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A short piece by Tom Dark...

Sex Isn't Everything

Except When It's Real
Melissa Ferrick does 7 Black Cats

Annie Hawkins Opens

Tom Dark

(Dearly Beloved Reader: why this article has turned out so long and rambly, I dunno. Why I still haven't completed it nearly a week later, I dunno. I almost never write like this. I write more like in parentheses here -- real pithy, even stubbily. Guess I'll blame Melissa Ferrick for it. Yeah, that's it. Melissa Ferrick's fault. Here's Part One:)

THE SEARCH IS NOT ON. All over America, record company executives aren't, repeat clearly, are not, looking for the Next Big Thing. Never mind what Courtney Love and George Michael have been saying, let me quote somebody I actually know (uh... knew): If Bobby Farrell, composer of 40's mega-hit "Harbor Lights" and a few other memorable pop grandpa tunes knows whereof he speaks, Big Record Companies are trying to squelch The Next Big Thing like King Herod tried to squelch Baby Jesus.

"Whatever you do," Farrell uttered as mordantly to me one day as only an 80-year-old can mord, "do NOT accept a recording contract." They'll buy you cheap, he recounted, and treat you cheaper.

A promising singer he managed signed with Sony records. Her carcass is now on private view on a basement shelf there, out of the way of their other promotions and hidden from competing Big Record Companies. She had wound up working nights at a 7-11 in Albuquerque when Farrell told me the unpleasant denouement of this story. The advance they gave her didn't last very long. He said that they're doing that with just about everybody. They'll hook you by the zipper, feed you a few shekels, and suddenly you are moldering product.

Once you comprehend that your career and artistic freedom have been mummified by Big Record Company morticians, your heart skips a beat at how much lawyers cost to beg you off for having been young and naive and greedy too. The contract terms will leave you too old for rock'n'roll. Madonna will have had her fifteenth butt-lift by then, and nobody will have ever, ever heard of you.

BY THEN BRITNEY SPEARS' CLONES WILL BE RUNNING THE SHOW. Several charming chunks of readymade female pubescent matter bubble perkily even now in a test tube in a secret Big Record Company lab in Singapore. Female artists birthed of the common population are too prone to making non-perky songs. They aren't of proper genetic design. The world gene pool needs a new rendition of Sammy Davis Jr's' signature hit, "The Candy Man, " and artists like Melissa Ferrick ignore such necessities, so they had to fire up the ol' cloner.

It's really best that way. Little kids want happy musical sex candy to fantasize over, hairy old record company men want to give it to them, and if the economy doesn't consume twice its own weight in profits every hour we will all die and George W. Bush will get to vote for himself in every state.

Cloned "Britnoids" can be designed to digest and retain important demographic behavioral data so that we'll have no more monkey business like Sinead O'Connor Bic-lighting a photo of the pope on TV. These units will be guaranteed to obediently shake their lifelike teen-protuberances only to lyrics and music personally approved by a clone of Senator Jesse Helms. No more indecently opinionated young ladies for us, thank you.

Contractual arrangements dividing profits were made before they even switched on the cloner. This is the new future of music. Everybody who counts is happy.

You'll never meet these people who count. They bought their own islands with the money they made denting gifted young artists in their thoraxes and squirting in a paralyzing poison -- which churned their insides into a mush they then drew lustily back up their hollowed fangs, into their swelling, disgustingly furry bellies. Plus, they voted for George W. Bush, and they've eaten their mates.

SO WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T ACCEPT A RECORD CONTRACT. Unless you're really planning a career as an office manager. Then GRAB it and use the advance for a few courses in Business 101 at your nearest community college. Good deal.

OKAY FINE. In that case, artists who can't help but sense their own worth start their own record companies from the shoestrings up. The initial paperwork is relatively nothing, if there ever will be enough business to generate more.

I've been a tiny part of this uncalculatable, seemingly obscure scene for awhile. There's no reason it should seem so obscure. Wherever in the world there is electricity, an independent artist of unqualifiable degree is making a record for people to hear. It's where the Next Big Thing will come from. Maybe from now on.

I'm here to tell you that the hundreds of Insanely Independent Record Label productions I've heard, and the dozens of small-time, nay, miniscule-time projects I've helped on, represent less than a little lagoon in a vast sea of vital personal creativity. There are millions and millions of creative artists working out there who make up whatever they feel and aren't interested in sucking David Geffen's dick, or whatever it is you're supposed to do if you have musical talent. You may conjecture, probably in deep spiritual ignorance, that most of this vast sea of independent creators is mediocre.

SO TOO IS THE SEA MOSTLY WATER. Great Creatures can break through the surface for air anywhere in it, and your yappering mouth can be shut by awe at a magnificent intrusion into your musical Candyland.

The vast surface has broken frequently with Great Creatures sounding in the past few years (but really, Elvis Presley's story started no differently). Lots of nationwide hiphop began as cassettes sold from the trunks of the artists' beat up old cars; we won't bother mentioning Metallica, but we'll holler about Ani DiFranco, whose shoestring start mushroomed deservedly.

Ani DiFranco is what put my buddy De and me onto Melissa Ferrick. De brought some of her work over awhile ago; it shut my yappering mouth for over a week. I'd heard one of Ani's songs 8 years ago, took the long way home to hear all of it on my car radio, and didn't find out her name until De showed me. My goggling over Ani DiFranco prompted De to flip a Melissa Ferrick song my way. Honestly, I haven't much cared about anything I've heard since Vartinna in 1993, and since an Ethiopian album I produced myself for an Ethiopian named Gib in 1994. But De is on to something.

De and I thought we might catch a glimpse of another Great Creature sounding at 7 Black Cats, on Congress St., Tucson, Saturday night. Melissa Ferrick is her own independent record company, tours around, and is supported by fans who love the daylights out of her music.

Do NOT believe the peppermint fairy tales about the overnight successes of those pampered little songbirds of the Trilateral Commission. How hard is it really to even afford your own house and your own car by driving from town to town, singing and selling your recordings? Hint: before Willie Nelson became the venerable old tax dodger that he is, he once walked out of the bar he was playing in for $30/night (they still pay that much sometimes IF you're lucky) and laid down in the middle of the road, giving the 2 a.m. traffic a good long opportunity to run over him. By then he'd already written a hit for Patsy Cline. This is just to show you what a fabulously rewarding field music really can be, all considered.

...OR... HOW ABOUT BUZZY LINHARDT? What do you MEAN, you don't know who that is? He wrote a song that helped break Bette Midler into the big time. It's called "Friends." I met Buzz when he was 48, living on the charity of some friends, nursing 2 broken hips that had healed wrong, and advanced glaucoma. By wild coincidence, he'd got the broken hips in a car accident in Trumansburg, New York, a little nowhere where I had just moved from... or nearby. He'd been traveling, doing gigs. No insurance. A friend recognized him begging prostrate from a NYC sidewalk, and towed him to a little room in an old hippie house in Berkeley, California, where I met him through a gay woman musician pal.

Buzzy said he never got a nickel for "Friends." (It's a song about how you need friends to get along in life). He said Bette Midler's attorneys say she never heard of him. But he tells everybody that. He also tells everybody they were lovers for awhile. As a grand finale, he'll show everybody the album wherein his band recorded (and credited him with) "Friends" and released it some years before Bette Midler did. Funny thing, too... you'll notice that Buzzy's song "Friends" and Bette's song "Friends" are exactly the same song. But hey, maybe Buzzy will die soon if he hasn't yet and Bette Midler's attorneys won't have to bother with pesky questions about it any more. Where was I? Surely I was on a more optimistic story than this. Oh yeh:

HOW WE CAME TO 7 BLACK CATS AND BOOSTED MELISSA FERRICK'S REVENUE BY $36: De asked me would I go with her that coming Saturday night to hear this performer. She'd downloaded a Melissa tune called "Drive" from the internet, which she especially wanted me to hear. It didn't work immediately. I hate downloading and I hate screwing around with computers a millisecond longer than I absolutely have to. So I went looking for the album and finally found a copy at Zip's.

I hardly ever buy CDs. I bought this one because I know something's up. De has been listening to a vein of music that could spawn a whole Next Big Thing. You never know. The "girl music" she's showed me the last few weeks is bristling and sparkling with tell-tale vitality.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2000, 5:39 P.M.: De stops in after work. I hand her the CD. Trouble getting the heat-shrink wrapper off. Solved with big nail clippers. Melissa Ferrick Album "Freedom" into CD player. Nearfield speakers angled at 45 degrees toward couch. Samson Servo 240 amplifier, Yamaha ProMix 1 digital mixer. Medium volume, EQ flat. Start CD. No sound. Oops. Plug in external jacks. Okay. Start again. We settle in to listen.

RAW, UNCENSORED REACTIONS, song 1, "Freedom." (narrated more or less in sequential time): Uh-huh. Hate that acoustic guitar pickup sound. Don't plug the damned thing in when you're in the studio, use a microphone. Woops, you flubbed a lick. Anyway I'll just get used to it and listen. Lyrics about what, now? Wants freedom from a lover, can't think what's at the core of it, blames a fear of love's enthusiasms flowing and ebbing as it ever does; honestly it sounds to me like she's left the door open for PMS defense and that's why her lover would call her a liar. That's not very responsible, girl. Fine melody and delivery, though... I guess...

SONG 2, "Hold On": Whaaaaat the fuck? What is that sound?? Is it... intentional? Is it... a good thing? It sounds like some tracks were recorded through a boom box. Is it... is it... what is it? The melody sounds like that 60s hit "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight," by Bobby somebody and his partner. I wouldn't call it stealing. But if she meant to echo that song in hers, that's really very poetically clever. Good chorus, too... who's singing the harmony? Check album. Marika Tjelios. It's a little Beatlesque to Balkan, or some stripe of traditional Greek. Very original. The harmonies turn hauntingly beautiful as the songs play on.

"WHATTAYA THINK," proposes De already, the pair of us having listened in silence for the length of 2 songs. Not a good sign. Well, she sounds... really tough, I say. No... intense. She's really intense. I babble something about the peculiar mixdowns (and beef up the EQ). We both agree there's a touch of Ani DiFranco affectations so far.

I do hear this inimitable intensity, but it's a bit smeared by unnecessary vocal inflections and somebody screwing around with technical recording things. I don't buy the flattened-brow, snake-wiggling angry-mother voicings lately popular with a few singers. They obviously didn't grow up under my ma and don't know how to portray truly terrifying use of it... when it's not terrifying, it's kinda silly, like on the Morissette girl's last album. I don't mention to De that I really do want to like this Melissa Ferrick... to the point that I feel a twinge of conscience about what I think I'm hearing. Naw. She's not just an imitation. Naw. Can't be. Is she? Next song.

