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Don Campau gives short reviews and contact information for music aired on NO PIGEONHOLES during 2002.

Reviews for...

No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 14 April 2002

Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California


PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM

artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Mile After Mile/ Drugs N Boxes Crank Remix/ Harsh Reality CD

Hot, slap-your-face instrumental from this home taping vet.


Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD

My theme song from the home taping legend.


David Aronson/ The Bomb/---CD

Funky collage work featuring Dragnets Sgt. Friday. Just the facts maam.


Blend/ Without You/---CD

Hard charging rocker with strong female vocals. Good album throughout with fine production.


Bert Morgan/ id/ ---K7

I love home taper promos. Thanks Bert!


Geoff Pango/ Back Into Her Whisper/---CD

This top flight home taper has all the elements: excellent songwriting sense, seasoned vocals, fantastic guitar playing. Not a bad thing that he is influenced by Richard Thompson. What a find.


Dan Susnara/ On The Threshold Of Something/ Mumble Mumble K7

Influenced as much by vaudeville and tin pan alley as rock and roll, this Chicagoan has been crafting his unique songs for years. Sometimes the melodies are a little oblique and the vocals undermixed but on this tune he has all the right proportions.

Mana Erg/ Invaders/---CD

Bruno DeAngelis electronica with vocals project usually features some pretty funky sounds and he does not disappoint here. Nicely layered and lush.


Al Perry/ id/---K7

Another home taper promo. Gracias amigo.


What If I/ Freak Friendship/---CD

Especially good chorus and use of band vocals here, and it rocks.


Scotty MacGregor/ Homework Machine/---K7

Swing jump novelty song from a guy who has been doing it forever.

Sneaky Pete/ Protistan Blues/---CD

Fun biologist blues from this always entertaining home taper. What a character.


Organic Brain Syndrome/ Drainman/ Fatalist CD

Fast paced fuzz fury featuring the inimitable J Rock.


Star People/ Falling/ Hyperspace CD

High class production, lush with upfront vocals, Zappaish guitar solo,kitschy spoken interlude, its a winner.


Kamal/ Whatchu Wanna Do/ ---CD

Ear catching bragging hip hop that sounds real good.Just try and get this out of your head. Hooky like a fishin pole.


Janis Duque/ Do You Love Me/---CD

Personal potent rock that I dig. Forceful vocals, spot on guitar and some kind of urgency combined with messy but energetic production.


Robert Temple/ Falling To You/ Broken Pretzel CD

A rather tender touch and a confident tenor voice backed by acoustic finger picked guitar. Simple but very nice.


The Brilli/ First Of May/---CD

Italian punks rip it up in a hurry with passion.

4-5 PM

Balkandji/ Diavolska Shterka/ Balkandji CD

Central European rock fusion, nice production with some ethnic instruments.


Bumscuzz/ Badness Iz Goodness Me/ --CD

Electronica madness from this odd Australian music maker.


Marlowe/ Change Of Idiot/ Pink Hedgehog CD

The distinctive voice of James Laming from the UK distinguishes this folkish, mild track from a fine album on Pink Hedgehog.


Sarah Fimm/ Running From The Whole/---CD

Dramatic track with colliding pianos, guitars and backing voices over which Ms Fimms hearty vocals dynamically range. A kind of Kate Bush bombast pervades.


Rosco/ Everything I Do/---CD

Can I call this alt. country power pop? Full out production from this rich toned voice. This track is also pretty dramatic.

Bill Retoff/ id/---CD

Home taper promo from this poppy Iowan.

Mark Brine/ Old Folkies At Home/---CD

Eccentric and soulful folk ditty. Nice work.


Mans Wielander/ Nothing Going On/ Best Kept Secret K7

Chattering rhythms, some jangly acoustic guitar, unremarkable but decent vocals add up to a fairly good time.


Mountain Mirrors/ Sidewinder/---CD

Exotic rhythm bed, nasty guitar, an unexpected break...good job.


Count Zee/ Experiment 3/---CD

Bubbling techno fantasy is a little experimental than usual from this multi talented producer.


Sonic Aggregate/ Middle Of A Dream/---CD

Bent electronica with concurrent keyboard melody has enough changes to keep it interesting.


