick Beck-Matt Wand-Paul Hession/ Live in London (EX) CDR

Rated P=poor, F=fair,G=good, VG=very good,EX-excellent

New for June 2002

Brad Mehldau Trio/ Stockholm Jazz Festival 20 June 2001>with Larry Grenadier, Jorge Rossy excellent (EX) CDR

Wayne Shorter/18 June 2001 Stockholm Jazz Festival > Inspired setwith Danilio Perez,John Patitucci,Brian Blade (EX) CDR

Morton Subotnick/ unknown title> interesting poetry, electronic effects,singing and chamber orch (EX) CDR

New for April/May 2002:

Art Ensemble Of Chicago/ East Berlin 1979> Fiery show (EX) CDR

Joey Baron/ Yoshi's Oakland CA> with Marc Ribot and John Medeski (EX) 2XCDR

Joey Baron/ 18 Nov 99 (EX) CDR

Paul Bley Trio/Live in San Francisco 1976>with Peacock,Altschul. I taped this myself from the audience with a stereo mike and cassette recorder and remastered recently on CDR, surprisingly listenable (F) 2XCDR

Don Cherry and Terry Riley/Live in Germany>fantastic organ/trumpet duets (EX) CDR

Don Cherry and Baden Baden Free Jazz Orch/ all star european avant line up, disc one features large band, disc two is small groups, incredible! (G-VG) 2XCDR

Don Cherry and George Gruntz Group/ Noon In Tunisia Live> Ultra rare and outstanding, recorded in Tunisia and Stuttgart 1969 (VG) CDR

Don Cherry/ Live in Frankfurt and Molde 1968> stunning set with Lacy,Berger,Carter,Thollot (EX)CDR

Don Cherry and Rena Rama/ Stockholm 30 Nov 91>absolutely amazing with Aberg,Stenson,Jormin,Kjellberg (EX) 2XCDR

Don Cherry/ Europe and New York 64-66> Beyond superlatives, never released studio dates! with Barbieri,Berger,Sanders,Izenzon and others (EX) CDR

Don Cherry and The Bitter Funeral Beer Band/ Live in Bombay at The Jazz Yatra 20 Jan 84>ethnic jazz heaven (VG) 2XCDR

Don Cherry and Norwegian Sextet/ Oslo 10 Oct 69>with Garbarek,Rypdal,Andersen,Christensen and vocalist Sidsel Paaske, Brilliant (EX) CDR

Don Cherry/ Live in Neuwied Germany 1983> with Gurtu,Walcott,Shankar,Blackwell (EX) CDR

Don Cherry/ Savoy Sessions NYC> with Pharoah Sanders 1964. Amazingly rare and great! (EX) CDR

Don Cherry and Lou Reed (see Lou Reed listing)

Nels Cline Trio/ 21 Sept 97> superb trio interactions (EX) CDR

Miles Davis/ Paris 1967> amazing European show! (G) CDR

Miles Davis/ Rome 27 Oct 1969 and 8 Oct 64>fabulous Italian "bootleg" (G) CDR

Miles Davis/ Juan-Les-Prins Antibes France 25 July 69> (VG) CDR

Dave Douglas Group/ Charms Of The Begging Squirrel>Super hot date (EX) CDR

Brian Eno/ My Squelchy LIfe> avant pop vocals and instrumentals (VG) CDR

Brian Eno/ with David Bowie, John Cale> studio tracks (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell Sextet/ Live in Malmo Sweden 1994 (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell Trio/ Music For Buster Keaton Films>with Driscoll, Baron and audience responding to the films.

this a superb set (EX) 2 XCDR

Bill Frisell/ Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 9 July 93>with Driscoll and Baron (EX) 2XCDR

Jan Garbarek/ With Anouar Brahem 6 Nov 93>beautiful ethnic jazz mix (EX) 2XCDR

Godspeed You Black Emperor! / live in Belgium 30 July 2000> a bit muddy (F-G) 2XCDR

Jimi Hendrix/ Crash Landing Demos>great outtakes (G) CDR

Jimi Hendrix/ rare Studio Cuts> jams and noodling with McLaughlin, Larry Young.a.o.(G) CDR