SONG 3. NORTH CAROLINA: Swwwwwwwoooooop! The beat and munchy riffs have opened the door and we're in the back seat now as Melissa drives us into North Carolina. Having been there for the same reasons, I imagine us crossing a railroad track in a beat-up little old North Carolina town on the way to a gig we don't really feel like doing. The three of us are going to fester in a musty motel with the TV on. Desolation and a maddeningly vague queasiness compete like a couple of flies buzzing the dumpster where our hearts have lately been dumped. How Melissa can turn the mute button on and still hear her "money making peers" talking through the TV, I don't know, but don't slam the brakes on it for that. Her song rolls us along, bone-weary, lost, and maybe we're just too bumbling not to've hurt somebody we loved back home more than we let ourselves believe.

The part of my mind still listening analytically notes the line "intensity has never been a problem for me." Aha, I thought so... she knows. This wasn't Asheville, was it, dear? But suddenly this album is becoming worth the price.

FROM HERE, DE AND MY MINDS ARE BLOWN. The album is all intensely raw and beautiful now. Insistently unique and beautiful. The old folk-rockin' chords strummed through the too-high pitched guitar, the simple low-tuned bass and matter-of-fact drumbeats float and swim and fly in insistently beautiful original inner sonic colors. The lyrics trigger nearly 3-D imagery that dovetails with the simple music and compounds the emotional errors she writes us all about -- to the point that we can't deny, we've all been where those songs are and are going to go there again.

I'm over 6', over 200 lbs, and some kid asked me last week if I'm in Hell's Angels. I'm not, but Sonny Barger would think severally about tangling with me until he discovered I don't care about motorcycles. Add an overgrown goatee and picture tears trying not to well up in this figure's eyes over "The Stranger."

HECK, NO. Go buy it and listen to it yourself. Write her record co. if you can't find it. The song emerged from the album like a Greyback leaping from the sea. "She knows!" I thought to myself. "She KNOWS."

HAD TO go see this lady perform live. HAD to.

END PART ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Dark single-handedly created the 'zine in the mid 1980's by talking some guy in Wisconsin into putting out a newsletter made by a copy machine and staples "For People Who Have Feelings They Don't Know What To Do With." He coined the term 'zine. By either wild coincidence or recognition that millions and millions of people have feelings they don't know what to do with, this one, called "Sumari Bulletin," spawned millions of unimitable imitators around the globe.


Take a bunch of old English mates that used to have a band and bring them together again for some live shows and a CD.Sound familiar? Well, if one of those chaps happens to be underground legend Martin Newell you just might have something.These guys manuver their way around some pretty good tunes although something seems flat here.Maybe its the pristine recording, perhaps a digital thing.The performances are fine enough, especially on the numbers where Newell carries the vocals but something is missing and I'm not sure what.It sort of lacks the umph and excitement I generally associate with a project Newell is connected with. His mates are certainly decent enough musicians and on a few numbers get going pretty well but 17 tunes is a bit much for me.On the esteemed Jarmusic label from Germany.

Dave-id Busaras and Toshi Hiraoka BUSHY LUXURY (CD)
This Japanese/Irish collab is an odd thing. The backing tracks are lush sounding techno exercises from Mr. Hiraoka and Mr. Busaras limited vocal range is enhanced by the fullness he is given. To me, there is sort of a desparateness to the proceedings, a pleading for mercy, a cry for the malformed and misused. I'm assuming that Busaras wrote the lyrics even though at times they seem almost like translations. Mr. B's vocal delivery is kinda cool and definitely not slick or pretentious.Sometimes it seems like he's going to fall down and not get back up but Hiraoka-san props him up and gives him the energy to keep going. Check out how these fellows rock the party especially on the Talking Heads-wavish track, DISEASE OF CONCEIT.

Huttemann/Powalla/Franzkowiak FANTASY LINE 3 (CD)
Groovemeister Jorg Huttemann drives this spacey, jazzy and occasionally funky euro workout featuring some ripping axe slinging from Herrs Powalla und Franzkowiak.Ambience runs amok and the aural paint is splattered everywhere redecorating one's mind, blowing it a little on monster tracks like STARSHIP CARAVAN and RECENTLY AT THE FREE SPACE CLUB.Tasty blues and hot rock riffing in the outer dimensions.Ja, alles ist klar.

Broceliande BROCELIANDE (CD)
Beautifully recorded British Isles inspired music from this talented Bay Area quartet.They stick to the traditional side on this 12 track CD and although no new ground is broken this group has a real feel for what it takes to do this kind of stuff well.I would imagine they are a popular live group indulging the crowd with magnificent harmonies and tasteful and well played arrangements featuring that pleasant folk sound. Makes me wish I wasn't fed up with traditional things Irish and/or English. Its a phase I'm in, sorry. This would make a good holiday present for acoustic music lovers, it has that kind of feeling.

The Migs THE MIGS (CD)
Oh no, I said to myself when I first got this.Not another college/indie rock CD from some slacking bunch of losers who want to make it. Well, a big dose of humor will always get me off and I'll admit I was taken and spanked by these rocking southern californians. 1600 ARMADILLOES reminded of that great home taper project, THE RUDY SCHWARTZ PROJECT with its country rock approach and funny business.In other places, I hear lounge influences lurking and threatening to bring me a cocktail, at other times some space funk shakin my lilly white ass . If the Russians had this much talent maybe they wouldn't have lost the cold war.Open fire you Migs!

This goofy Jersey band knows how to pitch the game. Keep it short, catchy and weird. Vocalist Matt Savage makes Jad Fair sound like Caruso but it only enhances the insanity of what gives here. Upbeat and nicely arranged with dynamic breaks, this band is damned kooky but I've got an idea they are crazy, yeah ,like foxes. With the instant classics, YER BUTT MAKES ME PUKE and ANALINGUS. Released on the ultra cool, Orange Entropy label.This is fun.

Incredible sound collage and noise messings from this japanese quartet.It is indescrible stuff that you avant conniseurs are gonna eat up for sure.It never sits still and gets all mellow.It is a sound freak out, a ride in the washing machine on acid while 8 different radios are playing.I wonder if they do live performances? This is like if Christian Marclay ate some bad sushi and put it straight to DAT.Billy? You rule!

Francisco Lopez UNTITLED 1998 (CD)
You know Lopez modus operandi by now. Its the silent treatment and you think something is wrong with your CD player.Maybe its not turned up loud enough, perhaps the speakers are cracked.Minutes go by and I forget the CD is even on.My mind wanders and I begin to think about the days activities and whats going on.Maybe a quick nap, maybe a snack.
Is something wrong though? There is an uneasiness somewhere, a distant early warning feeling.Did I leave the stove on? Hmm, listen to those birds outside and the cars go by.Crap! I'll bet I forgot to pay the phone bill again.And that is just track one.
Headphones are the optimal way to hear this composer in my humble opinion for the full rich flavor and essence it brings.
Whoa! Check out track two-I can actually hear it. At times, Senor Lopez music reminds me of a much quieter Xenakis.
Dense clusters of sub sonic atmospheres and then..they are gone..but is it over?

Acoustic guitar driven songs from this British singer, Anthony Harding.I like his voice and his songs are hooky and personal so its a strict well done from me.Whats cool is that he is sincere and heartfelt but not all mushy.Very nice arrangements that are not overdone and really quite perfect for his material.Thumbs way up on this one.Only 5 songs and it makes me want to play it over and over.Hey people! Do what this guy does...go shorter! On the excellent Fortune And Glory label.

Mimetic Mute NEGATIVE (CD) and POSITIVE (CD)
Released on two different labels at the same time (Moloko and Lytch), Jerome Soudan's latest project is a sprawling masterwork.Sort of psychedelic trance techno weaving snippets of dialogue and found sound and then coming on with the huge beat when least expected. I can hear the composer at work when I hear Soudan's music as evidenced by his classical type development and recapitualtion.This isn't music for dancing although the rhythm gets very big. Much is under the surface here and it isn't just thrown in at random.Although the discs are NEGATIVE and POSITIVE I do not easily sense the difference between the two and perhaps on repeated listens it will become more obvious to me. There are vocals here and there but not songs in the way one might think.This deep stuff my friends, this is the music of the 21 st century.

Tongue twisting Aussies come on a little bit mellower than their last release which seemed like a real party with everybody throwing something out at the same time.They seem like a big extended family to me with all sorts of members with goofy names.All the lyrics here are improvised and the result is chaos, mirth, sarcasm and much more.The music goes from horror show soundtrack to danceable ditties.I always like the spirit of this group and even though there are few "hooks" it is fun to get lost in it.With everyone else trying to go commercial and be easily understood, VOCABULARINIST is as refreshing as a cold six pack found in the outback. Nice foldout pacaking too.

The C.D. stands for Christian Dergarabedian, a musician from Argentina. Extremely eclectic and very interesting material throughout this 15 song CD although there are few songs as you might know them.Lots of strange instrumental passages and sound cut ups.He gets all funky from time to time too so it is not just head music for the serious or somber gardist.This has new stuff for me each time I hear it, many layers and depths. This was a unexpected and welcome find for me.

FAVORITES OF 1999 as heard on "NO PIGEONHOLES" radio program hosted by Don Campau on KKUP FM (SF Bay Area) and RADIO MARABU (Europe).
These are listed in rather random order.I hope you take some time to contact some of the artists and inquire about their music.To me, making the personal contact is the essential part of the "underground" scene.It's not a contest, it's a family.

