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Some favorite releases as featured on the No Pigeonholes Radioshow in 2003.

Hosted by Don Campau.

Thanks to all the artists who submitted works or played live on the program. Sorry I didn't have time to mention everyone. Also, I may only mention the song by the artist and not the album title. Write to the specific artist and get more information or better yet...buy their music!

Recent releases from November and December 2003 will be considered

for next years report.


Hamfatter/ Fireworks/ Pink Hedgehog CD

Superb, melodic Brit pop with jazzy undertones and hooks that can catch fish.eoin@hamfatter.net

R. Stevie Moore/ Nevertheless Optimistic/ Innova CD

Essential best-of collection from the Hometaping Godfather,song after incredible song.innova@composersforum.org

Majestic 12/ Searching For The Elvis Knob

Fantastic melodic rock from Kenyata Sullivan and friends. Easily one of theyears best. Shot from the heart dramas.kenyata@juno.com

The Rabbits Hat/ Orion/ Stone Premonitions CD

Once again our friends Tim Jones and Terri B have released one of the finest CDs of the year. How do they do it? Shimmering production and unbelievable musicianship and memorable tunes. Progressive Indie rock does not get any better than this.info@archhouse9.fsnet.co.uk

Frank Pahl/ The Back Of Beyond/ Novel Cell Poem CD

Beautiful collection of automatic instruments and occasional whistling.Unique, charming and a shining star of this years releases.fpahl@umich.edu

Census Of Hallucinations/ Hard World/ Stone Premonitions CD

Wonderful full production values from these prolific and immensely talented Brits.info@archhouse9.fsnet.co.uk

Terry Munday/ Divinity from The Liberty Project/CD

Soaring and fabulous guitar features. He wows me.


R. Stevie Moore/ Report Card/ r$m CD

Mr Moore with a sprawling double disc of eclecticism. A veritable variety show that includes an hilarious Jewish scat singer amongst many treats.RSMko@webtv.net

Michael J Bowman/ Bad Faith/ Semper Lo Fi CD

Home taper on a downer produces one of his finest moments. It hurts so good. Includes the introduction of his "rant rock" style.mjb@semperlofi.com

Minmae/ A Record About Us/ Best Kept Secret K7

Imagine Sonic Youth with only Thurston Moore doing lo fi pop vocals and no feedback. Now combine that with intelligent arrangements and good use of mood and you have it. bks@telemar.it

Mind Map/ Plochy/ Black Orchid CD

Beautiful down tempo moods. Dim the lights!


A. Molotkov/ Invited/ Discord Aggregate CD

A swirling out there morass of unusual vocals and strange sounds.


Alex Temple/ Agape Ludens/CD

Lots of ground covered and it all adds up to one unique, adventurous and different sounding ride.


Milo/ Darkside Of The Rumours

Darkly humorous indie rock with subtle undercurrents of satirical unrest .milo@gloomytunes.com

Squires Of The Subterrain/ Strawberries on Sunday

Pop rock in a XTC vein that pulls me in with its wall of sound production and Chris Earls distinctive vocal flair.


Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory/ Wy'est Can't Sleep/ Best Kept Secret K7

Stumbling high harmonies go hand in hand with that dreamy and wispy alt. pop home recording sound.


Simon Felton/ The Latest Thing/ Pink Hedgehog CD

Solo outing from member of Garfields Birthday checks in with quality pop,folk and rock numbers.


Polly Moller/ Celullar Hill/ Silver Wheel CD

Spoken word delights of expression from this Bay Area poet and flautist.


Mark Ritchie/ I Am Mark Ritchie/ KAW K7

Once again Mark bares his soul and takes full credit this time operating under his own name. Perhaps he would be tired of the "sadcore" tag but I've said it anyway. Lo fi heartbreak.kawtapes@atozasia.com

Tunsi/ Stategy/Parana CD

Strong and compelling hip hop out runs the pack.


Minmae/ No End/ Blackbean and Placenta CD

Moody weird and fuzzy alt pop. Excellent band.


Jliat/ War/ Jliat CD

The sound of the bombing of Afghanistan. Real and scary.james@jliat.demon.co.uk

Infant Cycle/ Ephedrin Bird Samba/ The Ceiling CD

Glitchy and nervous atmospheres.jdejong@nas.net

Hutch/ The Beast Within/CD

Huge sounding hooky rock from LA.


The Duds/ Myriad Contortions OF Yolande Mahwengwe/ Rockit CD

Quirky, lo fi Welsh nuggets. Very cool and catchy.