Jimi Hendrix/Unsurpassed Studio Takes>outtakes and alternate mixes (EX) CDR

Medeski, Martin and Wood/ 14 Oct 95 with Trey Anastasio (EX) 2XCDR

Mercury Rev/Radio Sessions>UK and USA radio performances 98-2000 (EX) CDR

Midnight Oil/ Acoustic Nights 22 June 93 London>polished performance (EX) CDR

Mouse On Mars/26 Nov 97 El Ray Theatre,CA (F) CDR

Oasis/ Live In Holland 1996 (EX) CDR

Oasis/ Live 1990's (G) CDR

Pink Floyd/ BBC and New York>Echoes, The Embryo, Blues,a.o. (EX) CDR

Elvis Presley/ Nashville Sessions 1961-63> outtakes and versions (VG) CDR

Don Pullen and George Adams/ Live>features John Scofield, guitar (EX) CDR

Lee Ranaldo with William Hooker, Zeena Parkins/ Live at Knitting Factory 1997 (G) CDR

Lou Reed/ Studio and Live 1976> features Don Cherry and extended versions of Lou's 70s material (VG) 2XCDR

Lou Reed/ Milan Italy 23 Jan 92>Magic and Loss material (EX) 2XCDR

Lou Reed/ Hammersmith Odeon London 23 Mar 92 . Songs For Drella, a.o. (VG) CDR

Terje Rypdal/ Skywards Band Live 31 July 98>acoustic and electric (EX) CDR

Sigur Ros/Festival Of Drifting>UK live show 24 June 2000 (VG) CDR

Smashing Pumpkins/ Black Sessions>live in France 92-93, Billy plays a lot of acoustic (EX) CDR

Smashing Pumpkins/ Billy's Home Demos> mainly acoustic versions home taped by Corgan (EX) CDR

Smashing Pumpkins/ Unplugged in Oz 1996> fine set (EX) CDR

Leo Smith-Bobby Naughton/Joe McPhee/Stuart Dempster/ New Music America 1981 (VG) CDR

Stereolab/Live Prince Of Wales 4 Feb 98>lively set, very enjoyable (VG) CDR

Sun Ra/ Somewhere Over The Rainbow>rare Saturn LP (G) CDR

Richard Thompson/David Bryne/ Acoustic sets> about 8 songs by each, nice (EX) CDR

Rafael Toral Group/ Philadelphia 7 Oct 99> noise improv jams (G) CDR

Tortoise/ Chicago> excellent set (EX) CDR

Tortoise/ Live in SF? 1998 (VG) CDR

U2/ Achtung Baby Rehearsals> interesting and eye opening outtakes (EX) CDR

Frank Zappa/ MIlan Italy 6 July 82 (G) 2XCDR

Frank Zappa/ Eyes Of Osaka> 2 Mar 76 (G) 2XCDR



NEW for 2002:

AC/DC Rare Rarer Rarities (EX) Studio sessions, very nice CDR

The Band/ Academy Of Outtakes>great rehearsal and live material,one song with Dylan (G-VG) 2XCDR

Bark (Caswell, Marks, Obermayer) adventurous UK avant garde (EX) CDR

Beastie Boys/ Live at The City Gardens 22 May 92, Trenton New Jersey (VG) CDR

Beck/Sessions at West 54th Sept 1997> fun performance (EX) CDR

Steve Beresford-John Butcher/ FOTC 2001 (EX) CDR

Big Air ( Batchelor, Buckley,Marshall, Melford, Black)/28 March 2001(EX) 2XCDR

Black Sabbath/Live on French TV 1970 (EX) CDR

Frank Black/ The Black Sessions and The Kitchen Tapes>France 1994 (EX) CDR

Jim Black Group/ Live at The Tonic, NYC 19 Feb 2000>exciting rockish jazz(EX)CDR

Paul Bley w/Surman,DiCastri,Oxley/ Hamburg 20 March 1994>tremendous (EX) CDR

Mike Bloomfield/ And Friends> Fillmore West Feb 6-9, 1969 (VG) 2XCDR

Mike Bloomfield/ Solid Blues> good live material (VG) CDR

Mike Bloomfield/ And Friends> at The Bottom Line, NYC 1974 (VG) CDR

Eric Boeren Quartet/at Vortex,London.w/Moore,Bennink,DeJoode (EX) CDR

Anthony Braxton Quartet/ Live in Salzburg Germany May 19 1985 (VG) CDR

Chris Burn Ensemble(Butcher,Wastell,Russell,ao.)/ Freedom of the city 2001(EX)CDR