PANAMA "Panama"(CD) This frisky power pop quartet from Philly really moves me with their stuttering sound.Cool lyrics about their city, the Panama Canal and other silly things.Get up and go!
(Two Street Recordings)twostreet@altavista.net

AMY K "Original Sins"(Cassette) Nice folky songs with a slight rock influence.Amy's unique voice and phrasing highlight this and her friends accompaniment is very tasteful.A pleasant and lilting experience.
( PO Box 120, Roxbury CT 66783) amykalisher@hotmail.com)

BODY FULL OF STARS "Welcome" (CD) High quality progressive rock from Brit veterans Tim Jones and Terri B who also run the Stone Preminitions label.This excellent CD showcases the slinky guitar talents of Mark Dunn and the outstanding production they are always known for.
(Stone Preminitions, 271 Park Road, South Moor, Stanley,Co. Durham, DH9 7AP England) terrib@stoneprem.freeserve.co.uk

LEO KUPPER "Ways OF The Voice" (CD) This amazing release features the incredible vocal talents of Anna Marie Kieffer.It's a scary ride taken, similiar to an early Diamanda Galas album.Dark, penetrating and ghoulish.We played it on Halloween for the neighbors and scared the shit out of the candy kids.
(Pogus Productions, 50 Ayr Rd, Chester, NY 10918)pogal@frontiernet.net

SCIENTIST SAM "Sam's Experimental Music" (Cassette) Toe tapping sampled madness with spoken bits, jazz breaks and big beats.
(Scientist Sam, 11514 N. Rockaway Dr, Spokane ,WA 99218) Messiah070@aol.com

ROBIN O'BRIEN " The Aftermath" (CD) German re-issue of Robin's personal and deep folk music.Stark and powerful vibrations.
(Editon Neumann, Gruner Hang 26, D-18151, Munster Germany)s-g@muenster.de

LETTUCE PREY "Blood From A Stoner Witch"(Cassette) Lo-fi folk pop with an earnestness I enjoy. This comes from the Italian Best Kept Secret label which gets my vote for Tape Label Of The Year (many excellent releases).
(Best Kept Secret, Via Biron di Sotto, 101,36100 Vicenza Italy) acrestani@telemar.it

AMY DENIO "Greatest Hits"(CD) From the flannel shirt city comes the goddess of american creative music.Her name is Amy Denio and if you don't hear her music your poor life will be even poorer.Blending ethnic traditions and her own eclectic musical talents this CD rounds up some of her best work (and she has plenty).She plays bass, saxophone,and accordion and writes incredible songs that she sings with one of the most amazing voices on this, or any other planet.. Snooze and you lose.
(Unit Circle Rekkids, PO Box 20352, Seattle, WA 98102) rekkids@unitcircle.com

ANDREAS BICK "Sono Taxis"(CD) Herr Bick has an idea: record crickets and frogs and turn it into an album of sensual, almost techno pleasure.How he makes it work is a mystery but he does.Croak.
(Andreas Bick, Weserstr. 30, 10999 Berlin, Germany)bick@snafu.de

JESTERS LONGEVITY "Analog Dub Report"(CD) They follow up last years killer "Fluency" release with a massive, reverb drenched, bass heavy, large beat monster.It's sick and good for what ails you.Neat box, button and packaging too.
(J Mundok, PO Box 116, Barnesboro, PA 15714) jmundok@hotmail.com

BECKI DIGREGORIO "Ascension" (CD) 4 songs of pure beauty from this excellent singer/songwriter.Jangly guitars (and solos from XTC's Dave Gregory) frame this hypnotic and captivating music.Sometimes I see Sandy Denny smiling from heaven when I hear this.Evidently extracted from her full length CD this is a must have in my opinion.
(Jarmusic,OT Jabel 6,D-29439, Luchow,Germany) jarmusic@t-online.de

DAUERFISCH "Crime Of The Century" (CD) Great Europop with a nutty danceable edge.Incredibly infectious at times, deftly sampling and changing gears at will, this German duo (aided by vocalist Laura Carleton) is post modern pop at its finest.Relax after the dance and have a cocktail.
(Bungalow Records) www.bungalow.de

THE CREAMS "The All Night Book Man" (double CD) Former home tapers step into the studio for some organ/guitar pop that is really cool.Manyexcellent tracks, psych at times and always catchy.
(Jarmusic,OT Jabel 6,D-29439, Luchow,Germany) jarmusic@t-online.de

RUTH SHERBOURNE "Inside Outside Reality" (cassette) Stark,lo-fi folk from the UK.Beautifully raw.
(Lonely Whistle Music, PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405) campaudj@jps.net

ORANGE CAKE MIX "Red Rose Speedway"(cassette) More lo-fi folk pop by Jim Rao.It's stripped down and heartfelt.(Best Kept Secret,via Barin di Sotto 101,36100 Vicenza, Italy) acrestani@telemar.it

SECRET ARCHIVES OF THE VATICAN "Reformed"(CD) High class drum 'n bass with gurgling synths.
Great production job throughout on this with hints of middle eastern melodies.
(Vince Millet)Vince.millett@ndirect.co.uk

MIMETIC FIELD "Overated"(CD) Powerful beat rock with classical overtones.Superior production.
(Jerome Soudan,Lowerstr. 5,D-10249, Berlin, Germany) Mimetic1@aol.com

LIFESMYTH "Self titled" (cassette) Moody folk rock nicely sung and played.Nice harmonies,rather dark.
(Scott Smith,7096 West Old Highway 64,Lexington, NC 27295) lifesmyth@iname.com

WHITE URBAN NIGGER "Young, Fast, Cheap and Out Of Control"(cassette) 60s sounding pysch folk from Jason Butler with a touch of decay and scum.Life is hard then you die.
(Jason Butler,6881 Amherst St,San Diego CA 92115)

AMANDA THORPE "Too Many Spirits"(CD) A jazzy, folky release from this excellent singer/songwriter.Nice hooks and a rainy day feel.(900 West End Ave,New York City, NY 10025) amandalynn@mindless.com

CLIFF BROWNE JR "The History Of Clowns"(cassette) A home taper with the right touch: He's got real drums, weird sounding synths, guitars and overlaid vocals and songs,good ones that I remember.It's kind of pyscho in spots and he does instrumentals too.A whole batch of goodies.
(Lonely Whistle, PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405) campaudj@jps.net
or the artist at: brownec@mailcity.com

LOCKGROOVE "Rewired"(CD) Dynamic rock from Massachusetts that refers to The Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth but cuts its own swath through the feedback.I like how it charges along and builds.
(Krave Records,229 Union St#3, Brooklyn NY 11231) KraveRec@aol.com

VINYL BILL "Too Lazy To Rock"(cassette) From the UK comes Shawn Skinner who likes the Neil Young folk sound a lot.That's good though,he has good songs and a serviceable voice.At other points he rocks a bit to fine effect.
(Best Kept Secret,via Baron di Sotto,101,36100 Vicenza Italy) acrestani@telemar.it

ARTEMIY ARTEMIEV "Mysticism Of Sound"(CD) This is electronic music at its thoughtful best.Beautiful textures,melodies at times,ambiences supreme.Highly recommended.
(Ul. Krilatskaya,31-1-321,121614, Moscow, Russia)

FRANCISCO LOPEZ "La Selva"(CD), "Untitled #91"(CD) These two discs from Spain's master of the sublime are quite different from each other.The first CD is sounds from the neotropical rain forest-rich enviroments,wet, thick jungle floors of mystery recorded in Costa Rica.The second CD is an almost invisible, absolute masterwork of quiet.I felt it more than heard it.It's comforting like hearing the heater go on when it's cold inside.
(Apartado 2542,28080 Madrid,Spain) franciscolopez@csi.com

WESTERN SOD "Trans Appalachian Tracks In Sound"(CD) Smarty pants garage rock with excellent pop ingredients.Lyrically fresh and musically invigorating this is a damn fine release. Very catchy.
(Eric Meckley,1128 Masonic Ave#B,San Francisco,CA 94117)

SHOMA & NEL "Shoma & Nel" (CD) Can drum 'n bass be timeless? This duo answers absolutely affirmatively with a fabuluosly paced and executed work featuring a few sublime vocals.It sways, rocks and drives me mad.
(Land c/o Organic , 10 rue Elerlot,381100 Grenoble, France) org_land@club-internet.fr

INTER NOS "Futuro Calpestato"(cassette) An unlikely combination of Italian pop style vocals and fuzz bass grind.I dig it.( Claudio Faggion,via Colvera 2,33170 Pordenone, Italy)

DAN SUSNARA "Maypole"( double cassette) This sprawling two tape epic contacins some of Susnara's best work.Drawing from modern rock,blues and even showtunes he thickens it up with multiple guitars,keyboards and vocals,sometimes obscured by effects.He's a home taper with a lot of ideas and uses them all here.
(7806 S. Kilpatrick, Chicago, IL 60652)

JASON PRINE "Desh Pardesh"(CD) Big beats here and well done.Well paced drum 'n backbone shaking.
(Tar Media,331 Elmwood Dr,Suite 4-213,Moncton,NB, E1A 1X6 Canada) tarmedia@nbnet.nb.ca

JLIAT "The Ocean Of Infinite Being"(CD) "The Nature Of Nature"(CD) "Hilberts Hotel"(CD) "A Long Drone Like Piece..."(CD). Mr. Jliat from England immerses himself and listeners in drones.While it sounds simple and repetitive in theory it is far from it.Texturtes swirl, the imagination travels,the ear or is it the mind?-starts hearing things that may or may not be there.Sometimes he is harsh and sometimes gentle.Where will your mind go today?

VITAL IMAGE "The Legend Of Quinn"(double CD) Although I don't really understand the concept one thing is clear.This is a well considered and exceuted rock opus.Progressive and modern sounding, the production quality is outstanding.Yes, it is rock music mostly with lots of vocals but many other sounds as well.Lots of effort went into this and it shows.Good musicianship and pacing.
(Deep Blue Records) Dbrecs@aol.com

DITHER "Dither"(cassette) 3 pieces of ambience deep inside the terrain called your head.Some feedback guitars appear and some distant thumping.I would say "neat" but who says that anymore?
(Jerome Soudan,Lowerstr. 5,D-10249, Berlin, Germany) Mimetic1@aol.com

THE BROTHER EGG "The Brother Egg"(CD) A very fine 3 song CD of moody pop that suits me just fine.Real nice melancholy action the kind I go back to often.
(PO Box 3767, Portland,OR 97208) resistor@spiretech.com

JOE SCHMOE (JOHN BARTLES) "Dirt And Roll"(cassette) Funny, filthy and frankly spoken/sung blues rock with the ever usual cut ups from JB.Offend someone now.(PO Box 106, Livonia Center,NY 14488)

FRANK PECK "Year Of The Rat"(cassette) Talk about your lo-fi sad core.Mark Ritchie is the Brit doing these musings about life.He strums his guitar and mopes.Folky.
(Kaw, 2 Carmuir, Forth,Lanarkshire,ML11 8AR)

EDITION NEUMANN "Swing Your Body"(CD) High tech atmospheres expertly produced.A bit techno in spots, the CD jacket claims that this "is not the final version" but I'm tellin' ya:it's real good.Way to go Siggi.
(Edition Neumann,Gruner Hang 26,D-18151 Munster,germany) s-g@muenster.de

HINTON "Those Mabey Days"(cassette) Melodic Britrock with dynamic flashes.Pretty hooky in some ways.Guitars at the ready.
(45 Mill Way,Grantchester,Cambridge,CB3 9ND, UK)

REYNOLS "Dohdo Vehdohdo Rulo"(cassette) A truly bizarre relaese from this Argentinian quartet about fishes heart attacks.Yeah, you read me right.Tortured Spanish vocals,out of tune guitars,fuzz bass,weird percussion.Want to annoy someone? (Courtis,Virrey Cevallos 592 1-2,1077 Buenos Aires, Argentina) courtis@cvtci.com.ar

SKUZZY CABLE "Deep Raved"(CD) In past releases lead man Bob Xark sang/ranted his lyrics to sampled beats but here he gets a full band and it works to real good effect.It's smart,it grooves big time.House style beat poetry.Yeah.(Bob Xark) bobzark@escape.net

TATSUYA NAKATANI "Green Report 5"(cassette) Minimal avant garde percussion.
Rattle,chort,spittle,crunch,buzz,tinkle.Me likem odd sounds.