Mental Anguish. Nitro Exposure/ Harsh Reality CD

One of the reigning kings of that home recorded experimental electronic sound, Mr Phinney stirs it up, throws it at you and wipes himself off.


Phil Kellogg/ Knoxville Blues/---CD

John Fahey style acoustic guitar rambling from this fine Bay Area musician.




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No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 24 March 2002

Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California


PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM

artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Kev Hopper/ Waiting For Baby/ Drag City LP

Unusual instrumental album of musical saw, very engaging.

Check the Drag City web site for details.

Imaginary Bill/ Bottom Feeder/ Sportin Company CD

The vocals are a bit snotty, the riffing is insistent and the songs are well crafted. All in all, a very good thing.


Honey Barbara/ Famous Animal/ Emigre CD

Psychedelic sounds from this Texas band peppered with the flavors of dronings, marimbas, guitars and smooth vocals. Inventive packaging as always from Emigre.


Brother/ Sometimes/ Brotherwood CD

Fuzz bass driven Stones-type rocker with the verse even hookier than the chorus. Its loose but its tight, you know what I mean?


Uncletoes Portasound/ Elephant Stone/ Best Kept Secret K7

Some sweet electropop here featuring elements I like: sultry female vocals that are memorable, sort of lo fi rhythm and a bit of jangly guitar. I am into it.


The Men-an-tol Project/ Hey Little Lady Hey/ Folk Custard CD

Good time sing-a-long that would have the whole pub joining in. Another pint mate?


Shepherds Child/ Its Not About Me/---CD

Some rocking Christian barre chording going on and nice chorus on this 80s style tune.


The Lizards/ The Rodeo/ Hyperspace CD

Hot midrange rocker with a bluesy edge. They sound like a fun live act with tasty slide guitar and raspy deep toned vocals.


The Slags/ Rain/ Hyperspace CD

I love this kind of power pop. No messing around- they rock hard from start to finish and the vocals ride right on top perfectly. Theyve got it.


Sham/ Chemistry/ NME CD

Double tracked hip hop with acoustic loopiness underneath it all. A lot of verbiage and energy pours out effectively. (need address)

Gaither Drake/ Workin For You/---CD

A Chuck Berry meets Bachman Turner Overdrive riff propels this tale of the working life from this northern Californian.


Uncle Steve/ Beer Weazl/ Beer Weazl CD

Southern fried retro punky ode to the bottle. It cooks so drink up.


Wiggum/ High 5/---CD

Nicely accented riff fronts this chugging tune that is the perfect length. I like the traded off vocals.


Jennifer Taylor/ Simple/---CD

Folk rocker morphs into full out pop bombast in the catchy chorus.


Cleopatra/ Close To You (Progressive House Mix)/---CD

Get your dancing shoes...this Euro flavored track and particular mix bops alright although Ms. Cleopatras voice is a bit thin in spots.


Nicole Campau/ Scary Story/---CD

Stark spoken word with plaintive piano sets a dark mood. Taken from the San Jose State Storytellers project that she produced. I am damn proud of her (my daughter).


The Whales/ Solaris/ Best Kept Secret K7

Peaceful instrumental from a very rewarding cassette of like ditties.


Joe Menichetti/ promo song id/---CD

Zappa goes country in this fun promo.



4-5 PM

Alfred Scheller/ Livin By The Creek/---CD

German musician reflects on his time in California in this one man shuffle.


Trashmonkeys/ Nobody Else/ Acid Jazz CD

Gripping and explosive 60s rocker from this German band. Hot stuff.


Result Of Abuse/ Get Loud/ Fatboy CD

Thrashing head banger that would go good in front of a hyper audience.


Jammin James Garage Band/ Freedom Calling/---CD

Easy going slide blues that goes down like some smooth Southern Comfort.


Crazed/ What Were You Thinking/---CD

Nicely produced rocker with psych overtones. Vocals are clear, I like that.


Moloch/ Suburban Orbit/ Thin Genius CD

Odd spoken vocals combined with Beefheartian arrangements create a devolved experience. Hooray for home taping!