Dave Burrell/ Blues Alley, Wash DC >solo piano around 20 minutes (EX) CDR

Uri Caine/ Goldberg Variations in Koln Germany 1 April 2000 (EX) CDR

John Cale/ and strings 9 June 1992> very nice (EX) CDR

John Cale/with Chris Spedding Cabaret Metro Chicago 1987> nice set (VG) CDR

Roy Campbell and Pyramid Trio/ Tritone Philadelphia 14 Dec 2001>rare(F) 2XCDR

Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan/ Nashville Skyline Outtakes 1969>rare duets (F) CDR

Nick Cave/ Live at Royal Albert Hall>legit disc now deleted (EX) CDR

Dennis Charles Trio/ Philadelphia 13 Dec 1987>distant audience recording (G) 2XCDR

Don Cherry/ Complete Communion Band>Monmartre 1966 Astonishing find! (EX) CDR

Don Cherry/ Live at Vitkring 20 July 1972 (G) 2 X CDR

Codona/ Live at The Great American Music Hall,SF 1983 (G) CDR

Ornette Coleman Trio/ Live at the Tivoli, Copenhagen 30 Nov 1965 (EX) CDR

John Coltrane/ Birdland 9 Feb 1962 and Half Note 1965 (G-VG) CDR

John Coltrane/1946-54 rare material w/ Navy Band,August Blume,Dizzy,Hodges (F) CDR

John Coltrane Quartet/ Antibes 27 July 1965>Naima, Favorite Things,ao(VG)CDR

Elvis Costello/with Steve Nieve> fantastic duo show in SF 15 May 1996, first disc has digital flaws however (EX) 2XCDR

Elvis Costello with Bill Frisell/ Live 25 June 1995> rare matchup of brilliance (EX) CDR

Elvis Costello and The Attractions/ Brutal Youth Tour 1994> excellent (EX) CDR

Coxhill-Minton-Russell-Rutherford-Turner/FOTC 2001 (EX) CDR

Miles Davis/ Another Bitches Brew>Belgrade Yougoslavia 1971 and 1973 features Jarrett, Bartz, Henderson on disc 1, Liebman, Cosey, Foster, Lucas on 2 (G) 2XCDR

Walt Dickerson/ Solo at Haverford College PA 25 Jan 1980 (G) CDR

Dave Douglas/ Modern Protest Music>Donauschingen Germany 15 Oct 1999(EX)CDR

John Fahey/ Live in Louisiana 31 Dec 1977 (EX) CDR

Simon Fell Quintet/ Gateway Studios>w/Ward-Brand-Maguire-Noble (EX) CDR

Dave Fiucynski Group/ 17 April 1999>Stone Church New Hampshire (EX) CDR

Foo Fighters/ Live in Stockholm 1995>explosive rocking set (EX) CDR

Robben Ford/ Live in SF 1993> tasty blues guitarist (EX) CDR

John Gibson/Joan LaBarbara/ New Music America 1982>keyboard pieces and wild avant garde vocals, performances are separate (VG) CDR

Grateful Dead/ Fillmore East 2 Jan 1970 (VG) 3XCDR

Jimi Hendrix and others/Woodstock Rehearsals 69>raw run throughs,jamming (F)CDR

Robyn Hitchcock/ Stand Back Dennis>25 April 88 w/ Peter Buck, fine live stuff (EX) CDR

Eric Johnson/ Live 8 Jan 1990> super hot but digitally flawed after a few tracks, Includes 3 Hendrix encores(9-14-90with digital flaws however) CDR