NAPALMED "Mixes"(cassette) Wild manipulations of raw sounds.Noisy and interesting.
You need more noise from The Czech Republic.So get hip ,OK?Cool packaging too.
(Radek Kopel,Lipova 1123,43401 Most,Czech Republic) pkopecky@iol.cz

THE STINKING BADGER OF JAVA "Dermo In A Highland Eden"(CD) I guess this band locked themselves away at a moutain retreat for a few days to record this album of bittersweet rock.It reminds me of an Aussie, X, because of their male/female vocal tradeoffs.Nice changes in their songs and well done overall.
(PO Box 194,Rosanna 3084,Victoria,Australia) yippiebean@warehouse.net

KITCHEN CYNICS "The Quiet Ones"(cassette) Mainly a "folkie" Alan Davidson gets a bit tripped out on a few numbers here.He spaces the light fantastic ala Syd Barrett occasionally and is a generally good tunesmith.Solid guitar work and singing.( Kim Harten/Bliss Tapes,68 Barlich Way,Lodge Park,Redditch,Worcs,England B98 7JP)

TEN "The Stamp Album"(CD) Dean Cook is a tremendouns pop writer and singer.The second track is so catchy("Too Pure") you could get the flu from it.
These are 3 minute pop gems.You've hit the vein.Now,dig it!
(Shotgun Charlie,35 Winnington Rd,Ward End,Birminghaam B8 2QH,UK) shotguncharlie@geeb.freeserve.co.uk

TIMO "It Was More Than Communication We Lacked" (cassette) People seem to either love or hate Tim Gilbert.Me, I'm in the former category.First,his sarcastic lyrics give a good reflection of the tough life he's chosen to live.Secondly,he is a tremendous rhythm guitarist,one of the best.He also cuts some nice,swarthy leads here and there too.There is an inherent sadness about Timo.Where are you Tim?
(Best Kept Secret,via Baron di Sotto 101,36100 Vicenza,Italy) acrestani@telemar.it

RAY CARMEN "Correct Me If I'm Wrong"(cassette) Is popsmith a word? If it is, Ray is one.He's a true home taping vetetran deftly laying down the tracks.On this tape he does some weirdly chosen covers from The Residents to Sarah McLachlan to Michael J Bowman.Yeah, it's a word alright.
(PO Box 152, Green, OH 44232) raycarmen@yahoo.com

KEN CLINGER "KCollab .14"(CD) "KCollab .12/13"(CD) Another future Hall Of Fame Home Taper,KC joins up with other underground figures on these two discs to come up with some tasty goodies.Nice to hear him in collab with Arnold Mathes,electronic musician from NY.Ken knows just the right touch to put on a track and may be the master of the collaboration, home taper style.One of the most important individuals of this scene ever.

GARY KAY "Hawkin' The Chalk"(cassette) Reverb soaked acoustic guitar miniatures that are very pleasant and almost Satie-like in their elegance.A good early morning tape.Not obtrusive but not just ear candy either.
(Best Kept Secret,via Barin di Sotto 101,36100 Vicenza, Italy) acrestani@telemar.it

PROTOTYPE EARTHBORNE "Rosemount"(cassette) Let's say you take the last tape I described and removed the reveb,used old batteries on the tape deck and partially re-recorded over it with random keyboards and percussion.These duet improvs wander over the border of sanity at times although it is not purely noise.
It is quite mad however.
(FDR Tapes,1258 E.25th St,Des Moines,IA 50317)

BLUES PERSUADERS "Come On Funny Feelin"(CD) I must say that I am getting very weary of blues bands (and reggae too for that matter) but for some reason this CD from this Ohio outfit hits me more than just right.That guitar player is frigging hot for one thing and the band has a great live feel with a decent singer and tunes.No doubt they are hot in person and somehow they bring the heat to the recording.Solid stufff.
(Greg Thomas,3017 Marshall Ave,Cicinnati,OH 45220) thomaseg@email.uc.edu

ANTHONY DISTEFANO "Untitled"(cassette) Collection of experimental tracks,mainly keyboard realized.I like his different ideas and doesn't seem to be linked to one style of experimentation as many do.Sort of dark and mysterious.
(1720 62nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11204)

EYELIGHT "Eyelight" (cassette) Nice loopiness from Jehn Cerron.Very fine and seldom heard use of voice loops that is most welcome.Lots of solitary feeling.
Stunning.(Jehn Cerron, 651 Woodward St #B,Orlando, FL 32803) sevenlight@hotmail.com

GUIDER PROJECT "Guider Project" (CD) Booty shakin techno flavored millenium chanting with remixes.Just try to stand still.(Deep Blue Records) Dbrecs@aol.com

IDIOM "Waterglass" (cassette) Lovely instrumentals from this British quartet.
Nice use of sax and the way the band arranges its material keeps me interested.
Kind of floaty mainly and melodic.
(c/o Rachel Trimmer,298 Vicarase Road,Longwood,Huddersfield,W,Yorks,England HD3 4HJ)

THE INFANT CYCLE "Old Plus Four" (CD) Intriguing sampling and experimentation by Canada's Jim De Jong who also runs The Ceiling , an excellent and challenging label.All instruemental kookiness and fucked up good and I mean that in the best possible way.
(Austenite Recordings,PO Box 26142,Kitchener,Ontario N2H 6T4 Canada) austenite_recordings@yahoo.com

ONQ "Nothing You Could Be Happy For"(cassette) Songs with guitar but in no way "folkie".Very bizarre performances (not unlike that weirdo Jandek,remember him?) by Onco Galuppini from Italy that combine strange sounds with the voice and guitar.A moody tape and very different from what you might expect.
(Kylie, 509a Old York Road,Wandsworth,London SW18 1TF,UK) onq@libero.it

FOUL LICK "Explorting The Bulbous Drain" (cassette) In a way this type of tape really exemplfies the true nature of home taping.There are songs,weird noises and a general, lets-do-what-we-want attitude that is refreshing in this formatted everyone-has-their-formula-hyphenated world.This is fun, amateurish whack offs.
(Anthony Cobb,2136 S. M ST,Tacoma,WA 98405)

TIM JONES "666+1" (CD) Tim has been kicking ass and taking names for so long in music he could write a book.He and Terri B also run the Stone Preminitions label which I've touted many times before and this outstanding CD (actually Tim's first solo release) only underlines what I already knew: He's a mutil talented monster on the loose with guitars and solid songs,lyrics and production.His voice is very distinctive and emotive.This is rock music with an edge and very fine musicianship.Can he do no wrong?
(Stone Preminitons,271 Park Road,South Moor,Stanley,Co.Durham,DH9 7AP,UK) terrib@stoneprem.freeserve.co.uk

VINYL BILL "What Lo-Fi" (cassette) Very pleasing performances by the UK's Shawn Skinner who writes good tunes and plays the usual home taper assortment of guitars and keys.He's a good singer and the lo-fi in title may indicate the fidelity but not the heart and soul.He's real, believe it.
(Best kept Secret, via Baron di Sotto 101,36100 Vicenza, Italy) acrestani@telemar.it

TODD SHUSTER "My Report Card" (CD) Very fine poppy rock the way it should be: short, to-the-point songs with hooky melodies and nice harmonies.This goes down easy, my friends.
(961 Manor Ave,Meadowbrook, PA 19046) tshuster@bellatlantic.net

ACTIVITY SET "Drift" (cd) Psych sounding rock schtuff with progressive overtones.Rather subdued in many places, this is not pop sounding but laden with minor key broodiness.Dreamy time.
(John Lisiecki,1327 and1/2,Church St,Evanston,IL 60201) JohnL16500@aol.com

LUXUS "Sunken Sailor" (CD) This rock group from Luxembourg sounds like they stopped by the kaffe in Amsterdam along the way aand picked up some inspiration.Kind of funky.kind of messed up.thats what you'll find here.Pass the menu, OK?
(Claude Franck) radioara@mindless.com

LOS OTROS " Radio Chon" (CD) This Bay Area band sounds best when sticking to their Hispanic music roots.
Excellent production and use of some ethnic instruments gives this a pleasant feeling.It's not new music but a solid achievement of updating what's timeless.
(Son Del Barrio,123 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107) pmarod@hotcity.com

VOCABULARINIST "Hasznasznasz" (CD) This spaced out Aussie extended family grabs, shakes and fucks the house up with noise,punk style, goofy banter and who knows what else.Songs develop from weird places and disintegrate again.A goofy, fun ride.
(7 Seater Records,PO Box 341, Fivedock,NSW 2046 Australia)

RUSS STEDMAN "Cracked" (CD) Long time home taping vet and local band leader reveals his hatful of tricks on this CDR.It's rock music alright with nods to Bob Mould/Husker Du and maybe The Replacements but if one knows Russ' music like I do over the years it becomes obvious how much of his own man he is.He can mine many styles and is an excellent musician overall.One of Americas best for sure.
(Hell Bent For Lather,PO Box 89224, Sioux Falls SD 57109) goldtop@gateway.net

BILL FOREMAN "Building St Petersburg" (CD) When I hear Bill I feel like I'm listening to history.Sort of like playing a record from The Library Of Congress or an old Folkways disc.He has some kind of genuineness to me, a folky easy ramblin' touch.He has produced many albums and this is certainly one of his finest.Yes, he references Dylan quite a bit, even his vocal phrasings sound like The ZimmerGod but that doesn't stop me from digging the hell out of this.
(General Ludd,3342 Brockton Ave,Riverside, CA 92507) billforeman@earthlink.net