Kitchen Cynics/ The Place You Hid/---CD

Pastoral and pleasing song in the manner of quieter Nick Drake or Donovan. Excellent music from this veteran home taper.

(need address)

Fernando/ Me And My Friends/---K7

Very bizarre whispered vocals with piano from Argentina. Shh, it is a secret.

(need address)

Trevor Hall/ The Ascent Of Man/ Obscure Delight CD

Strumming his trusty acoustic guitar and pouring out his lyrics like metal into a hot forge, Mr Hall goes for a live sound on this CD.


Louisa John-Krol/ Telim Ridge/ Shapings Well CD

Beautiful voice combined with a subtle mandolin create powerful and rich music.


Frank Pahl and Klimperei/ Hedgehogs/ In-Poly-Sons CD

Incredible automatic and toy music from this French/USA collaboration. Fantastique et delicieuse.


Legendary Poptones and Kazuhisa/ track 3/---CD

Bulgarian experimentalists team up with Japanese guitarist for a gratifying sonic exploration.


Anthony DiStefano/ Oceans/---CD

Armed with his keyboards and rum machine, Mr DiStefano continues to create soundtracks for non existent films. Very pleasant and soothing.


Phil Von/ Sgoppy/ Land CD

Very cool software manipulation and jungle track building from this esteemed European composer. Comes from the Palo Alto Pogs Box release.


James Hill/ Jorels Funhouse/TCAB CD

Textured home studio tasty jazz blowing from this great trumpet player.





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No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 10 March 2002

Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California


3-4 PM

artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD

Oops, the CD player messed up and would not play my theme song. Weird way to start.


Kuntsler Treu/ Humuhumunukunuku-apuaa/ Eleganz LP

Used this dreamy beat album for backgrounds during the show.

(contact me for address)

Household Nmes/ Bright Spot/ Reincheque CD

High energy power pop from a fine collection, RECIPROCAL, on Daniel Prendivilles Reincheque label.


Russ Stedman/ intro id/ ---K7

Fun intro promotional spot from this Hall of Fame taper.


R. Stevie Moore/ Dates/ Reincheque CD

The Godfather of home taping in all his inventive pop glory. Consistently creative and loaded up with excellent musicianship too.


Mike Hosty/ Wash Away Blues/---CD

Chunky blues blast with tasty harmonica bits and refreshing feel. Not just another done before rehash but nice personalized present tense boogieing.


B and The Buzz/ Eating Fish/ Divine CD

Lite jazz novelty track, laid back with funny lyrics.

W.E>/ I Cant Even Cry, All I Need, interview,Chant, Misery,Prayer,Walk Away/

Diversity CD, live

Smooth, lovers and soul style R and B with tasteful vocals from each member and well thought out arrangements. These five gentlemen were kind enough to visit me at the studio and talk about their music and we played several of their songs including a special live impromptu version of their song, Walk Away. Nicely done.


Corina Bartra/ El Dorado/ Blue Spiral CD

Extremely well produced and hot Latin tinged jazz with beautiful and exotic vocalizing and tremendous soloing especially from the sax. Super job.


Cuatro Caminos/ Cabeza de Jamon/ Stump CD

Funny and infectious track that morphs nicely into a rocking strut.


Roberto Luz y Amigos/ Fluid Motion/ Atitlan CD

A jazzy flute leads the way through this underbrush of textures, a tasty guitar solo as well on this instrumental excursion. Nice production throughout the CD.


4-5 PM

Y Preifateerwyr/ Llong Danfor/ Catchpenny CD

Hints of Beefheart with a bass heavy feeling from this interesting , tongue twisting Welsh band.


DJ Komikon/ Jingoism/ Catchpenny CD

Minimalist electronica with faux bird chirping.


J-Rock/ We Can Be In Love/ Fatalist CD

A pretty straight forward lilting rock strummer from this diverse rock outsider known to do some kooky stuff.


Cindy Moore/ Sarah Said/ Norca CD

Banjo pickin, steel guitar swellin, tribute to country legend Minnie Pearl done with love from a person who knew her.


The Hicks/ Suwannee/ ---CD

Having a good time with this vocal rich bluegrass bit of Americana. Harmonies are superb.


