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Spring Update 2003 for Don Campau/ No Pigeonholes/ Lonely Whistle Music

No Pigeonholes

This is a radio show hosted by Don Campau featuring music by home produced and small studio artists from around the world in many styles. It is broadcast on KKUP 91.5 FM to the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas twice a month, the 2nd and the 4th Sundays from 3-5 PM..


European broadcast and additional internet archiving by Radio Marabu, a shortwave collective in Germany.


Past playlists are available at:


CDs and cassettes of past shows are also available, contact me for details:


Feel free to send your music for airplay. I am especially interested in airing home recordings.

The backlog for the show is heavy right now so it may take awhile to air your music, thanks for your patience .If you recently sent your music for airplay I will get it on as soon as possible.

Don Campau/ No Pigeonholes/ PO Box 9162/ Santa Rosa CA 95405


Lonely Whistle Music

Micro label featuring the music of Don Campau, Robin OBrien, Timo, Dino DiMuro, Nicole Campau and many international artists.


New releases:

Don Campau "Man On A Mission" 6 song EP length CDR of new rock material with a special appearance from Mark Kissinger on the title track. Its punky and eccentric. $4 CDR

Don Campau "lowercase fraud" experimental sound mixes with guests Robin OBrien and Hal McGee.$5 CDR

Eric Wallack and Don Campau "Wreck A Lilac" instrumental collaboration thick with guitars, bass, harmonica, effects. Its like a soundtrack for an unwritten film with nods to Kaiser/ Frith or Cooder/ Lindley. $5 CDR


Go Ahead, You Review It

Review site where you are invited to participate. Most of the reviews are older now and this site will be redone as soon as possible.Still a good resource for information about artists on "No Pigeonholes". Also, film reviews from Joshua Peck are still available.




Museum of Rare and Live Music:


write for more information if interested, trades only


Sad news from my dear friend Dino DiMuro. His wife Julie was in a terrible car accident in early March and still lies in a coma in Los Angeles. Please direct your positive thoughts and prayers to him and his family, Friday 7, and Elizabeth 3. I do not know if he can answer your mail at this time but his email address is:


The Indie Contact Newsletter and Indie Bible are essentials tools for the independent musician.

David Wimble runs it all from Canada. Great job David!


Wampus Multimedia is another fine promotion resource for indie musicians.


If you havent yet checked out Londons incredible streaming Resonance Radio, do so now.


Musician Ernest Woodall has started a review page at:


Nick Bensen runs Free City Media, a music label and review site. Nice work Nick


Hip Hop DX does a nice job with current info and reviews at:


Otis Fodder is posting a weird and strange MP3 once a day called 365 Days.From kitsch to just plain bizarre.


From Argentina, Sergio Vilar hosts a radio program and website called Nucleus. He seems to be interested in hard rock, symphonic, celtic, progressive and other music.


Features and reviews of independent music from Dusted Magazine.


Dimitry Gurtovoy is the editor for Specialradio.de , an internet radio station in Russia. They seem to welcome all styles and have a very open attitude.


Rochester New Yorks fascinating and unusual website, The Refrigerator.


Take a look at the internet only music magazine, Ear Candy.


Looking to book more gigs? Check out onlinegigs.com.


Jerry Kranitz runs the Ear Relevant Hoedown, a net radio show and review site.Powerful resource and a great guy too.


Bryan Days Public Eyesore label has a unique lineup of experimental music offerings.


Rotcod Zzaj (also known as Dick Metcalf) is an exceptionally hard working improviser and reviewer. Ill bet he wouldnt mind getting your experimental/ improv release.


Oddball sounds and noises from the one and only Charles Rice Goff III and his label, Taped Rugs Productions.


Russian electronic musician Artemiy Artemiev runs the Electroshock label, a must for fans of this genre.


Bret Hart is an improviser and reviewer living in North Carolina. Interesting musician , wonderful contact


also his Unheard Music Site


Tim Jones and Terri B are fantastic and veteran English musicians with their label Stone Premonitions. A most important contact for space and progressive rock.


The amazing music of Seattles Amy Denio is available at her website and also information about her gigs and all important anti-war links. Do it now!



For strange and spacey sounds, do not forget Haltapes from Hal McGee.Wild!



If you produce a zine, a radio show, newsletter, review site, or other resource for independent musicians and want to be included in my next update, just send me an email with your information. The next update will be early in summer 2003.