EVAN PETA "Lord High Sheriff Of Shakin Street"(CD) Very hot lead guitar thrashing with riffing chords and the nasally voice of our hero.The songs are well worked out but less important to me than the solos which just rip.This is hot so you better be ready.
(Scorched,309 W. 12th St, Mitchell, SD 57301) scorched@hdc.net

FREDDY KRUEGERS HAT "Freddy Kruegers Hat" (CD) Tasty blues rock from Canada which appears to be the new hotbed for this genre.Head Hat Bryan Leckie has an appropriate voice and some decent songs with far better than average lyrics that set up up his guitar work which is very good.
(Larry Dickinson) lkdick@log.on.ca

CLOUD "Blunt Shade Artcore" (CD) This is home taper Michael J Bowmans instrumental project and he has ideas galore as usual.He has always firmly grasped the concept of a good song and this album features a variety of approaches.This is the essence of what underground/independent means to me.Don't miss out.
(Semper Lo Fi, 11 Orchard St,Cold Spring NY 10516) 76365.400@compuserve.com

MONOPHON/TU M' "Untitled" (CD) Split release from Monia De Lauretis who is also busy with a radio show and a zine.Highly experimental stylings that change from track to track.From noise to avantechbient with jazzy overtones.It's hard for me to tell the difference between the groups only because there is so much diversity.Nice fold out cover as well.
(Itself, Via Albegna 4,65128 Pescara Italy) dlmonia@dns.rgn.it

MOTION CONTROL "Untitled" (CD) Electronic burblings that evolve into drum 'n bass moments at times.
Spacey, nice work.(Jamie Ballinger,4 Ashfield Ave,Morley,Leeds, England LS27 0QD)

MYSTERY HEARSAY "99 Tracks" (CD) Another true vet of the experimental scene, Mike Hunnycutt goes far out out this CDR.It's hard for me to describe the various sounds and noises here but they are sculpted like a craftsman.I think he has been influenced somewhat by being a DJ.His idea of sequencing and pacing is like a good program.He might even play your music if its weird enough.
(Mystery Hearsay, PO Box 240131, Memphis TN 38124) choneyc1@midsouth.rr.com

MATTHIEU HA "Bruxelles Paralelles/Fragment" (CD) This is haunting vocalizing and accordion I guess.You could tell me this music is from a thousand years ago and I would believe it.Sort of early music meets ECM chamber quality.Beautiful, extremely.
(First Cask Records,48 Ruer D'Ophem, B-1000 Brussels Belgium) fsk@altavista.net

CROWN GENIUS "..To All The Nonbelievers" (CD) A mixed bag of freeform sampling,Suckdog type songs and a don't-give-a -damn attitude that is refreshing.This is not pre-formatted college rock ,dear colleagues.The duet of Crown Genius is in your face with screaming and out of tune nuttiness.Gotta love 'em for it.It's real people.
(Crown Genius, PO Box 190, Ridgewood NJ 07451-0190) biffrud@yahoo.com or florida@gurlmail.com

DANIEL PRENDIVILLE "Tantrum Ego" (CD) This Irish singer sounds quite American to me.From the upbeat and snappy numbers that sound like a cross between Boz Scaggs (in his Steve Miller Band heydays) and The Beach Boys to the moodier ballads, Mr. Prendiville creates a pop sound that is at once retro and current.
(6, Clonaslee,Menagh,Co.Tipperary,Ireland) daniel.prendiville@oceanfree.net

JAMES RICHARD OLIVER "The Mud, The Blood And The Beer" (CD) Good times abound on this rockabilly tinged classic.Country rockin',beer swillin',guitar pickin'.These are some good 'uns.
(Illbilly Records, PO Box 924, Blue Ridge, GA 30513)

IF,BWANA "Clara Nostra" (CD) An absolute classic of deep ambience just perfect for this CD re-issue.Somehow sound designer, Al Margolis (and label honcho) builds up layers and layers of manipulated clarinet until there are 106.476 of them.Not that you will recognize the sound however.Caverns of dark.
(Pogus Productions,50 Ayr Rd,Chester, NY 10918) pogal@frontiernet.net

KOPECKY "Kopecky" (CD) Springing from a place where progressive instrumental music meets ethnic curiosity, this disc is ambitious and enjoyable.First rate musicianship all over the place here.Great production values too.
(3335 Hamlin St,Racine, WI 53403) kopecky@wi.net

PHIL NARO "Ten Year Tour" (CD) Powerful collection of hair metal bands featuring this excellent Canadian rocker/crooner as the frontman.Some amazing songs here including , "Hashimoti" my choice for song of the year.I could not shake this song for weeks.Exquisite production and tip top rock playing.
(1901-141 Davisville Ave, Toronto, Canada M45 1G7) pnaro@interlog.com

JARBOE "Anhedoniac" (CD) Is self torture your thing? Does groveling before your master suit you?
Not only is the package a wicked X rated creation but the music is quite startling too.Quite literally from a whisper to a scream, this bass heavy,soul itching, flesh rotting disc is painful but rewarding.Time to face your demons.
(PO Box420232, Atlanta, GA 30342-0232) jarboe@mindspring.com

EDWARD ARTEMIEV "Solaris, The Mirror,Stalker" (CD) Beautifully wrought soundtrack and electronic music stylings from this noted Russian composer.One of the originators of electronic music in that land,Mr. Artemiev has a soft touch on this disc and the dreamy soundscapes are just right for dusky moments of solitude.
(ElectroshockBox 183,1/20,Petrovskie linii,Moscow 103051 Russia)

OLI GUZUL "Agents Des Lichts" (CD) Scrumptious electronic works expertly assembled that use delicate timbres and rhythms to dazzle, comfort and delight.
(Edition Neumann,Gruner Hang 26,D-48151 Munster, Germany) s-g@muenster.de

LARRY DICKINSON "No More Stormy Weather" (CD) Blues influenced rock music with very fine production and some flashy playing.Fans of ZZ Top or Stevie Ray Vaughan should take note.Journeyman effort here.
(Larry Dickinson) lkdick@log.on.ca

TIM GRAY "Oh, Come Now" (CD) From the goofy cover I thought this would be some Zappa like cutups but lo and behold Tim trots some major, serious work here.Classical sounding, organized compositions wrought on computer I'd say that reveal a real depth of ideas.Evidently done for some Theater productions this CD holds together very well just for listening.Lots of meat,many changes of direction.(Tim Gray) barkndog@humboldt1.com

BLACKLIGHT BRAILLLE "Into The World Of The Gods" (CD) This veteran ensemble comes at one from many directions.From all rhythm pieces to rock ballads to the fairy tale poetry of Owen Knight, the musicianship is high, the inspiration timeless, in fact, I always feel part of a different ancient century when I play this.
(Owen Knight,530 Flatt, Cincinnati, OH 45232)

MARK HARRINGTON "Trash Icon"(CD) Social commentator Mr. Harrington plays his rock music fairly straight with references to Neil Young and Tom Verlaine.It's got hooks and good production.A solid effort.

FUNHOUSE "Silver Lining" (CD) Rock, with that poppy dramatic edge I like.Good songs,nice harmonies too.
If I heard this on the "regular" radio I wouldn't be surprised.It would fit in nicely I think.
(101 Burlington St, Toronto, Ontario M8V 3W1 Canada) fun@sympatico.ca

J MUNDOK "Saturated" (CD) MR. Mundok has many facaes: his dub project JESTERS LONGEVITY (also reviewed here), his solo pop rock work, and this,an all instrumental disc of exquisite sounds well suited for early morning or late night relaxing.Don't misunderstand though: this is not mindless ear candy.The pieces have heart and purpose and are well thought out.I'd have to say we have a major talent here.(PO Box 116,Barnesboro,PA 15714) jmundok@hotmail.com

UZIMA "Mouth Wide Shut" (CD) Peter Gullerud's long time instrumental project is anotther entry into the late night category.He focuses on the quiet side and I've never heard him really go harsh.He stirs up gentle rhythms and guides his synths over the top usually in some modal way.Sometimes the voices of angels appear.
(Flat Broke Records,PO Box 124, Burbank, CA 91503-0124) grootlore@aol.com

CULTURE BANDITS "Noise Is For Heroes" (CD) The title is a bit misleading I think because the music is hard charging modern rock with all the appropriate dynamics.This Detriot area quartet uses the big guitar sound and a few hooks to grab the ear.Good stuff live I'd bet.Play loud.
(Static Records, 17215 Mack Ave, Detroit,MI 48224) suestatic@aol.com

SPOOKY PIE "Poisonberry" (CD) The cover suggests a Cramps-like Beggars Banquet and the music has a ragged edge with allusions to surf, rave up,and The Go-Gos but more grungey.Good time rock music.
(Boo Records,PO Box 691138, Los Angeles, CA 90069)spookypie@loop.com

TOSHI HIRAOKA "Untitled" (CD) Big beat sequencing and galloping synths on this all instrumental CDR.
For me, it has a very German character,like a harder Kraftwerk.
(Hard Disc,3-77-8 Nisshin,Omiya,Saitama, 331-0044 Japan) hdisc@tky.3web.ne.jp

JO & JOE & FRIENDS "Injams" (CD) Jazzy one take improvs featuring some tasty group and solo work from this Bay Area quintet.The guitar playing is especially nimble and the rhythm section is well programmed and augmented by live interaction.Good mixing and editing keeps these pieces entertaining.
(736 Mountain View Ave#3,Mountain View, CA 94041) jojojam98@earthlink.net

WALKING WOUNDED "Artifice" (CD) The title track is particularly engaging to me because of its urgency.The pulsing folk elements mixed with a Pogues-like delivery are attractive and fun.At other moments it is reminiscent of a Bert Jansch album with a full acoustic guitar sound, hand percussion and harmonica in spots.Nothing artificial here. (4 Dunlace Road,London E5 0NE England)

JIM DENLEY "Sonic Hieroglyphs" (CD) Disjointed sound manipulations and wind instruments evoke a different dimension where sound has shape and substance.This is aboriginal future music.Cracked, and better for it.
(PO Box 445, Potts Point 2011,Sydney, Australia) splitrec@ozemail.com.au

COUNT ZEE "Collection 1994-9" (CD) Fragments, some grand, some small, some noisy team up on this all instrumental CD.Many diverse elements that include both gentle and rough going.Challenging variety.
(Johnno Jonsin) countzee@aol.com

BOB BURNETT "Loops & Lines" (CD) A very novel approach for what could have been just another soft jazz album by Mr Burnett who samples and loops various backings including Stravinsky,Coltrane,John McLaughlin.
Burnett is a very fine and restrained guitarist and uses space in a tatseful way.Neat concept.
(Bob Burnett) burb@etrassociates.org

UNCLE TOM "Uncle Tom" (CD) Snotty, whiny white boy punky rock that I really go for.Somehow it separates itself from the pack of other whiners with good lyrics and a pushy sound.Some good accents and hooks too.