Caroline Kraabel-Maggie Nicols-Charlotte Hug/ Freedom of the City 2001 (EX) CDR

Lacy Quintet with Mangelsdorff/ Germany 21 May 1995>great set (EX) CDR

Bill Laswell/ Charged. live performance of avant dub, Miles type funk (EX) 2XCDR

Bill Laswell/ Live with Graham Haynes, Jack DeJohnette (EX) CDR

Led Zeppelin/ Studio Daze> 3rd or 4th LP mixes and outtakes (EX) CDR

Led Zeppelin/ Int'l Pop Festival Dallas 31 Aug 1969 (F) CDR

George Lewis/John Carter/Bobby Bradford>5 Nov 1978 (EX) CDR

London Improvisers Orch/ FOTC 2001 (Kraabel,Beresford,Wachsmann,ao.) (EX) CDR

Masada String Trio/Live 25 June 1999.Feldman, Friedlander,Cohen (EX) CDR

Medeski, Martin and Wood/ 14 Oct 95 with Trey Anastasio (EX) 2XCDR

Joni Mitchell/ amazing Hissing and Don Juan Demos, funny, dated promos (EX) CDR

Morphine/ Live> 25 April 1998 (EX) CDR

Van Morrison/ Wild Night in L.A.> Terrific soulful set (EX) CDR

Van Morrison/ Rare 70s material>live, audience recording (F-G) CDR

Van Morrison/ Millenial Tree> 70s archival and live material (P-F) 2XCDR

David Murray/ Switzerland 3 Sept 1978 (EX) CDR

Nirvana/ Morituri Te Salutant > 1993 Verdum Auditorium Canada (G) CDR

Oregon/ Live in Freiberg, Germany 1990> (EX) CDR

Evan Parker/50th Birthday Concert at Dingwalls, London 94 with Francine Luce,Alec Maguire, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton (EX) CDR

Strings With (and without) Evan Parker/ Freedom of the City 2001, UK (EX) CDR

Evan Parker-John Tilbury/FOTC 2001 (EX) CDR

Evan Parker Group/Gateway Studios,London 28 June 1999 (EX) CDR

Phish/ Play The Beatles White Album Live (G) 2XCDR

Simon Picard Trio/Gateway Studios, UK with Tony Marsh-Paul Rogers (EX) CDR

Power Tools (Frisell, Gibbs,Shannon Jackson)/ Bracknell UK 1988 (EX) CDR

Eddie Prevost/ Solo and Trio>with Tom Chant- John Edwards/FOTC 2001 (EX) CDR

Howard Riley-Ian Ballamy Duo/ Gateway, London Jan 2002. (EX) CDR

L. Shankar (violin improv Seattle 1990-EX)/Jill Crozen/1982 jazz band,vocals(VG)CDR

Nicky Skopelitis/ Live> beautiful spacey and funky (EX) CDR

Markus Stockhausen (w/ Rypdal, Andersen, Heral)/Jazzfest Viersen 15 Sept 2000(EX)CDR

Sun Ra Arkestra/ Philadelphia 1986> audience recording (G) 2XCDR

Sun Ra/ Solo Keyboard at Haverford College 25 Jan 1980 (G) CDR

John Surman with Jack DeJohnette/ Thats Right and Suite For A Better World> big band arrangements and soloing from these masters (EX) CDR

REM/ Studio Outtakes 1990 (EX) CDR

Terje Rypdal with Odyssey Band and Swedish Jazz Group> Estrad Sodertalie, amazing undiscovered material from 1976, some digital flaws however (EX) CDR

Tomasz Stanko/ Live at The Concert Barn Salzau 10 June 2000 (VG) CDR

John Taylor/ 60th Birthday Concert>Orch & trio. Fabulous. (EX) 2XCDR

Steve Tibbetts/ Live in Minneapolis 1988 (EX) CDR

Richard Thompson/ A Rare Thing> Stupendous Itailan solo show 1994 (EX) 2XCDR

Quator Accord (Wren-Durrant-Hug-Wastell)/FOTC 2001 (EX) CDR

Rainbow (Ali Akbar Khan, Bola Sete, J. Handy, Zakir Hussain,L.Subramaniam (VG)CDR