Don Campau/ PO Box 9162/ Santa Rosa CA 95405
























Mr. Mark Ritchie runs the tape label called KAW. I've been a fan of his music for several years now.His somewhat lo-fi folk sound and plaintive vocals touch me in a personal way . He has recorded solo, with his band Shy Rights Movement and early projects under various names.I spoke with Mark recently and queried him on a few things.
>Question: When did KAW start and why? And why KAW...what does it stand for
>or mean?

KAW used to stand for Killing Animals is Wrong. It was kind of a
vegan/animal rights thing. I used to be a vegan and into things like that
when I was younger. I'm still a vegetarian and stuff, but nowadays I really
don't tell people what KAW means. It's kind of fun to let them guess! I just
like the way it sounds, and it made sense to keep the name after all these
years rather than coming up with a new name. I thought of changing the name
to Vanity Recordings, which was kind of a jokey name, but no one got the
joke, so I named a Shy Rights Movement tape that instead.
>Question: You perform as Frank Peck-is this some kind of inside joke or
>just a way of being anonymous?
I originally came up with the name Frank Peck because I was too embarassed
to put out tapes under my own name. I don't know why. It meant I could send
them to people and be annoymous. If they didn't like the tape, it wasn't as
bad. I may start using my real name soon, though. I feel a bit more
confident now without having to hide behind a pseudonym. The name Frank Peck
sounds like a stand up comedian or something- not really suited to my
depressing songs!

>Question: I guess your band, Shy Rights Movement, is broken up now. What
>are the differences to you between working solo and in the band context?
>Do you think its possible to keep a band together in the long run if there
>are only low paying gigs and limited groupie action?!
The band isn't really broken up. 2 of the members of the band left, but the
guitar player and me are still recording as a duo. It's kind of funnier
having a 'band' called Shy Rights Movement with hardly any members. The
funniest thing of all would if there was only one person in it, or no people
in it. but i can't really see how that would work!! There should be a new
SRM thing sometime in 2001. We're recording onto a PC now, so hopefully no
one can call us lo-fi anymore. We were never really lo-fi, anyway. We
recorded a lot of those songs in studios, it's just that my equipment for
copying tapes is so shit, it reduces everything to a lo-fi mess.

Working solo is cool because I can record songs really soon after writing
them, but I don't have a 4 track or anything, so unfortunately all my solo
stuff so far has been lo-fi, which is fine, but I also want my songs to
sound good. I guess having a mixture of nicely recorded stuff and lo-fi
stuff is good too.

It was pretty hard keeping the band together, basically because I'm not a
natural leader and I had to put myself in that role in order to get anything
done. I hated organising gigs and stuff so I don't miss that at all. Also,
having to make 20 phone calls just to organise a practice drove me crazy!
And the groupie action was, sadly, non-existant! Singing songs about your
feelings and shit may be seen as cool to 14 year old boys, but girls are FAR
more sensible and rightly see all that stuff as boring and dumb!

>Question: Tell us about some of your favorite music and influences...
My favourite bands are Husker Du, The Replacements, American Music Club, Red
House Painters, Scud Mountain Boys, Son Volt, but i'm also really influenced
by literature like Frederic Exley, Charles Bukowski and stuff. Films too. So
much stuff influences me, but I hope I'm more than a product of my
influences. I really don't want to just copy someone, or be like a karaoke
version of another artist. There wouldn't be any point in that. I've written
songs since i was 7 or 8, so i feel like it's something that's always been
in me. There is also lots of cool underground stuff, a lot of which I put
out on KAW. People like Kenyata Sullivan, Ruth Sherbourne and Timo are such
great songwriters who most people will never have the chance to hear, which
is a real shame.
>Questionj: If you were filthy rich how do you think it would change you?
>Well, I'd certainly worry less about paying bills and shit like that! Money
>and the lack of it is a total drag, so I'd LOVE to be filthy rich! I'd do
>almost anything in the pursuit of money, I know no shame! I'd do ads for
>McDonalds - anything - dressed up as a chicken if need be!

>Question: Tell us your recent projects and how people can get in touch
>with you...
>There's a tape called "Garnethill" which should be coming out soon on the
>Best Kept Secret label from Italy.There's a split tape out with Ian C
>Stewart. I'm putting out a single by Timo and the new SRM stuff will be out
>whenever we get it recorded (which may be never!!)People can take a look at
>my website:
or email me: kawtapes@hotmail.com <mailto:kawtapes@hotmail.com>

>Question: Any final thoughts?
>No. I'm going to eat some cornflakes now! Thanks Don!

No copyright, feel free to re-publish but c'mon, give credit where credit is due.