DUF DAVIS "Shut Up And Detune Your Guitar" (CD), "I Hate People...No Exceptions" (CD) Two different approaches on these discs. The first features weird guitar tunings beaten into oddball songs and instrumentals.Very nice,out of tune sounding pieces.Imagine Harry Partch as a modern day folk singer with a pleasing voice.The other disc runs out on the field with some rocky moments of sarcasm combined with grabby hooks.Going,going,gone.
(Galactic Recording,51 Grover St,Suite 13A, Princeton, NJ 08540) OrangeEntropy@aol.com

MARK SEGAL "Wisdom Of The Ancients" (CD) Extremely tasty guitar featured album with great playing.Picture John Scofield in a groove with Santana.Self recorded jazz/rock/blues feast.Yum.
(PO Box 1362,Santa Monica, CA 90106-1362) info@maryott.com

ELECTRIC COMPANY AND VAS DEFERENS ORGANIZATION "More Pelvis Wick For The Baloney Boners" (CD) A the end of the year I received some magnificient CDs from the Tekito label each highly diverse and full of creative ideas.On this one two different studio "bands" combine to whack out some weird shit,funked up rhythms,noisey wah wahs,montage effects and Residents-like vocals.Very entertaining ride.
(Tekito, PMB#432,828 Royal St,New Orleans,LA 70116) tekito@excite.com

VAS DEFERENS ORGANIZATION "Drug Bubbles" (CD) An instrumental tumble leaning in the prgressive direction I suppose although it is a turbulent ride.So many sounds-sometimes like Halloween in Hell and sometimes a strange hidden basement club where anything goes.
(Tekito, PMB#432,828 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116) tekito@excite.com

MATT FRANTZ "Red Rum Trance" (CD), "Liars Paradise" (CD), "Graphic Verses" (CD) Actually Matt does not attribute his work to his own name but to the individual projects.Each is quite varied and different from the others.One disc has guitar improvs and sound effects,the next a chaotic bag of confusing voices and layers,and the last is a strange struggle of self exorcisms.If Trent Reznor had a non commercial side project it might sound like this.Non compromising, unique collages of texture and sound.
(Independent Opposition,PO Box 31248, Cincinnati,OH 45231) mattfrantz@excite.com

EHI "Small Object In Eye" (CD) Master noise maker and sound collager, Brian Noring throws his instruments in a blender, turns it up high, spreads it out on the table for us to look at.It's a foreign collection for the palette.The taste of conctete and wires and big ole chunks of ruin.
(FDR Tapes, 1258 E. 25th St, Des Moines IA 50317-2619)

~STICKLER "All About The Washingtons" (CD) Russ Stedman's punk trio mashes it up in his always fun style.More Husker Du-isms for sure: the short songs,the slidechord hammer guitar, the innsistent vocals.
Loud is better for this day time album.Good to get things done by.
(Hell-Bent For Lather, PO Box 89224,Sioux Falls, SD 57109 goldtop@gateway.net

KEN CLINGER "KCM .20/Elizabeth Appears" (CD), "KC .48/49"(CD), "Faucet Dream" (CD). Mr. Clinger's personal vision includes the following: sweet keyboard melodies,classical counterpoint,ambience and collaboration.Each of these visions are secured by his inimitable grace and style and amazing consistency.
There is only one distinctive and slightly eccentric Ken Clinger.Know him.
(Bovine Productions,311 STratford Ave #2,Pittsburgh, PA 15232-1108) clinger@duq.edu

MICHAEL J HEX "The Hiss Explosion" (CD) Guitar jamming with a radio playing in the background, sounds appear and disappear, weirdness ensues, the guitar strums, feedback happens.Drums and noise.Nutty Kiwis.
(Noseflute Records,18 Peterborough St, Christchurch, New Zealand) noseflute@yahoo.com

AUTUMN "Taciturn Tales" (CD) Gothic rainy day keyboard drizzlings with a dramatic flair.Definite forms take shape, timpani rolls,the orchestra swells, the rain stops...then begins again.
(Kronprinzenstr.106, 40217 Dussledorf, Germany) autumn-eu@t-online.de

KITCHEN CYNICS "Come Little Memory"(CD) Scottish home taper Alan Davidson keeps calm, picks his guitar nicely,his keyboard is sparing, his voice pleasant and lilting.A delightful album with many songs.Quite a value.
(346 Holburn St,Aberdeen AB10 7GX Scotland)

ARNOLD MATHES "Endless Flights" (CD) Armed with an arsenal of electronic devices Mr Mathes protects and serves proudly by revving up the synths and rhythm boxes, gurgling, wheezing and chugging as he goes.
(Audiofile Tapes, 209-25 18 Ave, Bayside, NY 11360) litlgrey@netcom.com

FLETCHER/ZZAJ ".Calm" (CD) Freeform keyboard based improvs usually with some tonal center and some concurrent bluesy kind of jamming.Occasional vocals pop up but it is mainly instrumental spaciness.
(Zzaj productions,5308 65th Ave,Lacey, WA 98513) rotcod@olywa.net

BLUE HOUSE "Almost 10" (CD) Bay Area folk rock trio featuring the alluring vocals of Amy Beasley and Marlies De Veer.Poppish songwriting teamed with well thought arrangements and excellent harmonies.Non confrontational and mainstream but done with a nice flair.Good tunes.
(178 Ciro Ave, San Jose, CA 95128) bluehouse@earthlink.net

ZAKAS "Shunk Daddy Grind" (CD) Unusual mix of rock, ethnic sounds and percussion distinguish this CD.Rappish type vocals here and there, hard rock moments, cling clang vibrations.Variety would be the word.
(McC Music,3830 Flamingo Rd C-1#173,Las Vegas,NV 89121) mrcatface@lvdi.net

MARY OTT "From My Room" (CD) Singer/songwriter material that might fit well on "New Country" stations, Ms Otts hearty voice is strong and in good form here.The backing musicians do an admirable job too.Think Joni
with a country twist.(PO Box 1362, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1362) info@maryott.com


"Pop Goes The World" (CD) 24 bands of pop oriented stuff fairly well done.A bit XTC here,a little college rock there.My fave is the track by the Japanese band, ZETTAIMU.It's a smooth mid tempo rock number with mellow harmonies.(RPM Records, c/o Greg Colburn,PO Box 10216,Baltimore,MD 21234) link@netrax.net

POL SILENTBLOCK "Ou Est Ma Gomme?" (CD) This is an excellent Pink Floyd tribute album with some nice tracks from Trespassers W, Human Flesh and Pol himself doing "Another Brick In The Wall".Of course it is spacey,the lyric sheet is printed backwards and the whole thing is freaking me out.Help! my face is melting.
(BP 54,B-6820 Florenville,Belgium)

"Anonmalous Silencer 3" (CD) Noise and chaos from worldwide terrorists like Daniele Brusachetto,Outermost,Reynols,Napalmed and many others.Now clean up the corpses.
(Radek Kopel,Lipova 1123,434 01,Most, Czech Republic) pkopecky@iol.cz

"??? Pinata"(CD) A truly bizarre lineup but is it really a comp or just one person masquerading? Who knows and who cares you say.When the going is this weird, does it matter? Yeah, it is noisy and fucked up.Lunacy loyalty test.
(Audiofile Tapes, 209-25 18 Ave, Bayside, NY 11360) litlgrey@netcom.com

"Blind Herd Of Sheep" (CD) Diverse comp from Berkeley High School and the results are pretty startling.Mandatory punk, rap and even a teacher singing a folk song with banjo.Why couldn't I have gone to a school like this?Cool guys.You all pass.
(El Sabado Records) elsabado@newmall.com

"Electroshock Volume 4:Archive Tapes Synthesizer ANS"(CD) A fascinating and historical look at the first (probably) Russian synth recordings.The tracks themselves are amazing in their insight and timelessness.This is big time serious electronic music by men AND women.A fabulous document,extremely valuable.
(Electroshock Records,Box 183,1/20, Petrovskie Linii,Moscow 103051)

"Unsound Series Volume 1:Pop" (CD) 24 tracks assembled by Gary Pig Gold and Shane Faubert who have a real taste for that good old pop sound.Hear The Beatles,XTC and remnants many other pop masters as filtered through the current day stylings of home tapers like Lane Steinberg,Ed James,Ray Carmen,Rick Harper and of course Messers Mr Gold and Faubert.(565 First St #5,Hoboken, NJ 07030-6544) pigprod@aol.com

"Unsound Series Volume 2:Guitars" (CD) The second CD in this series is even better than the first.Very cool songs from Kurt Reil,Randell Kirsch (an amazing Beach Boys-like track), Cranbury Sauce and even 60s icon Ian Whitcomb.Dee-lightful.(565 First St #5,Hoboken, NJ 07030-6544) pigprod@aol.com

OK-enough already.These are only a few of my favorites from 1999.Thanks to everyone for submitting all this great music for my radio show, "No Pigeonholes".Keep on sending it in.I accept all styles.Sorry if I didn't mention your band or project.I just ran out of time and energy.
(Don Campau,PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa, CA 95405) campaudj@jps.net

Here is my "favorites of 1998" as heard on my radio show, "No Pigeonholes".I wrote this in early 1999.

Favorites of 1998

AS FEATURED ON ?Pigeonholes??dio program
What a great year it was for new, truly independent music.Please get in touch with
some of these people and obtain their music.
Of course, these are just a few of my top picks of ?Thanks again.