Pop Threat/ Ripen/ Mook CD

Tough Brit rock with a touch of the dirt that I like. Its grunge-hook.popthreat@hotmail.com

The Bran Flakes/ Perversion For Profit/ Happi Time CD

Tremendous sound collaging and fun sampling.


John Dickinson/ Searching For Lambs/ Salient CD

Crystal clear acoustic guitar picking and tasty light, but not lightweight tunes.sales@rolledgold.co.uk

Hookers/ Werr Hatt Jeschwaat/CD

Ballsy and bluesy German language raveups, some covers and good arrangements.


Eric Wallack-Greg Segal/ Zapn The Capn/ Phantom Airship CD

Double headed experimental string bending.


Dan Susnara/ Existing In When/ Mumble Mumble

Home taping mini operettas and song sequences with nicely arranged bent rock elements.

(no email, contact me for address)

Mark Kissinger/ All The Lucky Others/CD

A mix of hot guitar, experiments with feedback and confessional self parodies.M-K@worldnet.att.net

Ray Carmen/ I Could Be Wrong/ Cut And Paste CD

American jangle pop guru at work. Ho hum, another hit.raycarmen@yahoo.com

Goff-McGee/ Unertia from Verge Of The Void/ Haltapes CD

Glacial cascades of sound sheets drift out into the galaxy.Haltapes1@aol.com

or padukem@idir.net

John Bartles/ I Met Her At A Bills Game/CD

Another essential collection from this grizzled and funny vet of the underground scene. He is releasing old tapes as theme CDs. You must have some Bartles if you know anything.

(no email, contact me for postal address)

Sneaky Pete/ Green Booger/CD

Hilarious and spot on satires from this college professor.rizzo@mail.bio.tamu.edu

MC Potbelly/ Horizontal/CD

Only a single song but gut busting and rocking white boy rap.aoertel@pacbell.net


Evan Peta/ Railyard/ Scorched CD

Hot, in your face lead guitar that he works into almost every song. He rocks, I mean, really rocks hard.


Zanstones/ Prostitution Of Ambiguity/ ZH 27 CD

Hard to describe assemblage of strange sounds mixed by Zan Hoffman.zanhoffmanzh27@airmessage.net

7th Day Buskers/ Busker Bounce from Long LIve The Caboose/CD

Tastefully picked acoustic music with nods to British Isles, bluegrass and country folk. Excellent clean sound.seventhdaybuskers@hotmail.com

Wayne Butane/ Stupid from Swipes/CD

Insane and hilarious sound collage pieces. Amazing editng.Wbutane@aol.com

OVS/ Floe And Spin/ Black Orchid K7

Sinister and pounding darkcore coming at you in Slavic ( I think).emile@pobox.sk

Chris Becker/ Preacher and The Devil/CD

Funky but intelligent sampling and arranging. Neat EP length work.beckermusic@yahoo.com

Clare/ Womb Fantasy/ Best Kept Secret K7

This Japanese duo gets all delicate and innocent or so it seems on this gauzy and wonderful production.


DLH Posse/ Che Addesso Ti Migiloro/ MFF CD

Italian collective that does hip hop, sing alongs and what sounds like carnival music. All in the same song sometimes. A wild bunch.info@dlhposse.com

A Northern Chorus/ Louder Than Love/CD

Shoegazin, folky, progressive, slowcore Brit rock with outstanding production and  arranging.promo@sonicunyon.com

Mic Gendreau/ Two Worlds For Now/ 23five CD

Vibrational surfaces interact in conjunction with special equipment to amaze the ear once audible.


Zanstones/ Cultural Crisscross/ ZH27 CD

Merging noise and textures into a spicy stew.


Neil Rambaldi/ Edge/CD

Well produced NY area shredder takes aim and fires.


Blurred Images/ On The Horizon/ Best Kept Secret K7

Jangly, dream pop performed by Jose Banuelos. Nice with a capital N. bks@telemar.it

Francisco Lopez/ wasps/ Longbox 3" CD

Spectacular sonic immersion without the usual immense spaces of silence make this concise work so powerful.franciscolopez@csi.com

Six Heads/ Small Rubber Voice.../ Disembraining Songs CD

Goofy and wondrous Canadian experimentalists. If this was a record you would think it was at the wrong speed.w.a.davison@rogers.com

Eric Wallack/ Spirals/ imcr CD

2003 was a breakthrough year for this talented multi instrumentalist. From this solo improv guitar outing to his other interesting and collaborative projects, Eric is everywhere! The talent and imagination just flows out of him.ewallack@woh.rr.com

Ken Clinger/ My Shadow/ Bovine CD

The legendary Mr C continues to release his naieve song, classical counterpoint, keyboard miniatures and oddball lyrics to our delight.clinger@duq.edu

Stomberg-Clinger-Susnara/ Adam 2073 AD/CD

A tres bizarre collab from these 3 hoime taping vets. Weird and wonderful.gregorystomberg@netscape.net

Blind Mime/ I Lied from Homemade Music Vol 1/ Homemade Music CD

Double CD of indie rock shoutouts and not so subtle hooks. Toe tapping and memorable tunes.