Cecil Taylor and Max Roach/ Barbican London 1999> duet explosion (EX) CDR

Henri Texier Trio/Pizza Express , London 9 May 2001 (EX) 2XCDR

Traffic/ Live at Fillmore West SF 1 July 1970 (F-G) CDR

Jeff Tweedy/ Live> fantastic rocking show (EX) CDR

James "Blood" Ulmer Group with Sam Rivers/Live in Leverkusen Germany Oct 93>

great set of blues and free jazz (EX) CDR

Vandermark 5/ Live at Empty Bottle Festival, Chicago 27 Feb 2001 (EX) 2XCDR

Romuald Wadych-Denis Dubovtsev/Freedom of the city 2001 (EX) CDR

Eberhard Weber/ with McCandless, Frisell,a.o.>26 Feb 1983 (EX) CDR

Veryan Weston-John Edwards-Mark Sanders/ FOTC 2001 (EX) CDR

Kenny Wheeler/ 60th Birthday Concert> with large band, UK all stars.Incredible

brassy jazz and solos from Parker, Sulzman, Abercrombie,Winstone. (EX) 2XCDR

Wilco/ Live> great show 14 June 98, one tune with Billy Bragg (EX) CDR

XTC/ Apple Venus Demos (EX) CDR

Frank Zappa-Hots Rats Ensemble>Instrumentals from early 70s (F) CDR

John Zorn's Emergency/ Willisau Switzerland 29 Aug 1999 (EX) CDR



Abercrombie-Gurtu-Bruninghaus in Berlin 1993 (EX)CDR

American Music Club/ Live in Denmark 1989, audience recording (F) C90

Ian Ballamy Food/ Farmers Market, Bath Festival, UK>Hot ethnic jazz! (EX)CDR

Bjork and The Brodsky Quartet/ Live at the Union Chapel, London Dec 1999 (EX) 2XCDR

Anaour Brahem-John Surman-Dave Holland/ Live German radio (EX) Beautiful. 2XCDR

Anthony Braxton/ Live at Yoshi's Oakland CA 8-21-97> trademark compositions with expanded band.(VG)2XCDR

Anthony Braxton/ Solo alto in Berkeley,mid 80s (F)some irritating radio interference.CDR

Peter Brotzmann Tenet/ 7-1-2000 Live at The Tonic, NYC, very hot and wooly! 3XCDR

Butthole Surfers/ After The Astronaut >Unreleased album on Capitol (EX) CDR

Don Cherry-Nana Vascocelos-Ed Blackwell-Mark Helias/ Live (G) CDR

The Clash/Live at The Palladium, NYC 9-21-79 (VG) CDR

Nels Cline-Gregg Bendian/ Interstellar Space Revisited Live in Chicago (VG)Hot! CDR

Leonard Cohen/ Blossoms Of Heaven Live in Zurich 12/5/93 (EX) 2X CDR Classic.

Codona (Don Cherry-Colin Walcott-Nana Vasconcelos)/ Live 9/1/78 (VG) CDR

Elvis Costello/ I Stand Accused Live 12/4/79 (G) Elvis is very hyperactive and is still angry at this point. Great song selection, played fast. CDR

Marilyn Crispell Trio/ Live (EX) Stunning and pristine recording. 2XCDR

Miles Davis/More Live Evil (EX) from 1973. Great unreleased set. 2XCDR

Dave Douglas-Charms Of The Night Sky/ Live at Yoshi's in Oakland 01/2001(EX)Fantastic. CDR.

Bob Dylan/ Darkness At The Break Of Noon (EX) Incredible alternate versions from 1978.This is a real find and essential if you are a Dylan fan and don't own it. CDR

Equal Interest Trio (Leroy Jenkins-Joseph Jarman-Myra Melford)/ plus UK musicians (VG) 2XCDR

Mark Eitzel/ Live at Dingwalls, London Aug 2000 (F-G) C90

Focus/ Paris Theatre - 17/01/1973 - Perfect soundboard, great performance (EX) CDR

Bill Frisell New Quartet/ Live in Oakland 1999 (EX) Beautiful, restrained set with pedal steel player Greg Liesz. CDR

Hole/ Live In Australia 9-21-99 from radio broadcast (EX) CDR

Dave Holland/ Razors Edge Tour 1987-8 with Coleman, Wheeler,Eubanks (EX) CDR.

ICP Orchestra/ Live at Moers, Germany 5-20-98> Dutch jazz legends (VG) CDR

The Incus Festival with Bailey,Ibarra,O'Rourke,Gustafsson,a.o. (EX) CDR

Nils Petter Molvaer/Live in Germany from radio broadcast 9/28/98 (VG)CDR

National Health/ 1975-76. - The Northern Lights - School Of Economics, London & Pathways Studios (VG) 2XCDR

Nico/ Live in New York 1980(G) at Squat Theatre with Cheetah Chrome from The Dead Boys.CDR

Nirvana/ I Can't Live (the unfinished album) (EX) alternates and live sessions 90's. CDR

Nirvana/ Outcesticide, early 90s outtakes.(G) C90

Ozric Tentacles/Boulder 94 (VG) 2XCDR

Ovary Lodge-Surman,Osbourne,Skidmore/ UK, 1975 (G) cassette C90

Evan Parker/Marilyn Crispell/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton/Live in UK 6-28-99 (EX) CDR