ON cd:
BOOK OF KILLS/ So far in every direction
Veteran home taper and reviewer, Jim Shelley has been there and done that.That
his own music should be so good should come as no surprise.His lyrics are sharp and
his folk rock style befits him.To me, occasionally he sounds melodically like The
Cure but frankly his music is more compelling.Well produced and uniquely
AIN?ECORDS, 206 High St.,Bridgewater,VA 22812 (BOOKOFKILS@aol.com)

Currently one of my favorite UK labels,SP is run by Tim Jones and Terri B who also
direct the musical projects THE RABBITS HAT and BODY FULL OF STARS.This
is first class rock music with progressive edges and tasty musicianship
throughout.Its all quality from these people.
STONE PREMINITIONS,271 Park Rd,South Moor,Stanley,Co.Durham,
DH9 7AP U.K. (stoneprem@mellis.co.uk)

J Mundok is a busy guy.In addition to his musical releases he also has a fine web site
featuring music reviews and information.His rock project, JMUNDOK is very nicely
done.Touching words, good vocals and excellent production.His trippy dub ?ass
release JESTERS LONGEVITY is ambient and deep.
J is getting a new address soon so e mail him at: (kettle@mindspring.com) or web
site: (http://www.mindspring.com/~kettle)

BLOOD RED FLOWER/ Last Link To The World
Boasting powerful, big time production sound and the up front vocals of Phil Naro,
BRF brings to mind the best of big hair 80s melodic rock.
This band is hot.
UNPLUGGED & WIRED MUSIC,Davisville Postal Outlet,1881 Younge St,PO Box
48025,Toronto, Ontario, M4S 3C6 Canada
(brflower@interlog.com) web: (http://www.interlog.com/~brflower)

MIKE ERRICO/ Vicious Circle
This 5 song, very commercial sounding disc is executed with real style.Errico has a
great voice and timing, writes strong, catchy songs and has killer production.If Mike
gets the right Mafia connections he?be a star.He?ot the goods.
MIKE ERRICO,PO Box 20463,New Yor,NY 10011 (popexvii@aol.com)

WHALEMAN/ Heroes In The Seaweed
Inspired poppy rock featuring all basses!This guy has the pop sentiment but is not
all gooey.Short, concise songs with good lyrics and a high tenor type voice.I like
2 King St. West,PO Box 57053,Hamilton,Ontario,L8P 4X1 Canada

THE LACES/ Thank you and Goodbye
Doug Kabourek does the lo fi pop thing to much success to these ears.His singing
can be off key and quirky but it grows on me.I like his lyricsand musical
backings.His double track vocals are effective and convincing.
Folk rock pop has never been healthier.
THE LACES,1102 Hollywood Blvd #10,Iowa City, IA 52240

BOB XARK/ Gargoyle Wings
Imagine the big city as seen from a lofty firescape.Dash it with cool rhythm samples,
punk poetry and a sarcastic delivery and you have a real experience called BOB
XARK.Oh yeah he rocks on guitar too.
BOMB SNIFFING DOG RECORDS,Po Box 217,Old Chelsea Station,New
York,NY 10113 (bob zark@escape.com) website:(http://www.frankmedia.com)

I?elling you:Your guts are going to get ripped out by this guy?uitar.He?o
Caruso on vocals but that doesn?atter to me.His lyrics and song style is sort of
British guitar rock like FACES or his fave,THIN LIZZY.His rubber necking solos
are the stand out.
EVAN PETA,309 w.12TH St.,Mitchell,SD 57301 (scorched@hdc.net)

I received several CDs from this home recordist and they kept growing on me.He
works the rock and folk vein mainly.Not blowing me away just creeping up on me
with his unique vision.This is what it?bout.
(generaludd@tripod.net) web:(http://members.tripod.com/~generaludd)

It? pensive almost new age territory that Ayers takes us on this CD but wait
something is amiss.There seems to be a sadness and dark quality to it all.She
sings,speaks in an excellent lower soprano register that is quite haunting.Rainy day
dream away.
DARK WOOD RECORDINGS,PO 1786,Albany,NY 12201(ayers@wizvax.net)

Real snazzy, zappa like rock with cynical, offbeat lyrics.The band is also super hot.I
dig this with a spade baby .Evidently wonderful live too.
FANG RECORDS,PO Box 452,New Yor,NY 10009 (DonRauf@aol.com)

On cassette:
TIMO/ Numbers
This C90 is a retrospective of Timothy Gilberts output for 1998.Yep, he?till pissed
but he?ot his drum machine and his guitar and his personal distorted image of
this fucked up world.An incredible rhythm and lead guitar player and his singing is
highly identifiable.Prolific as hell.
TIM GLIBERT,Flat 6, 85 Windmill Hill,Enfield,EN2 7AF UK

DELETED/ La Derelitta
This release from this french duo is very strange and extremely entertaining.
.Almost like ENO when he did vocals.Avant rock mixed with cartoon music and
weird keyboards. Vive LES DEUX.
CHRISTOPHE PETCHANATZ,Le Clos du President,38 Avenue Pompidou,69003
Lyon,France (petchanatz@yahoo.com)

EARTH/ Supernaut,Moon, Princess
These tapes by German guitarist Wolfgang Erdmann rock my world.He?ot the
programmed drum machine and rock riffing but when he solos he kills me.Very,
very tasty playing-not always in your face but subtle.
No vocals but nicely arranged tunes.
WOLFGANG ERDMANN, Ludwigstr.49,63263 Neu-Isenberg,Germany

JOHN BARTLES/ Unplunged,Welcome To Fuckville,Halloweenie
Bartles is kind of the poet laureate of the underground.Yeah, he?ad too and
takes it out with profane reflections of life and his cynical observations of the hell
he?ad to live.He always gets crack local musicians to back him.Certainly one of
the most important underground artists of our time.And one of the funniest.
JOHN BARTLES,PO 106,Livonia Center,NY 14488

KEN CLINGER/ KC 47 also Struck By The Beatles (On CD)
An American icon in action on some of his newest recordings.One of the most
prolific and interesting home tapers ever,KC floats us away with his keyboards and
computer.I would never confuse the singing or lyrics with anyone else.On this
album, Clinger breaks new territory especially on ?otic Flowers??ere the
atmosphere is sublime.The BEATLES tribute CD is entertaining too featuring such
home taping luminaries as Ray Carmen,KC,Jeff Olson and many others.
KEN CLINGER, 311 Stratford Ave#2, Pittsburgh, PA 15232-1108

LORD LITTER/ Back To The Basics
Inspired by a Johnny Cash concert in Berlin last year, our hero performs
straightforward and simple tunes, country folk in nature.Litter is ?tsy?? an odd
kind of way.Perhaps an acquired taste but I?acquired it.
LORD LITTER, Pariserstr.63A,10719 Berlin, Germany

ANDREW SAVAGE/ From The Start To The Beginning (also on diskette)
Savage is playful in this instrumental album (also on floppy disk).It? series of
pieces that link generated by his computer.It is not avant garde or new age...I don?lt;br>know what to call it exactly.Not abrasive but
quieting.Andy also does a cassettezine where he reads poetry and reviews music and
literature called SUPER TROUPER.
ANDREW SAVAGE, 35 Kearsley Rd,Sheffield S2 4TE UK

MJB teams up with a few home tapers for a tape that runs the gamut.It? super
session of sorts featuring Mike?op sense mixed with a daring bit of
experimentalism.Guests include Hal McGee,KD Schmitz,Dan Susnara and
others.He also publishes the FREE AGENT zine.
MJB,11 Orchard St,Cold Spring, NY 10516 (76365.400@compuserve.com)

K.D. SCHMITZ/ Pleasant Valley Tuesday
KD has a nice voice,a bit like a young Pete Townsshend.He also writes really fine
songs and does unusal electronic projects too.On this solo album, voice and guitar is
it.There is something special and touching about this man?usic.He has the true
home taper spirit.
He also has a little publication called Ten Thousand Things that is a picture into his
life and his feelings.
KD SCHMITZ, PO Box 1806,Poughkeepsie,NY 12601 (TTT@aol.com)

FARCES WANNA MO/ special collection 1990-97
This kooky project from David Woyechowsky features those loony WEEN or JAD
FAIR type vocals.Dave?kewered sense of humor pervades the proceedings and he
has certainly been prolific as demostrated by this 4 hour two tape set.
DAVID WOYCECHOWSKY,Baker & Markham,Symphony Towers,Suite 3100,750
?St,San Diego, CA 92101 (farces@usa.net)

THE THIRD STATE/ Escape The Sanctuary
Englishman Trevor Hall?ongtime fascination with pop music continues aided by
his computer.He has something classically British about him and that seems to
foster a particular kind of politeness with his music.He writes really good tunes and
this tape is full of them.
OBSCURE DELIGHT,Hardwick Croft,Top Common,
East Runton,Cromer,Norfolk NR27 9PR UK

KEV ORKIAN (KEVYN DYMOND) / Rock And Roll Suicides
Kev does cover songs on this one with his usual flair for perfection in his
vision.From Bowie to Bach he stamps his talent here.Just hear The Brandenburg
Concerto #2 he performs on guitars.Friggin amazing.
Also, the cover of ?lesque?? FAMILY (remember them?) is my fave.
KEVYN DYMOND,PO Box 35,Arcata, CA 95521


Humor laced folk sounds very nicely recorded.It?ot a laugh your ass off humor,
it?ore like a little social addressing.Kenny?enor is very pleasing and the band
seems to have a nice rapport.
CONEY ISLAND RECORDS/PO Box 3260,New York, NY 10185
( kyeggplant@aol.com)

Very emotionally charged folk punk that sounds great to me.Driving rhythm
guitars, nice accent breaks, extra vocals on the chorus and that English sense I love.
BLEEDING HEARTS,50 Leasowe Road,Tipton,West Midlands, DY4 8PW UK

Another flawlessy produced independent that varies from STEELY DAN type
numbers to floaty trip hop and sensuuous and supple rock pieces.Listen, this guy
could be big-too bad that?ore of a curse than a blessing.
JEFFERSON DENIM,832 3rd St,Box 108,Santa Monica,CA 90403

TWELFTH HOUSE/ self titled (On CD)
This Chicago based trio has a real knack for combining folk and rock
influences.Vocalist Sally Maish is delightful throughout.References to KRISTEN
HERSH may not be too far off base but I hear originality at work and baby, I call
?as I see ?
ASPECT MANAGEMENT, 837 W. Wolfram St #205,Chicago IL 60657

I?been hooked on track six, ?t It Is??r a long time now.Resistance is futile
to this groove.His vocal is dead on and the trombone solo caps off a fantastic cut.Not
every cut is this propulsive and many are slower and moody.To me, this one track
makes the disc.
But quality is at work here.
STEPHEN EWART,PO Box 459,Richmond,Victoria 3121,Australia
( stephen@dezzanet.net.au)

GRISWOLD/ Let?retend We?Gay (On CD)
Hard charging punk from Ireland.This 4 song release features some killer melodies
and choruses.?nd New BarCode??cks my ass with some great vocals and sense
of urgency.
GRISWOLD,PO Box 362,Belfast BT7 1AY Ireland

MOONPUMP/ Common Crazy World
I suppose I could call this power pop with a punky edge and a soulfulness.The vocals
are very ?lish??nd the band sounds best at a quickened tempo.Typically verse/
chorus/ verse type arrangements and solid.