Steve Goldberger and the Fringe Locals/ Chakra#5/ Shed CD

Highly enjoyable acoustic instrumental set from these talented Northeners. Full of life, creative and delivers a mellow good time without any sort of new age pandering. Delicious.


Blueprint/ Harpers Crossing/ Surf Ballroom CD

Folky rock strumming, pop hooks and non flashy production gathered together to deliver you to the alternative Dave Matthews/ Hootie universe.


Caity Campau/ id/---K7

Thanks Caity.

Cheetah Chrome/ Voodoo Blues/ DUI CD

Ex-Dead Boys guitarist rips it up and tears it in half on this live CD.


Carol Martini/ Love Will Never Give Up On You/---CD

I like the droney chorus and sharp guitar on this charged rocker.



Hard hammered beats draw one into this noir rocker heavy on synth and distorted guitar. The vocals, while not completely demented, do have a odd, devolved feel.


Rentboy/ City At Night/ Consumer Productions CD

Aussie born hard guitar rock with attendant chorus and brooding-under-the-streetlight -at-midnight sense.


Rogue State/Rogue State/ Land CD

Sample laden, dubby electronica distinguished by crazy slide guitar and subtle drop ins.


Greg Segal/ Returns/ Phantom Airship CD

Excerpt from this LA area guitarists experimental feedback drenched avant adventure.






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No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 24 February 2002

Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California


Reviews and contact info at:


3-4 PM

artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)

Relly Tarlo/ Tracks 2/ Polygram LP

Ambient album of ping pong balls in metal tubes. Easy listening!

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD

My theme song sung by this Hall of Fame home taper.


Al Perry/ id/ ---K7

Fun promo from this great country/rock/blues player.


Broken Reality/ Man On A Mission/---CD

Some heavy home riffing brutally delivered. Nice.


DLH Posse/ Hip Hop Instes/ Nota CD

Infectious Italian rap with a herky jerky rhythm and a crew chorus.


Chief Bolo/ Cry Peace/---CD

Socially conscious reggae has a pleasant lilting sense.


David Grossman and The Limit/ Government Problem/ Stump CD

Solid rocking sound with good hooks and lyrics. For some reason reminded me of The Dictators (but less heavy) with Grossmans vocal delivery and the bands riffing and accents. A real winner.


Scott Mosher/ Virtuality/---CD

Huge production sound layered with keyboards, guitars and everything his studio could muster. Effective breaks set up the recurring theme riff which propels this one.


J Mundok/ Notebook/ Jack Kettle CD

Im a little biased here because Mr Mundok is one of my favorite home tapers. Beautiful production, tasteful playing, strong lyrics with a great voice sometimes referencing REM. This song is great and so is the whole album.


The Away Team/ Souvenir/---CD

This one hit me a little like The Tom Tom Club with a sense of fun and almost silliness. Team this up with their funky pop approach and away you go.


Nozomi/ Comin Out Of Myself/ Best Kept Secret K7

Inspired Texas undie rock fronted by Cliff Browne Jr, who proved himself with plenty of fine solo home projects. This is a dream matchup with some excellent players who do not dampen but enhance his gritty sound.


Bossa Nova Beatniks/ Its Alright Miss America/---CD

Sept 11 tribute tune but without the strident flag waving or jingoism.

Fine violin embellishments and Mr Goulds trademark tenor vocals.

Bongos of course for extra points.


Immune/ Whatever/---CD

Crank up the volume for this riffing monster. Sounds like a good live band with its use of dynamics and strong rhythm section.


Caity Campau/id/ ---K7

Promo from my daughter. Thanks Caity.

Zanti / Burn Down L.A./---CD

Funny anti LA song with a looseness I like. Reminds me of the golden era of 80s home taping like The Wallmen or Sosumi.

Paul Porter/ The King Aint Dead/ EMG CD

Killer riff and great guitar sound highlight this dark and slow (then faster) rocker.



Brian Woodbury/ Lets Do Everything/ Some Phil CD

Tunesmith is a not a word I bandy about frivolously but it certainly applies to this talented and pro sounding musician. Here he sings himself, on the other tracks he gets other vocalists for an eclectic album of pop wonder. This shows what amazing production one can do with the home studio now.