Graham Parker/ Live in Chicago 1983 (EX) 11 songs, very strong date.CDR

Liz Phair/ Live at Wellesley College 4-30-1999 (VG) Strong performance. CDR

Pink Floyd/ Interstellar Fillmore 1970 (VG) 2XCDR

Pink Floyd/ The Azimuth Coordinator (G) 2XCDR

The Pixies/ Live in Los Angeles 12-22-91 (EX) CDRTool/ Live in Paris 6-5-2001 at Le Zenith (VG) 2XCDR

Porcupine Tree/ 1996 Leeds, England, one or two minor dropouts(VG) 2X CDR

Radiohead/ Live> nice set (EX) CDR 2001

Radiohead/ Live in Nijmegen Holland 9-16-2000 (VG) 2XCDR

Rage Against The Machine/ Live in Phillipshalle Germany 4-2-2000 (VG) Hot performance CDR

Terje Rypdal-Victor Bailey-Terry Bozzio/ Live German radio 7/13/96 (EX) 2XCDR

Shakti/ Live In New York 2000 (VG) Guitar is a bit distant but show is hot.2XCDR

Spirits Rejoice Quartet (Parker,Moholo,Wheeler,Rutherford,a.o.(G)CDR

Bobo Stenson Trio/Canada and Europe 2000, 2001 (EX) Pristine sounding live set CDR.

Karlheinz Stockhausen/ Hymnen Live at Barbican Centre London 1985 (EX) 2XCDR

John Surman/ 50th Birthday Concert> Norwegian Quartet, Brass Project,a.o.(G) CDR

John Surman/ The Quiet Woman> studio 1999, saxes, keys,electronics(G) CDR

Tangerine Dream/ Patrolling Space Border, Montréal 1977 (VG) CDR

Keith Tippett Rare Music Club/ with Julie Tippetts, String Quartet,a.o.(G)cassette C90

The Vortex Celebration featuring Beresford,Bennink, Coxhill,Moholo,London 3-15-200 a.o.(EX) CDR

U2/ Popmart Tour Mexico City 3-12-97 (G) 2XCDR

Tom Waits/ Live 1979 (EX) Jazzy, early material, great sound. CDR

Kenny Wheeler Group/ London 1998 (EX)Exqusite long pieces with Konitz,Frisell CDR

Robert Wyatt Tribute Concert/ featuring Julie Tippetts,Annie Whitehead,a.o.London 1999(EX)CDRX/ 3 live dates, mid 80s (EX) CDR


Previous archives:

ROCK and assorted material

Allman Bros/Beatles/ live and rare (P) C90 collectors only

The Atheists/local punk faves from mid 80s in Salt Lake City(G) C90

Band Of Susans/ Live in Montreal (G) 1988 C45

Beach Boys/"Smile" collection (F) C90

Beatles/outtakes and rarities (EX) C45

Beatles Xmas messages 1963-9 (G) C45

Capt. Beefheart/Live and BBC sessions 1967-71 (P-F) C90

Captain Beefheart/ rarities 2X c90. (F-G)

Capt. Beefheart/Dons 40th Birthday 1981 (E) C90 or CDR

Capt. Beefheart/ Leeds University (P) C90 hardcore collectors only

Beefheart/Zappa/ Early demos Boston 1975 (F-G) C90

Big Star/Bob Marley/Lou Reed(interview)/live and rare material (VG) C90

Bonzo Dog Band/Live at the BBC (G) 2XCDR

Bill Bruford/Television/Beefheart/Live and demos (F-G) C90

Tim Buckley/Live in London 197? (VG) 2xC90

Kate Bush/Live and outtakes 1980s (G)cassette

Butthole Surfers/Fudge Pipeline live in SF (F) C60

Rhys Chatam/ live in Lisbon 11-12-96 (G) C90

Clash/77 & 80 (F-G) C90

Elvis Costello/ Live at Winterland 1978 (G) also various from KSAN radio C90

Elvis Costello/My Aim Sessions late 70s (G) c45

Henry Cow/Hatfield & The North/Tangerine Dream/Gong /BBC Sessions 1973-5 (P) C90

Ray Davies/Live in NYC 1996 (VG) 2 xC90 A really fun show from our idol

Devo/Live in SF and Kansas City (G)C90

Nick Drake/ rarities- featuring early folk abd blusey acoustic pieces 45 (G)CDR

Bob Dylan/ outtakes and alternate mixes from Highway 61 period (G)CDR

Merrel Fankhauser/Rare material (G) C90

Peter Gabriel/Live in Long Beach (P) C90

Genesis/Live 1973,1980 (G) C45

Good Rats/Live promo LP 1978 (EX)C60

Grateful Dead/ Dead Head Hour retrospective 70-80s(EX) c90

Grateful Dead/ Live at The Matrix LA 1968(P) c45

Guided By Voices/ live in Denver 3-10-95 (G)CDR

Jimi Hendrix/Jam at the Power Plant with John McLaughlin,Dave Holland,Buddy Miles 1969 (F)CDR