JEFF OLSON/ Electronicat
Another vet of the home taping scene,Olson heads into uncharted waters on this
tape.Weird spoken word samples, banjo and noise and instrumental
preciseness.Hard to describe but easy for me to like.
JEFF OLSON, 2510 3rd St,St Cloud MN 56303

SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT/ Songs From The Small Time
Sad core folk rock with a lo fi edge.Very wordy and emotionally wrought.
KAW TAPES, 2 Carmuir, Forth, Lanarkshire ML11 8AR UK

A masterpiece of singer/songwriter lo fi.Kenyata has been a major force in the
underground for some years now and this tape shows why.He exposes his soul, sings
his heart out and understands dynamics.This tape may be known as the missing
link someday.Damn, he?ood.
KAW TAPES, 2 Carmuir,Forth,Lanarkshire ML11 8AR UK

Lovely duet folk rock from Aussie land.Has a definite sadcore element that works
well the way they approach it.Back and forth male-female vocals add a nice
touch.Good production too.
YIPPIEBEAN, Po Box 178,Warrandyte, 3113 Victoria Australia

BIDOCHE MUSIQUE/ Droit De Cuissage
Euro funkiness with interesting vocal deliveries.Spoken,sung and bass heavy with
the obligatory drum machine.Sounds a little like that bass player from THE
STRANGLERS, if he made a decent solo album.
JOE FLEURY,Dailles 22,1752 Villars-sur-Glane, Switzerland

BODYCOCKTAIL/World Beyond Understanding
The all time most prolific taper on the planet churns out more from his ?g??t;br>project.Yes, it is still strange but with added vocals from the ZAN MAN himself.A
crazy clarinet here and there and some odd keyboard sequencing I guess.I can?lt;br>figure this out and maybe that?hat I like about it.
ZIDSIC,PO Box 4730, Louisville KY 40204

ARTEMIY ARTEMIEV/ Five Mystery Tales Of Asia
Ethereal, floating and intertesting are words that I use to describe this Russian?lt;br>music.He sent me several CDs of serious electronic and soundscape type music.Each
one is really well done.Some of his albums are more musical and some more
ambient.The one listed here is his latest and best.Beautifully done.
ARTEMIY ARTEMIEV,Ul.Krilatskaya,31-1-321,121614 Moscow Russia

One of my all time favorite home tapers has gone high tech and created a bunch of
short instrumentals that are very fun.Funky guitars swirl into keyboard and
cartoonish sonatas.
HEATHER PERKINS,760 14th St#2, San Francisco, CA 94114

Outstanding piano improvisations from this talented musician.I?also heard him
in group settings that are interesting and show how much he can listen and we all
know that?hat makes a good improvisor.These piano discs are great by the hot
tub at night.I am testifying.
( itzat@earthlink.net)

Smooth, gliding electric guitar soarings backed with bass/drum and some digital
processing.Nice, extended melodies and plenty of ideas abound.Not just a
springboard for jamming but he can wail when the times comes.Doug?eleases are
always excellent.
2889 Seville Circle,Antioch, CA 94509

JOHN HINDS/ The Strangest Secret
John and his brother Peter have been creating adventurous music for many years
and this CD showcases John?uitars and keyboards with Peter?lt;br>drums.Meticulously recorded and played with a passion.
The Hinds Bros. rule.They are also publishers of a zine about SUN RA.
OMNISONIC, PO Box 786,Millbrae,CA 94030 (omnisonic@webtv.net)

PHINNEY& MCGEE/ Ancient Astronauts
Drones, noises and soaring synths in the mix from home taper super studs Hal
McGee and Chris Phinney.Fabulous late night working-in-the-studio music.Don?lt;br>get me wrong, this is full out hardcore electronic music that is not ?ient??cept
in the sense of quiet it has sometimes.Analog rules the day.
HALTAPES,1909 SW 42 Way,Gainesville FL 32607 (haltapes@aol.com)

JO & JOE MUSIC/ Songs 98
Impeccably recorded improvs from these Bay Area musicians.The caliber of this is
very high.It is not just people screwing around.They are top players all and Jo?lt;br>vocals are jazz like and delicious.Tasty and restrained might be the words.
JO & JOE MUSIC,736 Mountain View Ave #3,Mountain View CA 94041
( jojojam98@earthlink.net)

13 tracks of electronic synth music with drum machines, samples and a guest vocal
from Ken Clinger on ?romeda??acy?Yes.
ARNOLD MATHES,1425 3 Ave,New Yor, NY 10028

BRUME & NOMUZIC/ Transports
A French-USA soundscape texture collaboration that is like a pillow.Fluff it a bit,
flatten it out or scrunch it up.What ever makes you comfortable.
However, this is not comfy music.Both artists have hard earned reputations for
taking no prisoners and although it is rather ?low?? is still very challenging.
AUDIOFILE, 209-25 18 Ave,Bayside, NY 11360 (litlgrey@ix.netcom.com)

This ?ious artist??mpilation is a great intro to the eclectic scene that is the
SNOWDONIA label.Electronic, jazz squonking, drum ?ass, avant rock.It?ll
there.And you only thought Italian food was good.
SNOWDONIA,Via Cherubini 84,98124 Messina Italy (snowdonia@ctonline.it)

FRANCISCO LOPEZ/ Untitled Music For Geometry
An absolutely captivating sonic experience from the master of the subtle.Hear this
on headphones and you might never be the same.Slowly it evolves, it changes my
consciousness and makes me hear in new ways.
Lopez is the unrivalled champion of his field.
FRANCISCO LOPEZ,Apartado 2542,28080 Madrid Spain

MR. EBU/ Cosmic Cool
More electronic madness from Germany?arsten Olbrich aka MR. EBU.
He goes slowly and meticulously about his work.Diddling, fiddling, rising and
falling.This is a damn good disc of e-sounds.Mr. cool alright.
EBU?USIC,PO Box 940330,60489 Frankfurt Germany


VARIOUS ARTISTS/ Elegy #3,Ambient Intimacy
Two compilation tapes from the EE label in Belgium that are stand out
productions.Exquisite electro acoustic music,droney and noisy elements and a great
sense of sequencing and pacing of the project.Quite startling and beautiful.Eriek
Van Havere is an expert at this type of project and has the credentials to prove it.So
now you know.
EE,Clement Heirmanstr.10,B-9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

JAY T. YAMAMOTO/ Home Taper Entertainment System
A very eclectic and adventurous home taper, Jay bites off a lot and pulls most of it
off well.From this noisy tape to his other works he has ideas about sound and how it
should, um, sound.His work with keyboards is also delightful.
JTY TAPES,98-085 Puakukui PL,Aiea HI 96701

The extreme noise comes fast and furious and relentlessly.This is no nonsense
distortion a bit like MERZBOW or MASONNA.Your neighbors will hate you, your
wife will leave you and your kids will make fun of you.
Now you?in business.
DISTORTED VISION RECORDS, 300 West 4th St, Mt.Carmel,PA 17851

360 SOUND/ Drowning In A Pool Of Our Own Ignorance
Brain Noring has a few different experimental projects.This one features his pal,
Shawn Kerby in an all out improvfest.Creating stark atmospheres and space
noodling that?hat this is about mainly utilizing keyboards and guitars.Noring
solo project,EHI, also pleases me greatly.
FDR TAPES,1258 E.25th St, Des Moines IA 50317

TURKEY MAKES ME SLEEPY/ My First Adventure Into 3-D
This kooky project is fronted by veteran home taper, Charles Rice Goff III.
He also has a song project under his name but this is a wild ride with found sounds,
electronic and acoustic jamming and just plain weirdness.
Maybe this is sub sub genius.
TAPED RUGS PRODUCTIONS,PO Box 146,Lawrence ,KS 66044-0146

BROCA?REA/ Taedium Vitae
This is a definite favorite I have played over and over.I might call it ambient
electronica or drum ?pace.John Sosnowski and Mike Delaney know how to milk a
groove, ride it, quiet it down and make me beg for more.Irresistable.
BROCA?REA, 1819 N. 5th St #G-116,Niles MI 49120

HOLIDAY BLAST/ Playing With The Storm
The brainchild of Rotcod Zzaj, this improv project uses spoken word and rambling
keyboards to effectively create a real spaced out sound.
ZZAJ PRODUCTIONS,5308 65th Ave SE, Lacey WA 98513

Varied electronic meanderings around the ?bit??eme.It reminded me slightly
of BO HANNSON, a scandinavian keyboardist in the 70s.But sine nobody else
probably remembers him, forget it.Layers of keys with various timbres.Nice.
BRUCE ATCHISON, 8403-145 Ave NW,Edmonton Alberta T5E 2J1 Canada

The era of drum machine and keyboard is still in full effect here.Nice, extended
pieces that drive with a special spirit.Occasionally, ZAPPA influences appear but
not so complex as that.A pleasing recording.
X 7 28 Southmead,Chippenham,SN14 0RU England

WASTE MATRIX/ Final Assemblage
Lovely and difficult music from this So Cal duet released on this Canadian
label.First class sonorities and thoughtful spaciness.
MUTANT CACTUS,51 Sholto Dr,Unit 130,London, Ontario N6E 2H9 Canada

DAVE FUGLEWICZ/ Orange Mist Sunrise
High powered analog synth recording sometimes veering into TERRY RILEY
territory and then more often than not TANGERINE DREAM but much
harsher.He filters, he oscillates and drws out very extended works that work well
especially at night.Evening ragas for the plugged in generation.
DAVE FUGLEWICZ,PO Box 48191, Doraville GA 30341

KELEKTRIK/ Meditative Industrielle Cyberelemental
Awesome french textures of pure sound, rumblings and keyboard swishing.Sound
scapes so thick you have to cut them with a hack saw.
Just gorgeous, mon ami.
VINCENT BONDET,5 Chemin Pierre Vincent,13220 Chateauneuf-les-Martiques,

Mark starts with a drum pattern, adds a bass and then maybe throws in his new
sitar.When the time is just right he grabs his guitar and wails.Not needlessly or
pointlessly but tastefully and with restraint.That?hy he?ne of my faves.
MARK HANLEY,355 W. Liberty St, Hubbard OH 44425

OK-thanks again for all the great music in 1998.Sorry if I didn?ention your
project, just couldn?ind time to fit everything in.Keep sending your music
to:Lonely Whistle Music, PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405

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