The Fabulous Bros./ Spaceman/---CD

Fresh sounding solid pop hooking that I am not afraid to say would sound great on commercial radio. Brimming with talent and potential.


Michael Perlitch/ Riptide/---CD

Mr Perlitch has a style that has grown on me. He cross references Ben Folds, Bob Seger, even Sir Elton occasionally but the more I hear him the more individual his sound is to me. He usually has good hooks and a pounding beat with favored accents. I like these things.


Kick In The Eye/ Stop Messin My Heart Around/---CD

Fun old fashioned rock shuffling good for dancing around the front room or radio studio. Good mix of male/female vocals that give it a joyful effect.


Nundown/ Abandoned/---CD

Grisly vocals and lyrics combined with guitar mashing make this a memorable experience.


Bill Retoff/id/---K7

Anybody have Bills e mail address?

Sheryl Clapton/ Missing From Our Shores/ ---CD

Beautifully restrained with an almost psychedelic feeling to it, this luscious tune grabs me slowly and gobbles me up.




Paul Ammendola/ Compromise/ Sebastian CD

Would I call this soulful pop or pop soul? No matter I guess as this song features all the requisite commercial elements one might expect, even some nice trumpet work.


Wenda Zonnefeld/ Lagrimas Negras/---CD

The rarely heard baritone sax played wonderfully by this highly talented musician. She has the chops alright and nice arrangements throughout this CD.


Le Deux/ Nick The Lunatic/---CD

The voices are slightly buried in the mix creating a spookiness that is accentuated by the string keyboards. Dark but inviting.


Dead Gerbils In Outer Space/ The Umpire Strikes Back/---K7

Disjointed and naked guitars ramble and wander in this avant trip.


Bidoche Musique/ Black Boot/---CD

Fuzzy bass and drum machine riff while Mr Fleury makes pronouncements over the top. Its a rather bizarre and threatening mix.


Bed Of Roses/ It Glows In My Hand/ DivaNation CD

String samples, sequences and sitar sounds interact in a hazy dream.


David Belmont/ Waterfalls/ Windwater CD

Elegant acoustic guitar work backed by subtle percussion makes for a very nice experience.

Dreamland/ Brief Moon/ Dogfingers CD

Introspective and dreamy mix of guitars and other elements make this haunting.

If I left out any contact addresses you need let me know and I will try to track them down.



Reviews and contact info for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 27 January 2002
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California
PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)
Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
As always, I open with my theme song, a head bopping ditty from our most played home taper.

Sextillion Sexx Divas/ Serpent Mixxx/---CD
Scintillating and funky sampled work out, a great start up tune. Hot guitar!

Al Perry/ id/ ---K7
Intro promo from our country/blues/ rock buddy. Gracias amigo.

Mick Hargreaves/ Be Like You/---CD
Charged up rocker with strong pop understandings in the excellent arrangement.
Full sound production, good drums, guitar buzz. Good stuff.

La Pieta/ April Is/---CD
Delightful and unassuming sound that is charming and draws me in the more I hear it.
Understated vocals and interesting lyrics that do not pander to the lowest common denominator. This is a winner.

Caity Campau/ id/---K7
Caity is 17 now, can you believe it?

Ruff Stuff/ Dead Ends/ Shagbark CD
Guitar rock with a tip of the panama to Stevie Ray Vaughan, a little less overtly bluesy but tasty.

Corey/ Worst Kind/ Big Bear CD
Punky, slashing Bad Religion overtoned rock with high energy and effective dynamics.

T.B.T./ Whos A Real American/ Kinfoke CD
Old school style funk with unusual vocal stylings. It isnt quite like any funk Ive heard before so I like it.

T.A. Guerrero-DJ Rick-Moonshine Bandits/ Numero Uno/---CD
This is actually DJ Ricks tune, a kind of fast rap with a Beatles sample and strong chorus. A bit boastful but not overwhelming.