Jimi Hendrix/ Randalls Island Pop Fest 1970 with Traffic (F) C90

Jimi Hendrix/Olympia Theatre Paris 1969 (G) also "Warning" by Queensryche 1984 Japan(VG)

Steve Hillage/Live in Edinburgh 1978 (P) C90

Steve Hillage/Third Ear Band/Syd Barrett/ live and rare material (P) C90

Ian Hunter/Live in Berkeley late 70s (G) C40

Husker Du/New Day Rising outtakes 1985 also Warehouse mixes (G)CDR

The Jam/Christain Boule/"The Bitterest Split" also live material (P) C90

Khan/Space Shanty rare LP (EX) features Steve Hillage C45

King Crimson/Live in NYC 1974 (F) C90

Legendary Pink Dots/Live in Franfurt 1987 (G) C90

Mickey And The Heartbeats/live 1960s(F) c45

Minutemen/ live in Geneva 2-23-83 (G) CDR

R.Stevie Moore/Pop Pain outtakes (G) C90

Munch/Live in Bergen Norway drone death band power C90

Nico/ Live in Koln 1985 (EX) C90 or CDR

Ozric Tentacles/Live and rare (VG) C90

Graham Parker and The Rumour/Live in SF 1979 (EX) incredible show CDR

Tom Petty/Clash/Squeeze/Live radio broadcasts (GD-EX) C90 or CDR

PiL/Pussy Galore/Live "Riot Show" in NYC 1981 (P) hardcore completists only!CDR

Pink Floyd/Green Is The Color 1971 or 1972 (VG) C60

Pink Floyd/Omayyad studio outtakes 1968-9 (F) interesting material from rare LP C60

Police/First Tour of California (G) c45 includes radio KSAN stuff> cassette

Pretenders/Keith Richards/Stones sessions,rarities (VG)

Prince/Black Album you can find it on CD now but tape has songs from 1st LP too.C60

Procol Harum/Rare live material (P-F) C90

Psychedelic Furs/Live radio broadcast 1991 Pittaburgh (EX) CDR

R.E.M./So Much Younger Then Live mid 80s (G) CDR

Lou Reed/ Blondes Have More Fun Live in Australia 1974 (G) C60

Tom Robinson Band/Live in SF 1978 (EX) CDR

Rockpile/MinkDeVille/Elvis Costello/Winterland (G) C90

Bruce Springsteen/Live in California 1984 (P) C90

Rolling Stones/ Garden State 1978 (VG) C90

Rolling Stones/ Flaming Groupie mid 70s (G) C45

Sex Pistols/Winterland Ballroom San Francisco 1978 Their last show-it was wild.C60

Sex Pistols/Texas 1978 (P) C60

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet/Live in Ontario (G) C90

Sonic Youth/Walls Have Ears live in Europe 1986 (G) CDR

Sonic Youth/ Walls Have Ears Conclusion also has rarities 86-87 (G) CDR

Sonic Youth/ In Richmond 1987 (F) CDR

Sonic Youth/ At CBGBs 1988 (G) CDR

Todd Rundgren & Utopia/ Live (VG) late 70s C90

Todd Rundgren/ Nearly Human Tour (EX) CDR

Todd Rundgren/Nearly Human Tour (EX) CDR

Talking Heads/Warning Sign 79 (EX) fine performance CDR

Television/ Double Exposure demos with Richard Hell,Eno,CBGBs (F) C45 or CDR

Television/Live in SF 1978 (G) includes various songs from KSAN radio CDR

10,000 Maniacs/Iggy & Stooges/live and studio outtakes (G) C90

Richard Thompson/Live and rare from KPFA broadcast (EX) C90 2XCDR

George Thorogood & Destroyers /Live in Berkeley (EX) C90 2XCDR

U2/ New Years Eve in Dublin CDR only (EX)

U2/ New Years Eve in Dublin part two CDR (EX)

U2/ Live at the Ritz CDR (EX)