Drone Forest/ Minim/ Bizarre Depiction CD

No beats, no melodies...perfect.


Chris Baskous/ Prologue:Rubis Car Crash/CD

Interesting narrative with intriguing production and development.chrisbaskous@earthlink.net

Dino DiMuro/ Unfinshed/ Lonely Whistle CD

A tragic and bleak year still saw Dino pump his 4 track through Pro Tools and come up with more monsters.


Timo/ Never Saw It Coming/K7

Surprisingly clean production from the bare bones home deck of the recently returned Man of Bitterness. Growling and sad vocals, sublime guitaring. Welcome back Timo.timogilbert@msn.com

The Linger Effect/ Beautiful Machines/ Best Kept Secret K7

Thoughtful and grey like a rainy day, this Canadian group strums and gently picks out plum lo fi pop with the best of them.bks@telemar.it

Al Perry/ Dogma Of Null Unit from Live At Club Congress/ Addled CD

Combine surf with twangy southwest flavored stop and go instrumentals and you have the highly talented Mr Al Perry.alperry003@hotmail.com

9 On Bali/ Triad/CD

Eccentric home rock collab with sure fire and steady production. Very nice work.

(no email, contact me for postal address)

Ken Clinger-Ray Carmen/ Anything, Anytime, Anywhere/ Cut And Paste CD

This time around KC does the vocals and Ray does most of the backing music.It is interesting to hear how Ken handles the flavor of the tracks and how Ray challenges him to work outside of his normal framework.clinger@duq.edu

or cutandpasterecords@yahoo.com

Amy Denio/ Chickenhawks Ought Not /CD

To me, Amy can do no wrong. On this solo CD she uses only vocals and effects...and her unhindered imagination. Mama mia! Can this woman sing!



The Tiptons/ Gypsy Wedding/CD

Amy Denio ( this time on alto sax) and her musical mates howl in all star  jazz arrangements and monster blowing on this lively set of saxophone ensemble pieces.amydenio@earthlink.net

Wallack-Vale/ Molten Glass:Images/ imcr CD

Translucent improvs between Chapman Stick and keyboards that never show off but instead engage in a lovely dialogue.ewallack@woh.rr.com

Glossolalia/ Spot The Worm/CD

Munchable, instrumental texture rock from Australia's Andrew McIntosh.This kind of expression is what makes home taping special to me. Full of intelligence and crafty arranging. wormfood@alphalink.com.au

Jim Shelley/ What Never Was/ Aint CD

Home taping veteran throws down another quality set of personal rock. Hooky, crafted and sincere. Jim's got it all.bookofkils@aol.com

Eric Anders/ Halcyon Days/ Baggage Room CD

Down tempo light rock arrangements with creeping choruses that won't leave your head.eric@anders.net

Gina Cutillo/ For The Love Of C.../---CD

She's not afraid to kick ass and rock in an indie kind of way.gina@ginacutillo.com

Slow Poisoners/ Days Of The Soft Break/ Heyday CD

Slowcore, breezy and a bit of toegazin goin on here. Rather baroque and filligreed SF trio.band@slowpoisoners.com

Whitman McGowan/ Dirty Words from Caught In The Act/ Little CD

Live recording of spoken word remembrances both real and imagined with occasional eclectic backing tracks. UFO's definitely play a role.wmcgowan@ix.netcom.com

Spacciatori/ Dove Ti Sei Perso/CD

Fast and loud Italian punks rule the day.


Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet/ 13 Themes For A Triskaidekaphobic/ pfMentum CD

Moody, large ensemble modern jazz arrangements with excellent direction and playing from trumpeter Kaiser.admin@pfmentum.com

Various Artists/ Electroshock Vol 7/ Electroshock CD

Varieties of spacey atmpsheres and electronic experimenting compiled and released by Russia's very busy Artemiy Artemiev.info@electroshock.ru

Antanas Jasenka/Deus Ex Machina/ Electroshock CD

Beautiful textures of ambience that evens veers into noise territory occasionally.info@electroshock.ru

Mothernight/ Hushababy/CD

Uncomplicated but razor sharp instrumentals that go straight to the point.They get in and then get out...and you want more.sebold@erols.com

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