Cee-Rock The Fury/ Dialect: Rediculous/---CD
Bass heavy synths amid a crazy Euro hip hop atmosphere give this sucker a raw and busy character. He rhymes Patrick Swayze with Purple Haze-y.

Digby Wallace/ Jolie/ Rhythm And Bruce CD
Their bio package says Celtic influence but I dont hear it much. I hear tight female vocals in a easy going sort of Edie Brickell manner, nice hooks and very competent band. Strong production values and musicianship.

WaveRider USA/ The Pleasure Patrol/ MP3.com CD
Staccato computer funk, an electronica that is pretty hot with good editing and taste.
It moves in an almost human way. Me like these bytes.

David Neil Cline/ Governmental Brainwash/ Gazochtahogen CD
Head bangin guitar rock with an 80s feel. It riffs while you mosh.Nice organ.

A Boys Prayer/ A Well Worn Idea/---CD
My wife calls this make out music. It builds slowly but delivers the screams predictably and with force. Slowcore metal I suppose.

Russ Stedman/ id, So It Goes/ Clean Slate CD
One of our favorite home tapers combines his passion for The Replacements and Beach Boys into one song. Well, maybe not the Beach Boys so much except in the ooh ooh vocals. Solid home taping rock and roll from a vet.

4-5 PM
White Diamond/ American Dreamer/---CD
Hot hair metal with references to Utopia , Journey and other 80s icons. In fact, this is a collection from the late 80s performed by these LA rockers. With requisite monster guitar solos.

Les N Less/ Self Wrought Deity/---CD
Highly competent Rush-style rock with very Geddy vocals. Tight as all get out.

Gazz/ Always Wrong/ Garage Tapes CD
Full on fuzz rock with poppy leanings, this is a fun tune.Go on, Gazz me. From a fine comp on Garage Tpes.

Guttersnipes/ Pull The Plug/ TMR Intl CD
Raw and rather snotty rock with very cool changes that make me want to have a drink at the bar where they are playing.

Dave Rave Group/ Everydays A Holiday/ To MLou CD
I guess this collection was actually released in Russia some 10 years ago. It rocks in an old fashioned way and even features what might now be called alternative country vocals and sound. Sounds good to this proud American.

Alysson Light/ Liquid Eyes/---CD
Delightful vocal and piano release by this talented young singer songwriter. An introspective and emotionally expressive treat. Enchanting and surprisingly mature.

Angelo Chresanthakes/ Baby My/---CD
Uptempo jazz vocalizing, nice musicianship backing...a feel good send up.

Eujay/ The Climb/---CD
All Eujay wants is some sex (or so he says in the song) . He already has the required R&B stylings down. I would not be surprised to hear this coming out my step daughters radio soon. I literally could not get this out of my head for hours.

Elliot Ranney/ Ellen Claire/ Wildstone Audio CD
Soft and jazzy acoustic guitar work, very nicely handled by this instrumentalist. Easy going morning music that wont offend but wont lull you to sleep either.

If, Bwana/ Hoffman Bored/ Pogus CD
Experimentalst Al Marglois scrapes and bangs and disturbs the air with more challenging and inventive soundscapes. Great double CD.

Francisco Lopez/ Buildings (New York)/ V2_Archief CD
Another amazing environmental immersion from this groundbreaking performer and composer. He is redefining the idea of the meaning of sound.

Reviews ands contact info for...
No Pigeonholes Radioshow / Playlist for 13 January 2002
Hosted by Don Campau on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California
PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

3-4 PM
artist/ title/ label-source (K7=cassette)
Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
My theme song so eloquently delivered by the one and only Mr Clinger from Pittsburgh.

Al Perry/ intro/---K7
A special intro from this great singer and guitarist. Thanks Al.

Mike Garlington/ Sun On A Shady Tree/ Mishap CD
A lo-fi speed burner with a nice hook and a throwback 1930s quality.

The Mundanes/ Scratch Detritus/ Mishap CD
Sampling madness all goofy, squeaky and rather regally bold.

Anna Homler/ OO-EE/ ND CD
Wait, is Anna singing in her sleep? Is that an owl outside? More glorious and unusual meanderings from this unique performer.