The Who/Live from radio broadcast (VG-mono) C90

Wire/Live In Montreal 1988 (F) C90 CDR

Robert Wyatt/Live at Drury Lane (P) C90

Velvet Underground/Guitar Mix year unknown (P) mike was in Lou Reeds amp C45

Frank Zappa/live 1984 (F) C90



Jazz and experimental

Laurie Anderson/Let X=X live in SF 1981 (EX) also features other artists C60

Braxton-Rivers-Holland-Daley-Barker/ Live In Berkeley approx 58 min. CDR (VG)

Anthony Braxton-Spencer Barfield Group/ Live (G)CDR

Anthony Braxton/ Derek Bailey/George Lewis/ Live (G)CDR

Anthony Braxton/Live in Minneapolis (F) C90 or CDR

Braxton/Mitchell/Teitelbaum/Strange/Group Improvs live in San Jose 1976 (G)CDR

Anthony Braxton/Conducts San Jose State 1976 (P) C90

Art Zoyd/Live in Zurich (G) C90

Derek Bailey&Evan Parker/Live in San Jose (EX) also Kaiser Trio 1980 exclusive!CDR

Willem Breuker Kolletief/Live in SF (EX) mono C90

Caspar Brotzmann-FM Einheit/ live in Washington DC 10-25-95 C45 or CDR

Cassiber/Live in Europe 193&85 (G) C90

Ornette Coleman/Live in SF 1984 (P) C90 hardcore collectors only!

Paul Dresher/Ned Sublette/Diamanda Galas/Live in SF 1981 (F)C90

Etron Fou Leloublan/Live in Buchs &Fabrickli 1983 (G) C90

David Grisman/Live in Japan mid 70s (F) very exclusive recording

Jon Hassell/ excellent live recording CDR approx 60 min (EX)

Jon Hassell&Farafina/Live in NYC 1987&89 (F) C90

Gil Scott-Heron/Live but date and year unknown (F)C60Iskra 1903/Live in London 1980 (F) C90

Kaiser/Goodman/Kondo Trio/Live in San Jose 1981 (EX)CDR

Kronos Quartet/Plays Terry Riley?live in SF (VG) 2XCDR

Basil Kurchin/ recording of a rare multi instrument LP 45 min (G) b/w

Brian Eno/ rarities 45 min (G) C90

Scott Lindemuth/Live in Seattle (G) C90

Mahavishnu Orchestra/Live in Berkeley 1972 (EX) C90 2XCDR

Masquers Roast w/George Burns,George Jessel,Jack Benny and Art Linkletter!/ C60

Moondog/Partch 50s material on the steet and continuation of Water Water.C60

Moondog/Prestige LP includes some jazz arrangements and his usual percussive delight

Conlon Nancarrow/Live piano rolls in SF 1981 (G) also indian music C90

Pauline Oliveros/rare and early works from radio broadcast (G) CDR

Harry Partch/Rotate The Body rare 50s material (F) cassette

Harry Partch/Water Water from Gate 5 LP (F) cassette

Harry Partch/rare material from 50s LP (F) also some Jimmy Giuffre jazz material.C90

Harry Partch/The Wayward from Gate 5 LP 1962 LP (G) C90

Harry Parcth/Oedipus from 1951 (F) C90

Harry Partch/Introduction to Oedipus, rare 40s material (F) cassette

Harry Partch/Introduction to the Bewitched rare from early 50s (F) cassette

Harry Partch/A Quarter Saw Section Of Motivations And Intonations (F) cassette

Terry Riley/Live piano improvs in SF (VG) CDR

Terry Riley/rare and early works (F-G) 2XCDR

Terje Rypdal/Live in Koln and NYC 1980&85 (G) C90 or CDR

Terje Rypdal/Abercrombie&Towner/Pat Metheny/Live in SF 1976 (VG) CDR

Rova Saxophone Quartet/Live In San Jose 1980 (EX)CDR

Soft Machine/BBC "IN Concert" 1969&70 (F) C90

David Torn/Live in Frankfurt 1987 (EX) C90 or CDR

David Torn/Live 1987 (VG) C90

Univers Zero/Live in Milan 1979 (G) C90

Various New Music America 1981 w/DiMarinis.Paine,Dempster,Ashley (EX) C90

Kazumi Watanabe/Live in SF and NYC (G) C90

John Zorn&Fred Frith b/w Eugene Chadbourne /live radio broadcasts (EX)CDR