The Mundanes/ The Saints and the Martyr Machnies/ Mishap CD
A merry-go-round ride at the nightmare carnival where the rides are broken and unattended.

Jake Fleder/ New Frontier/ Son-X CD
Super big polished rock sound with a nod to Pink Floyd or Peter Gabriel and some tasty fretwork.

Phil Kellogg/ The Song I Played At My Wedding/ Hands Solo CD
Deftly played acoustic guitar looking over the grave of John Fahey.

Joe Rathburn/ What Dont Kill Ya/ Betterworld CD
A bouncy, good natured and jazzy romp featuring excellent production and pointed trumpet work.

Churchills Tractor/ One Man Band/---K7
Lo-fi barre chord 80s rock with a good unpretentious feel.

Micky Saunders/ And I Slow Down/---K7
Feel good bedroom pop with neat changes and Ms. Saunders cheeky, likeable vocals.

Caity Campau/ id/---K7
My daughter with a short promo.

Garfields Birthday/ Words and Pictures/ Pink Hedgehog CD
Currently at the top of my list of Brit pop/rock units, this band has the hooks, the charm and the entire package to please me. If Oasis would have been nice guys maybe they might have turned out this way.

W.E./ Misery/ Diversity CD
Urban soul slickness and straight up harmonies characterize this Bay Area group, add a touch of rap and you are there.

Electric Bird Noise/ Japanese Toy Song/ Artfag CD
A splatterful of instrumental rock, heavy on loud guitars and drum machine. Nice.

Ken Clinger/ Prelude 10/ Bovine CD
A lovely and slow keyboard work, almost chamber jazz-like.Beautiful.

Terri B/ Listen/ Stone Premonitions CD
Front loaded pro production swirls beneath the somewhat anguished vocals of Ms B
on this slow trip to the universe inside.

Greg Segal/ Night Circus (pt.2)/ Phantom Airship CD
Monochromatic vocals are aided and abetted by real drums, full guitars and a song with many nice changes. Some might call this prog.

Mike Sutterfield (by Dixon Devore)/ Two Little Sea Birds/ Cricket Power CD
Pleasantly performed in an easy listening country pop manner by guitarist and singer Mr. Sutterfield and written by song weaver Mr Devore.

4-5 PM
Randy Moore/ Mona Lisa/ Norca CD
Swinging and rocking and tipping his cowboy hat to Garth Brooks, Mr Moore has all the tools for country time success. Good voice, strong band and a variety of solid tunes.

Rob Christensen/ Somebody To Adore/ Sweet Science CD
One man solo stage strumming and singing from this Northern Californian. I dont think this live recording really reveals Mr. Christensens full value and only gives a myopic view of someone who has a breadth of material. His voice sometimes remindeds me of Russ Stedman (great home taper from South Dakota)

Kinski Spiral/ My Own Company/ Cut And Paste CD
This is Hall Of Fame home taper Ray Carmens current obsession, his group project with two other Ohio musicians and although not quite as catchy as his solo work a nice
slow jangle with some cool feedback thrown in.

Smirking Herbert/ Yowza Macdaddy/ Mumble Mumble K7
A fun sound collage with a beat piece by Chicagoan Dan Susnara.

S.N.O.T./ interview,Twatplug, Fajita...,Star Spangled Banner/live,CD
The members of this nasally obsessed band sit down and separate their septums in an interview and play some of their twisted, wordy and funny songs.

Bag:Theory/ Carpet Taxi/---CD
Odd metered jam band histrionics with squonking sax, bass, drums and guitar in a live
minor key, eastern sounding setting.

Bret Hart/ Bullwinkle Pond and the 5/ InstrumenTales CD
Freeform avant guitar whackings and scrapings from this benefit instrumental CD.
Lots of weird stuff throughout and much variety.

Charles Rice Goff III/ Desert Fox Trot/ Taped Rugs K7
Sound collage mess with fuzz guitar backing. The bombing begins in 5 minutes.

Arnold Mathes/ Phasen/---CD
Swelling synths, artificial twiddlings and a spacey, trippy ambience.

Andreas Bick/ Windscapes/---CD
A wonderful enviromental sound immersion work by this thoughtful and attentive composer.

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